Celebrity Candid Moments in K-Pop This Week!

Hey Soompiers!

Another week has passed in the world of K-Pop and our stars are so faithful keeping us up to date with their lives! From YG family celebrating 2NE1’s CL’s birthday to ZE:A’s Kwanghee admitting SHINee’s Minho’s superior looks, Beast’s Yong Jun Hyung wishing everyone a “beautiful night” and Secret’s Hyosung baring her midriff, lots of little bits of daily goodness are in store!

Flip through the gallery to see a few of many celebrities in the bizz sharing what’s on their mind.. and who knows? Maybe you’ve learned something new about your favorite stars!

Kwanghee Supports Minho and SHINee
On February 24, ZE:A’s Kwanghee wrote on his twitter, “Fine. I admit your face’s superiority, Minho. I was also confident with my own face. Anyways, ‘Dream Girl’ fighting!”

Yong Jun Hyung’s “Beautiful Night”
On February 25, Beast’s Yong Jun Hyung wrote on his twitter, “Everyone sleep well.”

Dasom’s Cheer
On February 25, Sistar’s Dasom wrote on her twitter, “I attended the presidential inauguration as a citizen of this nation. I am so honored. It would be great if all citizens in South Korea would be happy. Everyone fighting.”

Ye Eun’s Pink Dress
On February 25, Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun wrote on her twitter, “The pink dress I wrote for a little bit at the ceremony! I thought it was a waste for just myself to see to I took a picture! (of the dress)”

Byul’s Wish
On February 25, Byul wrote on her twitter, “Cutie married woman.. I’m trying to insist I am.”

Seungri Wishes Happy Birthday
On February 25, Big Bang’s Seungri wrote on his twitter, “2ne1 leader CL!!! Happy birthday!” (He wrote this all in English!)

G-Dragon’s Blessings
On February 25, Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon wrote on his twitter, “Happy birthday to CL. Bless you.”

Kim Hee Sun and Kang Hye Jung’s Special Friendship
On February 25, Kang Hye Jung appeared as a guest on SBS’s variety talk show “Incarnation” where Kim Hee Sun is an emcee. They took a picture together and the latter commented, “I go to the sauna with Kang Hye Jung. We both saw everything (of the other). Kang Hye Jung has such good manners, she would even quickly get up and bow 90 degrees when fully naked.”

Hyosung’s Belly
On February 26, Secret’s Hyosung wrote on her twitter, “Took a picture with an ipad. Not photoshopped.”

G-Dragon and Ryan Leslie Collaborates
On February 26, Big Bang’s G-Dragon wrote on her twitter, “It would be great if YG Family and Ryan Leslie would work on more things in the future.”

Go Soo Poses With Cartoonist
On February 26, cartoonist Kang Pul wrote a mysterious message on his twitter, “Eung..?”

Kim So Eun’s Beauty
On February 26, Kim So Eun’s agency uploaded a picture of her on their official facebook and included the message, “We released a picture of our princess who’s beautiful even in the early morning~”

Suzy’s Black Trench Coat
On February 26, miss A’s Suzy wrote on her twitter, “In the middle of shooting for ‘Roem.’ For a day like today, I like wearing a blank trench coat.”

Silly Amber and Victoria
On February 26, f(x)’s Amber wrote on her twitter, “Dumplings and fried rice yo.”

Park Jin Young’s Family Portrait
On February 26, Park Jin Young wrote on his twitter, “I took a family portrait today. With Pie and Walnut~ Ah seems like the name ‘coffee’ wasn’t suitable. Changed it to Walnut.”

Party Girls: Gummy and Dara
On February 26, YG Entertainment uploaded a picture on their official me2day along with the message, “The talk of the town, Gummy and 2NE1’s Dara! We shared a picture of the two at CL’s birthday party. Gummy and CL couple plays like this often! Aren’t they a cute and adorable match? CL! Super duper happy birthday! – Gummy&Dara”

Double Go Dok Mi’s
On February 26, Park Shin Hye wrote on her twitter, “I want to add another Go Dok Mi here. Thank you Se Yong unni for quickly agreeing to film despite a busy schedule. Ah, love it so much. Heehee.”

Sean’s Date With Youngest Daughter
On February 26, Sean wrote on his twitter, “In the middle of a date with Ha El. Ha Eum, Ha Rang and Ha Yool graduated the stroller and now it’s time for a date with Ha El. The children that give me happiness, I’m a dad!”

Sistar Is 1,000 Days Old
On February 27, Hyorin left a message on Sistar’s official twitter page, “Sistar has already spent 1000 days with everyone! You don’t know how we’re constantly sorry and thankful. Please love us for 10,000 and even 1,000,000 more days.”

Bored Lee Jong Suk
On February 27, actor Lee Jong Suk wrote on his me2day, “What are you doing? I’m in Hong Kong.. uh.. I’m bored.. uhhhhhhhhh.”

Chansung With Senior Actor
On February 27, 2PM’s Chansung wrote on his twitter, “You guys will watch 70 today, right? Together with awesome Choi Jong Hwan sunbae woo hoo hoot.”

G-Dragon’s Scrunched Face
On February 28, Big Bang’s G-Dragon posted on his twitter, “G-night.”

Zinger’s Nose
On February 28, Secret’s Zinger wrote on her twitter, “Came to Kyung Po for a family vacation. The ocean is really really pretty. However, I see a lot of my nostrils in the picture. Kekeke.”

Song Seung Hun’s Special Shoutout
On February 28, actor Song Seung Hun wrote on his twitter, “Hello~~Singapore!!^^”

Ye Won’s French Nails
On February 28, Jewelry’s Kim Ye Won wrote on her twitter, “I tried French nails. The weather is nice today and I think spring is coming.”