Former ILUV Member Minah Denies Agency’s Claims That She Lied + Says She Has Evidence Yet To Be Revealed

The dispute between former ILUV member Minah and ILUV’s agency, WKS ENE, continues.

Warning: discussion of suicide.

Minah joined ILUV in November 2019 and promoted the song “Open the Door” before leaving the group. She recently came forward to accuse her fellow ILUV members of harassment. She also said that she is suffering from depression, panic disorder, and insomnia due to the members’ actions and said that she recently made an attempt to take her own life. WKS ENE denied these claims and Minah countered by saying that everyone at the agency had known about the harassment.

Later, the issue was covered on SBS’s “E-news Exclusive.” WKS ENE said they had evidence in the form of screenshots of KakaoTalk conversations, and Minah responded to each piece of evidence with her own side of the story. On the show, a source from the agency denied all Minah’s claims, while Minah’s lawyer said that she had evidence to prove harassment if the case went to court.

WKS ENE then released an official statement about Minah’s claims and filed for legal action against her.

On August 14, Minah shared another post on Instagram.

Hello. Lots of people wished me a happy birthday on August 12, but I was in the hospital for treatment, so I was only able to check those messages now. Thank you to everyone who sent me their well-wishes. I spent my birthday in the hospital this year, but I was happy because I was able to meet some good friends, ladies, nurses, and doctors.

I’m not well-known, and in a difficult situation, the only way that I’m able to let people know about my current condition is through social media, so I have shared posts with the last of my strength. But there are those who say that these are lies, who rave against me by calling me an attention-seeker. Is there a person who would lie to the extent that they would try to kill themselves?

The agency called me a liar, but there is no lie in the fact that I have developed trauma, insomnia, panic disorder, and depression from the members and from the agency. There are those who are asking me for evidence. The reason I haven’t revealed it was because it was my last token of consideration for the members. I was afraid that they might make a bad choice like me if I reveal it, so I took that into consideration. All I wanted was a sincere apology, but it seems that I don’t need to be considerate anymore. I will discuss this with my lawyer.

The group that I was part of was only friendly on-camera. I used the last of my strength to keep up a bright image, even while suffering from assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault, verbal assault, random inspections of my phone, and being ostracized. The videos that the agency revealed were all for the vlog and they weren’t voluntary. Everyone in the video was acting and we were not close in real life at all.

I asked the CEO for help with the members several times, but he ignored me. I thought about this while in the hospital for treatment. If the attackers are acting so brazenly, then there’s no reason for me to hide as the victim. I will soon update you on my condition through YouTube content that I had filmed earlier.

I will say it again but I did not lie. I’m sure the members and agency staff who read this have no intention of apologizing, but as the truth comes out, I will absolutely not accept false apologies. Live in your blood, sweat, and tears. I will make you bear the price of making me sick and making my family suffer. I hope that this world in which victims have to hide while attackers live in honor goes away forever.

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안녕하세요 8.12 제 생일날 많은 분들께서 축하해주셨는데 제가 입원 치료를 받고 있어서 이제야 확인을 했습니다 축하해주신 분들 모두 정말 정말 감사합니다 이번에는 병원에서 생일을 보냈는데 병원에서 너무 좋은 동생들 언니들 여사님들 간호사분들 의사 선생님분들을 만나 행복했습니다 저는 무명이라서 힘든 상황에서도 제가 저의 상황,상태를 알릴 수 있는 방법은 sns밖에 없어서 죽을 힘을 다해 항상 글을 올렸습니다 거짓말이라고 관종이라고 뜰려고 하는 발악이라고 하시는 분들이 계시는데요..자살 시도하면서까지 이런 거짓말을 하는 사람이 있을까요..? 회사측에서는 저를 허언증이라고 하던데 저는 멤버들과 회사로 인해 우울증,공황장애,불면증,트라우마가 생겼지 허언증은 없습니다 대표님 제발 이제 허위 사실 유포하지 마세요 증거를 공개해달라고 하시는 분들이 계시는데요 제가 공개하지 않은 이유는 멤버들에 대한 마지막 배려였습니다 공개했을때 멤버들이 저처럼 안좋은 선택을 하게 될까봐 제가 할 수 있는 마지막 배려를 했었습니다 저는 오로지 진실된 사과만을 바랬지만 이제는 배려 하지 않아도 될거같네요 이 부분에 대해서는 변호사님과 이야기를 나눠보겠습니다 제가 속해 있던 그 그룹은 카메라 앞에서만 친한 그룹입니다 저는 항상 밝은 모습을 유지하기 위해 정말 죽을 힘을 다했고 뒤에서는 폭행,성희롱,성추행,욕설,휴대폰 검사,왕따를 당해왔습니다 회사측에서 공개한 영상들은 다 브이로그 촬영이였으며 자발적으로 찍은 영상이 아닙니다 그렇기 때문에 다들 연기를 하고 있는 영상이고 실제로는 절대 친하지 않았습니다 저는 대표님께 멤버들로 인해 힘들다고 수차례 도움을 청했지만 그 분께서는 무시하셨습니다 병원에서 치료받으며 생각했습니다 가해자들도 버젓이 활동을 하는데 피해자인 제가 숨을 이유는 없다고 생각합니다 곧 예전에 촬영해둔 유튜브 편집도 하면서 제 근황을 올리겠습니다 다시 한번 말씀드리지만 저는 거짓말을 하지 않았습니다 이 글을 보고 있을 멤버들,회사 관계자분들 사과 할 마음 없으셨겠지만 사실이 밝혀지고 하는 거짓 사과는 절대 안받겠습니다 피눈물 흘리며 사세요 저를 병들게 하고 우리 가족을 힘들게 한 죄값 치르게 해드릴게요 피해자들이 숨고 가해자들이 떳떳하게 사는 이 구조가 영원히 사라졌으면 좋겠습니다

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Meanwhile, WKS ENE has delayed the debut of BOTOPASS, a new girl group that contains former members of ILUV.

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