Shocking “Reflections” of Stars ★

▲Hyun Bin
-Did you just say a ‘regular guy’?

Maybe they’re just trying to be humble or they’re really actually being honest. Whatever it may be, when sizzling stars—who obviously look hotter than non-celebrities, even from an objective standard—start making remarks like “oh, I never thought that I’m good looking,” or “I look like a regular guy,” it starts to sound kind of absurd, leaving you dumbfounded and wondering “Really? Seriously? You got to be kidding.”

Here are some of these types of remarks from the top stars that shocked people and made them gasp, “Did he just say that?” and having a hard time believing what they just heard.

Never had that problem…

▲ Jang Dong Gun

Jung Woo Sung

Kang Dong Won
-What’s your definition of ugly, may I ask?


▲Won Bin
-Well everyone else thinks you are!



Shin Sung Rok
-Height is a sensitive topic for guys… don’t make them mad �de09



Song Seung Hun
-Well I think the people around you are right…

Jung Yong Hwa
-Really? I don’t believe you…

▲Lee Seung Gi
-Really? Disagree…