Korean Celebs Who Look Adorable With Freckles

Freckles aren’t a trait that is very common among Koreans, so stars who sport them naturally are few and far between. Regardless, freckles are undeniably adorable and add whimsical charm to any complexion. Whether faux or for real, these K-celebs can totally rock them and have us completely captivated with their freckly faces.

1. Stray Kids’ Felix

It would be wrong to start this list without K-pop’s freckle king: Stray Kids’ Felix! While they don’t often make an appearance in selfies or onstage, Felix blessed fans with this picture in 2018 and immediately had hearts melting with his naturally freckled complexion. In fact, one Stay loves his freckles so much that Felix removed his makeup so that she could see them at a fan sign. How sweet!

2. Bae Yoon Young

This Korean supermodel has rocketed to stardom in recent years, walking runways all over the globe and stunning audiences with her unique features. Another naturally freckled beauty, Bae Yoon Young has gained international fame for her cat-like eye shape, high cheekbones, and of course her gorgeous freckles. This runway queen’s glowing complexion is the epitome of natural radiance!

3. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

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Jennie sported some faux freckles as part of the teaser images for her solo debut, and fans loved her look. The freckles lent a flawlessly editorial-chic vibe to the photo shoot, and paired perfectly with both her scarlet femme-fatale concept and her sweet lilac-frilled dress. Maybe the other BLACKPINK members will try out the faux-freckled look for their upcoming solo releases too!

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4. EXO’s Xiumin and D.O.

EXO’s eldest member Xiumin rocked faux freckles for the group’s “EXODUS” comeback photos, while D.O. flaunted an adorably freckly face for his “Ko Ko Bop” concept images. Fans adored the soft and innocent appearance the freckles gave the singers, and both stars pull off the freckled look so well that we’d totally believe they were au naturale!

5. Red Velvet’s Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri

The ladies of Red Velvet (minus Joy, who was filming her drama at the time) were photographed with faux freckles for “The Celebrity” in 2017. They look like beautiful porcelain dolls with their lightly freckled cheeks and noses, the added pigment serving to bring out their features and emphasize their no-makeup makeup looks. I’m totally going to try to recreate this one at home!

6. MONSTA X’s Shownu

Members of MONSTA X were recently photographed for “ELLE KOREA,” and Shownu was captured with some beautiful faux freckles as part of the shoot. The freckles made the manly MONSTA X leader look surprisingly sweet, and fans were totally shook by his look. (A lot of collective Monbebe tears are being shed over all the softness in the replies.) Here’s to hoping the other members hop on the bandwagon and show us more adorable freckly faces!

7. Choi Ara

Choi Ara is another Korean model with some seriously stunning freckles. She’s showed them off in several fashion magazines, including “Vogue Korea” in 2015 and “Nylon” two years earlier. Her beauty is striking, and her naturally occuring freckles complement her defined features. She’s definitely lucky to have been blessed with a complexion this gorgeous!

8. BTSSuga

Suga graced ARMYs with this concept photo during BTS’s “Young Forever” comeback era, and his faux freckles took center stage. They make his already doll-like features look even more pure, the innocent vibe contrasting gorgeously with his tough-guy earrings. This whole look is just such a pleasing aesthetic, from his silver hair color to his ever-so-slightly frilled collar. When will Suga’s faux freckles make a return?

9. Sandara Park

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park gave us all the beach vibes with her shoot for “Vogue Girl” in 2015. While the star used to have natural freckles in her youth, she used the power of makeup to create these beautiful (and very natural-looking) freckles for the “Vogue” pictorial. Maybe this shoot convinced Sandara to give her old freckles a chance to make a reappearance!

10. NCT’s Jaehyun

Jaehyun blessed fans with some adorable faux freckles in some of his teaser images for his 2017 SM Station solo track, “Poetic Beauty.” While the singer is known for his enviably flawless and pale complexion, he looks like a fairy tale prince with his pink blush and sprinkling of faux freckles. They complement his silver piercings and intricately patterned suit, and they’re the perfect accessory to his pure and innocent look.

11. HyunA, Hyojong, and Hui

These three stars teamed up for the unit of a lifetime, releasing two mini-albums under the name Triple H. The trio rocked some monochromatic makeup and fabulous faux freckles in teaser images ahead of their debut track, “365 Fresh.” All three stars look like sun-kissed models in these pictures, aided of course by the smattering of freckles across their cheekbones. Hyojong continued to sport similar makeup throughout promotions for PENTAGON’s “Positive,” probably because it just looks so darn good on him!

12. Go Ara

Actress Go Hara of “Hwarang” fame made jaws drop with her pictorial for “Singles” in 2018, wearing her hair in voluminous curls and experimenting with yellow eyeshadow. She pulled the whole look together with some faux freckles, giving the whole shoot an edgy and eclectic vibe that made every photo a stand-out. The freckles also bring out the warmth in her brown eyes, yet another reason that I’m going to try the fake-freckle look myself.

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13. SHINee’s Key

SHINee member and successful solo artist Key blessed fans with a veritable truckload of freckle-faced teaser images for his mini-album “Face” late last year. His faux-freckled look works perfectly with the album title because it gives the effect that he rolled up to the set sans-makeup, and they really stand out against his milky complexion. In fact, Key’s such a fan of the freckled look that he has worn it in multiple shoots!

14. Jeon Somi

Former-I.O.I-center-turned-soloist Jeon Somi wore her own fun take on the faux-freckle trend in I.O.I’s “Very Very Very” music video, opting for bright rainbow shades rather than the standard skin-like tones most choose. The resulting look is a lot like a sprinkling of confetti, and is perfectly suited to the upbeat and cheerful track.

15. X1’s Kang Min Hee

“Produce X 101” just finished, and among the top 11 trainees that will debut in X1 is Starship Entertainment’s freckled cutie Kang Min Hee. Viewers were charmed by his upbeat personality, and the naturally occurring freckles across his nose and cheeks only add to his sunshine aura. Hopefully we will be seeing more of Kang Min Hee’s freckles soon, in all of their adorable glory!

Do you know of any other Korean stars with freckles? Are you a naturally freckle-faced beauty, or have you hopped on the faux-freckle trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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