Suzy And Block B’s Zico Make Meaningful Donations Related To Their Work

Block B’s Zico and Suzy have both made meaningful donations amidst these trying times.

On May 25, Busan’s Office of Education revealed that they had received permission from Zico to use “Any Song” for free to produce a jingle for COVID-19 awareness.

According to the Office of Education, this “Any Song” jingle was distributed to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, special schools, and community learning schools across Busan on May 20.

“Any Song” was originally released on January 13 and was an instant hit, also garnering a lot of attention through the viral “Any Song” dance challenge.

The lyrics of the re-produced song include tips for taking preventative measures against COVID-19. Following the original tune, lyrics include lines like, “Why won’t you open the door? What’s the problem, say something. Hurry and do your self-diagnosis, they say that’s the trend these days.”

Superintendent Kim Seok Joon of the Busan Office of Education shared, “I’m thankful to Zico for allowing us to use his audio for free. This tune will become the overseer that protects the students and school staff as they are beginning their classes.”

Actress and singer Suzy will also be donating all of the proceeds from her upcoming beauty book. On May 25, cosmetic brand Lancôme released a teaser of the book, “Obsession With Suzy.”

The book is about what image Suzy finds is most like herself, the freedom one dreams of, and the diverse ways one can discover their own beauty. It also holds the message of support to encourage all women to be confident and happy.

The entirety of proceeds from this beauty book will be donated and used towards sanitary products for low-income young women across the country.

A representative of the beauty book commented, “As a woman myself, I hope this becomes at least a bit of strength to young women across the country who will embark on new journeys. I hope that our encouragement and supportive hearts are conveyed.”

Zico is currently gearing up to appear on upcoming Mnet audition program “I-LAND” as a mentor. Suzy will soon be appearing in the upcoming tvN drama “Startup” and film “Wonderland.”

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