11 Female K-Pop Idols With Charming Low Voices

Every K-pop idol has their own unique traits that draw in their fans. While high voices are usually associated with innocence and femininity, there’s just something about a female idol with a naturally low voice that adds charm and dimension to any performance. Without further ado, (and in no particular order), here are 11 female K-pop stars with beautiful low-toned voices.

1. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon rocked the K-pop world when she released “Dessert” in collaboration with LOOPY and Jeon Soyeon last year (see the viral dance challenge), and the song showcased her naturally low rap tone perfectly. She even transitioned perfectly from her rap section into her higher singing voice, a feat even the most trained performers can struggle with. Hyoyeon was made for this groovy hip hop style!


While it’s more common to have female rappers with lower voices, EVERGLOW’s main vocalist Mia stands out with her full lower register. However, it’s not just her natural range that makes her amazing to listen to – she also demonstrates great control and technique in her upper registers, making her an awesome all-around singer while lending the group a lot of versatility in their sound.

3. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

You can’t talk about female idols with beautifully low voices without mentioning Moonbyul of MAMAMOO! The group’s main rapper boasts a stunning natural alto tone that is perfectly suited to both soothing ballads and cool raps. Her voice is a great match for the other higher voices in MAMAMOO, adding both depth and range to their songs. She’s also released solo work if you want to hear more from her!

4. Weeekly’s Monday

You might not be able to tell from her stable and precise high notes, but rookie group Weeekly’s main vocalist Monday has a beautiful low voice that really comes through in her rap sections. She’s able to conquer the group’s fresh and girly concepts with her sweet-sounding upper register, but her naturally low speaking voice lends itself really well to raps that add a bit of that addicting hip-hop feel, too.

5. STAYC’s J

Speaking of hit rookie groups, STAYC gained a lot of attention with their debut track “SO BAD” last year. In particular, fans were both shocked and impressed by maknae J, who has a remarkably mature-sounding voice. You’ll be able to pick out her lines right away thanks to her dulcet low tones. She may be the baby of the group, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that she sounds much older!

6. CLC’s Seungyeon

Leader Seungyeon of CLC really draws attention in the group thanks to her wide range and strong lower voice. Her sound provides great contrast to the other higher voices in CLC, and even in the group’s video interviews it’s easy to tell how just how much lower her natural range is than the other members. She both supports her group and shines brightly with her unique sound and beautiful tone!

7. T-ara’s Jiyeon

T-ara member and prominent K-drama actress Jiyeon released this solo track back in 2019, showing off her both amazing lower range and jazz-like high riffs – all in one song! Having a deep, soulful voice like Jiyeon is interesting enough, but being able to exhibit such beautiful control in her upper register is doubly as impressive. Look out for her in K-dramas and OSTs if you just can’t get enough!

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8. LOONA’s Heejin

In addition to her great dance skills and stunning visuals, Heejin is known for her amazingly low natural voice. While it doesn’t always get showcased in LOONA’s songs, her low tone is very clear when she’s speaking or singing solos like this one on “The King of Mask Singer.” Not only is Heejin a well-rounded K-pop idol, but she also helps to improve her group’s sound thanks to her soothing low voice.

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9. (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi

Another K-pop idol we couldn’t go without mentioning on this list, (G)I-DLE member Yuqi amazed fans with her stunning solo track “Bonnie and Clyde” earlier this year. The song shows off her husky, soulful lower register that she rarely gets to sing in normally, and the sound drew in fans straight from the get-go. Her deep voice is undoubtedly one of the most unique and easily-recognizable among female idols.

10. Oh My Girl’s Mimi

This track was an instant hit, and for a good reason! It has a catchy melody and addictive chorus – supplemented by rapper Mimi’s gorgeous low voice. Her sound contrasts perfectly with the high, sweet sound of the other members, and adds some extra depth to help ground the song. The transition from the lighter sound of the vocalists into Mimi’s strong, stable low tones is a big part of what makes the song so unique!

11. ITZY’s Ryujin

While unfortunately Ryujin’s natural low tone doesn’t often get the chance to shine in ITZY’s performances, this stage from her time on “MIXNINE” perfectly showcases her cool sound. Her relaxed vibe and low voice make her perfectly suited to a chill hip-hop style, so here’s to hoping that ITZY will try out a similar genre in the future. Ryujin’s natural voice has a lot to offer in terms of versatility and musical dimension!

Can you think of any other female idols with naturally low voices? Tell us in the comments!

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