Top 10 Celebrity Quotes of the Week!

Who said what?! K-Pop stars often say the most surprising and funniest things!

From BoA’s ideal type to Min Hyo Rin’s admiration for Big Bang’s T.O.P, it was a week full of interesting comments. SONEs received a thank you message from Girls’ Generation, while JYJ’s Jaejoong shared a strange story of sitting in a blind date with an “idol-killer.”

Flip through the gallery for this week’s top 10 celebrity quotes of the week!

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“Girls’ Generation is now five years old. We want to continue dreaming with you until we’re fifty.” – Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung shows her appreciation for all the SONEs and promises to continue promoting for another 45 years!

“I feel like I can finally breathe and live now that ‘Big’ is over” – miss A’s Suzy shares her relief in successfully wrapping up her latest TV drama during an interview with KBS “Entertainment Relay.”

“Nana unni has the cleanest armpits, so she’s our main armpit.” – After School’s Lizzy shows her love for Nana’s…armpits! It was her playful response to Yoo Sae Yoon, who jokingly said, “You girls shouldn’t sweat as much now since you use a lot of deodorant.” (After School recently starred in a Japanese deodorant commercial).

“I’m so close with Yunho, I think it’ll be comfortable to go with him.” – BoA picks DBSK’s Yunho as one of the three men she would go with on a deserted island, reigniting past rumors of the two secretly dating!

“He has such an intense look in his eyes which makes a good actor.” – Min Hyo Rin picks T.O.P. as the actor she would most like to work with next. This is the second time she mentioned T.O.P for a similar question.

“I’ve done it twice so far. But I never went out with the girls. One of girls, after the date, I found out she was an ‘idol-killer.’” – JYJ’s Jaejoong admits that he’s been to two blind dates so far, and shares a story about meeting an alleged “idol killer.” She apparently went around dating several idol stars with her good looks and charming personality.

“T-ara plans on continuing their planned schedules like nothing has happened.” – Core Contents Media’s Kim Kwang Soo vows to move on from the whole T-ara/Hwayoung controversy, like “nothing has happened.” Fans didn’t take it too favorably and he’s now one of the most hated men in K-Pop!

“All the idols, listen up. As all popularity comes with a certain level of responsibility, there’s something that you guys need to remember. Kids imitate your fashion, sing along your songs, AND they even follow your wrong behaviors too. Remember – idols are, as it says, the role models of our children. – Comedian Shin Bo Ra takes a jab at 2PM’s Nichkhun and T-ara, following their recent controversies.

“The kiss scene with Kim Soo Hyun was good, but my husband didn’t like it. Even if it were me, I wouldn’t have liked it either.”  — Jeon Ji Hyun shares her thoughts on the kiss scene with Kim Soo Hyun on her latest film “Thieves.”

Kangta and BoA are second and third in command. I’m going to guess that I come after the two of them.” – Kim Min Jong reveals his thoughts on the hierarchy within SM Entertainment. We won’t know for sure, but his popularity did spike following the recent success of SBS drama “Gentleman’s Dignity.”

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