8 Famous Korean Actors Who Have Launched YouTube Channels

Korean actors dazzle us continuously via their film and K-drama works. Every single role shows us a new side of them that we may have never known otherwise. And when they join social media, we get to see more of their real personalities beyond the characters they portray.

Luckily for every fan out there, some actors started their own YouTube channels. This means more content for avid viewers and especially more interactions with them other than the usual fangirling/fanboying on small – or big – screens. Here are eight famous Korean actors who have launched their YouTube channels in the past few years.

1. Jung Il Woo (1DAY 1LWOO)

Jung Il Woo joined Youtube about three months ago, and his content is quite entertaining. He shares a variety of content with his viewers such as live broadcasts, vlogs, and interesting collaborations with other Korean celebrities. Most of the aforementioned have one thing in common: delicious food, which is always mouthwatering to watch.

2. Shin Se Kyung (sjkuksee)

Actress Shin Se Kyung has been a Youtuber since September 2018, and she ranked 10th on the list of most subscribed Korean channels on the same year. Her content is as diverse as it is aesthetically pleasing, ranging from vlogs and Q&A sessions to a cooking segment called “Cook & Talk.”

3. Lee Min Ho (leeminho film)

Staying true to the nature of his work, Lee Min Ho greeted his fans via a film-focused channel last October. His content is essentially comprised of “movielogs” as he calls them, which display his amazing production and creative directing skills. His very first upload takes fans on a trip to reminisce about his rich and well-founded acting career.

4. Han Ye Seul (Han Ye Seul is)

In 2019, Han Ye Seul opened her YouTube account where she shares a little bit of her everyday life with her fans. Fashion tips, diet advice, workout routines, and much more can be found on her channel. The best part about her content is that it makes you forget that she’s an actress as she shares real parts of her daily life.

5. Sung Hoon (Sunghoon’s Date Who?)

Sung Hoon’s channel is named “Sunghoon’s Date Who?” and let’s face it: Who wouldn’t hit that subscribe button on the spot? Just like its title, there is a whole segment about dating. But that’s not all! Vlogs and other random content are also part of the fun. From his very first video, it looks like Sung Hoon has a lot in store for his audience!

6. Ji Chang Wook (Jichangwook)

Another “It” actor welcomes fans to view his YouTube content, and it’s none other than Ji Chang Wook. This great news came four months after his return from the military, and the content is a Wookie fest! Song covers, behind the scenes of award shows, snippets from his K-drama works, and entertaining content at public places are the components of his channel. And the best part? His subscribers get a video every week or so!

7. Park Seo Joon (Record PARK’s)

Park Seo Joon’s fans were blessed the day he decided to engage with them more on YouTube. Calling most of his videos “tracks,” the actor keeps giving his audience more than what they bargained for. He seems to enjoy hosting Q&A sessions, but he also uploads different content such as ASMR, mukbangs, videos with his dog, and even celebratory milestones like his YouTube gold play button which he received last summer.

8. Park Min Young (Just Parkminyoung)

Another actress who surprised her fans with her presence on YouTube is Park Min Young. Cute and bubbly, her content is pretty much a reflection of her persona where she shows her day-to-day life. Although she hasn’t uploaded in six months, you can enjoy her last video to date where she mentions missing travel since the current pandemic started.

Which actor’s YouTube channel are you currently subscribed to? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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