[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 6

I’m a big fan of being your own hero. That doesn’t mean you have to rely solely on yourself every step of the way. It’s about the balance between knowing when to take the hand extended to you and holding out your hand when others need your help. Ever since Gong Sil and Joong Won met, they had a hard time finding that balance. She never wanted to let go and he was unwilling to help her out. Somewhere between all the bickering and misunderstanding, the tide has turned. Lately I’ve noticed that Joong Won holds out his hand to help her before she even thinks to ask. Even just a few episodes ago, that would have been her dream come true, but tonight Gong Sil realized something about herself. Just knowing he is there to offer her his hand was enough for her to be brave and do the right thing. She made a choice that went against what she had told him. Ignoring these ghosts and pretending she can’t see them only works when she doesn’t feel any pity for their plight. Once she gets involved, she sees things through to the end. That’s what makes her small sacrifice to honor each ghost’s needs all that more courageous. Despite having to fend for herself all those years after her accident and constantly living in fear, I admire Gong Sil for not turning her back to those in need. No matter how much she complains about how scary those ghosts are and how miserable they made her life, when push comes to shove, she sides with them. We all know that she got this ghost seeing ability by stepping one foot too close to death, but who knew it would end up saving her soul for all eternity by every gesture of kindness she shows each passing spirit. That is the connection I saw between Gong Sil and Joong Won tonight. He almost died in that kidnapping incident all those years ago so that makes both of them touched by near death. These two went through a lot to stay alive and endure after their ordeals. That is why every time they reach for each other, I get the sense that they are actually touching life.

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Written before it aired:

The look on Gong Sil’s face was the epitome of true vulnerability as she allowed herself to open up and indulge in the chance of letting romance enter her life. For the last few years, she hasn’t lived life the way most people her age would have been so it’s time for her to finally shine again. More than anyone, she knows that by accepting the happiness now, you are willing to pay the price of possible heartache later on. So you don’t venture recklessly and tread lightly. That way at some given point, when you decide to back away you aren’t left with nothing. You always reserve a little of that strength to help you move on if it doesn’t work out. That’s how you protect yourself. So far that is what Kang Woo and Gong Sil are doing, but Joong Won doesn’t seem to know what moderation means. His thoughts, reactions, and lingering moments where he relives each of her touch is making him lose all sense of limits. The instant he realized what he just witnessed, he made a beeline for her to ask that question if she is going to go. I bet he wished he had prepared himself for her answer. I honestly don’t think he saw it coming. No matter how you view that scene, you just know a part of him just died hearing her affirmative answer. Whether the part that felt kicked was his ego or his feelings we have to see, but some of it had to be a small hope that she wouldn’t have accepted anyone else but him.

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

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Episode 6 

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Starts from Gong Sil running in slow dream sequence and Kang Woo’s voice saying I will have courage and you be strong. she calls out to him and says I got strong and came to tell you my secret. Kang Woo: say it -I will be brave and listen. she says I see ghosts – here and there. ghosts pop out everywhere. so I ran away from them like a crazy woman. even though I am like this -is it ok? he shakes his head and says even if you said were kidnapped by aliens and came back, it wouldn’t matter. he embraces her. ghosts surround them and clap.

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Gong Sil says this dream like feeling could come true. she is holding his candy as Joong Won silently snickers behind her. He says since it’s a dream- chance of success is low. she says it’s not totally impossible isn’t it? in the past, I saw a crazy guy at the hospital who had been dragged off (to the insane asylum) for saying he had been kidnapped by aliens. someone like that met a wife who understood all that and lived in a mountain home together. Joong won looks right at her and says you are in a situation where you see ghosts but you are looking down on a guy who saw aliens and calling him insane? Gong Sil: he told me I was crazy first. at the start when he told me about the aliens I listened to it all. he said he was going to take pics of UFO’s so I was going to go there with him. when I said I see ghosts he said I was crazy. Joong Won: ok you must have felt indignant. it’s too bad for me. if you followed that guy and got caught by aliens back then you wouldn’t be in front of me. Gong Sil: since there are ghosts there could be aliens. but it must have been so dangerous. Joong won has this look on his face like he wishes for the floor to swallow him up so he doesn’t have to continue this inane conversation. He shakes his head and says this isn’t it. for certain we were talking in jest and now it became serious so I feel like I became the fool. why do I have to listen to talk like this. Gong Sil: I wonder if that person will listen too (Kang woo) like you -would he listen. I dont want to lose the chance that was so hard to get. I thought something this sweet wouldn’t happen to me. but it happened so it’s so nice. Joong won: instead of saying you see them – ask if he believes first. don’t talk about ghosts suddenly and give him fear. ask if he believes in them and test the waters first. then the chance of your dream coming true will go up a little. she says she will do that and thanks him. he says from here on talk about people who’ve gone crazy, Kang team leader, and ghosts over there. go and do well with sweet Kang candy. get lost. she walks out and he mutters she is having a great time. cuz I have to say get lost 3 times for Tae Yang to get away from me and she got lost with just one. she turns and calls out so he says why – I said to go so you should go so why? Gong Sil: thank you for not saying wake up from your dream and for listening so well. Joong Won: I didn’t listen cuz I was trying – my ears are open so I heard. Gong Sil: if you have something you cant tell others, tell me – I will open them (her ears) wide and listen. Joong Won: I have nothing to say to you. I am going to work. get lost. he puts on his earphones but she calls out again. Joong Won loses it and gets angry – why? why? why?! she asks are you listening to music as you work. Joong Won: no. Gong Sil: then why? Joong Won: I said I have nothing to say – please get lost. she says ok and leaves for real. he mutters she always makes me say get lost 3 times. if she sticks with that sticky Kang candy then she wont bother me.

Gong Sil is walking home and wonders how to bring up the subject of ghosts to Kang Woo. spirits? what will be better? suddenly Han jumps out to surprise her and she hits him and runs off. Jin Joo, Gong Ri, and Kang Woo go over to him. Han says I was just joking around. Jin Joo asks are you ok? Gong Ri says I told you not to surprise Gong Sil

They are having a barbecue outside. Gong Ri says how Han shouldn’t have startled Gong Sil. Han says I was startled too. Gong Sil says I am sorry. you popped out so suddenly I thought you weren’t human. Han: If I’m not human then am I a ghost? Kang Woo: that’s not it, there are people who chase after her so she is severely skittish. Han: so that is why you were so startled like you saw a ghost. Gong Ri: what do you mean ghosts. where is there a person who saw something like that. Han: why? I’ve seen one. since the weather is hot should I tell you about the ghost I saw? Kang Woo: don’t do it. why are you like that to someone who has fear? Gong Sil: no it’s ok you can tell us. what kind of ghost did you see? Han: which ghost should I tell you about? the elevator ghost? bathroom ghost? the ghost I saw in the army – there is a variety. Gong Sil notices that Kang Woo hates this talk.

Jin Joo reports to Seuk Chul that just like Han said, Kang Woo does live at the same place as Gong Sil.and this place is really crappy. Seuk Chul tells her to keep watching and hangs up. Seuk chul says to himself if stingy president Joo said he opened his body (to her). (since he is letting her live in a rundown place) does that mean he didn’t open his wallet yet cuz if he didn’t open his wallet, it means he didn’t open his heart. He wont be opening it to Tae Yi Ryeong right?

Yi Ryeong is having dinner with Sung Ran and Joong Won. Yi Ryeong is busy bragging about the real estate property her grandfather owns. basically to say since he didn’t have children it means that building will belong to Yi Ryeong soon. Joong Won likes what he is hearing cuz he was going to order something simple but he wants to order a course meal so they can have a long meal.

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Each person tells Gong Sil about the ghosts they saw. even Gong Ri. Gong Sil notices Kang Woo isn’t sharing his story and asks do you not like talk like this? he says yes – it’s no fun. Han thinks it’s not cuz it’s no fun, it’s cuz he is scared cuz his hands are shaking. Han says when you talk about ghosts they listen next to you. Gong Sil says it’s already here. over there behind you Han. Kang Woo gets mad and says just stop. I really hate this talk. like fools what is this? Han says it’s just for fun. do you believe there really are ghosts? Kang Woo: I think it doesn’t exist. talking like there are and giving fear to someone -I really hate it. people who talk about seeing ghosts, are the most pathetic and I don’t like them. he leaves the table. Gong Ri tells Gong Sil to never tell him

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Kang Woo goes to the bathroom and gets scared of his own reflection cuz of all that ghost talk. why do they talk about ghosts – it’s so scary

Sung Ran left the two of them alone saying I will be back after talking to your uncle. Yi Ryeong asks if he was taken back cuz she was called out by his aunt. he says not at all. whenever my aunt makes these kinds of appointments I come out and eat. she asks doesn’t it bother you a little since I am Gong Sil’s friend. he says not at all. Yi Ryeong: from what I could see you two were very close so I hesitated. but since it doesn’t bother you much I feel better. Joong Won: you are worried about unnecessary things. Yi Ryeong:if you feel that way then I will speak cautiously. Gong Sil is crazy. it’s cuz you don’t know her from long time ago back then she was normal but for a person to be ruined that much -it means something terrible must have happened. keeping someone like that close… Joong Won heard enough of her badmouthing Gong Sil so he cuts her off and says Tae Yi Ryeong shi – was the purpose of coming here to put Tae Gong Sil on the stake and speak ill of her. She says no so he says let’s continue talking about the real estate. the resort you uncle is going to sign the contract for was very interesting. she says that land belongs to my father so it’s a family business deal. He asks where should we go next?

Seuk Chul gets off the phone and mutters that president Joo is staying with Tae Yi Ryeong for a long time. he hears whistling in the hallway and wonders what it is. he goes to the storage room where Gong Sil works and goes in. he hears a sound and wonders what that is. there is a dog ghost and a human face. he screams and runs out when his hand gets bit

Seuk Chul tells the others there was a dog at Kingdom. He was bitten and has a bite mark. Joong won says I alerted the security team so they will find it.

Kang Woo gives instructions to his security team -that they have to catch it before they open tomorrow. They spread out looking for the dog.

Gong Sil asks did the vice president say a dog really came out here. I didn’t raise a dog. Han says the vice president was bitten here by a dog. check if anything is missing. Joong Won comes in and asks if she took pity on the dog and raised it like she takes pity on the ghosts and brought the dog in. she denies it. he smells meat and asks if she put meat here. maybe the dog smelled meat and came in. she says you sure do have a dog nose (dog’s sense of smell) I ate grilled meat with Kang Woo and came here. she looks for her candy and finds it broken. Joong Won grins and then he finds a leash and says there really is a dog

Yi Ryeong tells Kang Woo she was eating with president Joo and was curious so she came with him. Kang Woo: it seems to be going well like you planned. Yi Ryeong: I had that conversation about the person you are interested in. Tae Gong Sil doesn’t seem to mean anything to president Joo. I brought her up and he cut me off. Kang Woo: there has to be a reason for him to give her a job and keep her next to him. Yi Ryeong: why are you so curious about the relationship between president Joo and Tae Gong Sil. is it cuz you like Tae Gong Sil so you are suspicious about those two? Kang Woo: let’s just say that’s it. Yi Ryeong: I think it will work out well for me too. I will call if I need your help. but in order to catch the dog you will have to work overnight. do you get paid overtime for that? Kang Woo: your car is in the basement right? take that elevator and go down. Yi Ryeong: what are you taking about. You have to escort me to my car. he says I have to catch the dog and leaves. behind her is the ghost dog who goes after her

Gong Sil says it would be dangerous to have a dog that bites people roaming around. Joong Won says we cant open tomorrow if we don’t find it by tonight. or I have to cancel the profitable summer festival. Gong Sil says he ate all my snacks and the rest of my kimbap. the dog must be hungry. she looks for something so he asks what are you going to do. she says the name PC on the leash is probably the dog’s right. he looks and says I think so. she says catch the dog and be sure to open the summer festival. I will be sure to catch it for you.

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Gong Sil holds two sausages out and calls out for the dog. where are you? Joong woo: what is this. I thought you had some impressive way but you are going to entice a dog with two sausages? She says dogs like this the most. He tells her to go in. She says wait a minute and asks a guy ghost if he saw a dog. she runs off scared to Joong won and he asks what she did. she points out the ghost who goes through the trash and sits over there. Joong Won: there is something like that over there. she describes how scary it looks so Joong Won says what are you going to do if it hears you badmouthing it. she points and says I have you. also there is an ajumma ghost in the bathroom. should I go ask her? he says while you worked here you made friends with a lot of ghosts. she says if you see – the ghosts stay in the same place and don’t leave. at first I was scared but I feel bad for them. since I saw them many times they are like office coworkers. he jokes and says so do you have gatherings and stuff often. Gong Sil: why make such a scary joke. if they are all gathered it’s scary. like today- a gathering should be with people, grilling meat, and laughing but it got ruined cuz of the topic of ghosts. he grins and sniffs and says you smell. with sweet Kang candy you couldn’t bring up ghosts huh? she confides what Kang Woo said. how much he hates ghost the most in the world. he hates people who say there are ghosts even more. what do I do. Joong Won is so happy and says why ask me. I don’t like them too. but you are useful to me so I keep you next to me. she says I will be useful and put aside the talk about Kang Woo and just find the dog. wait here and I will ask the ghost in the bathroom. Joong Won: am I a stray dog waiting for it’s owner? I wont wait. He thinks since it had a leash the dog has an owner. is he with the dog owner?

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The robber guy knocks down Yi Ryeong and she yells so Kang Woo goes over and reports which way the guy went

Gong Sil is chewing on a sausage and says that the bathroom ajumma didn’t see anything maybe I should ask the storage ajussi. she hears the robber guy trying to get out and the ghost dog barks. his eyes glow red as Gong Sil gets closer to it

The guy runs into Han and Han thinks he recognized the guy – a former part time worker here who is supposed to be in the army

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Kang Woo asks are you ok -can you stand? Yi Ryeong cant walk cuz her legs went weak and twisted her back so Kang Woo puts his jacket over her and carries her so she can go to the hospital

*this might be the only good reason for being this skinny – so that a guy can carry you effortlessly.

Kang Woo reports he sent Tae Yi Ryeong to the hospital with one of his staff and the police have been contacted. Seuk chul asks about the dog. didn’t it come with the robber? Kang Woo: I checked the CCTV and he went around alone without the dog. Joong Won says Seuk Chul was bitten by a person and not a dog. Sung Ran says that’s good then you don’t need rabies shot. Kim asks Joong Won to come out

Gong Sil is waiting for him and says – there is a dog here. Joong Won says it was a robber. she says he was here too. the dog is here. she pets it next to her. Joong Won points and says it’s here? she says it’s really here. Kang Woo listens to them

Gong Sil says it’s a good looking (German) Shepard. just sit there. wow you understand me. give me your hand. he is really smart -he understands everything. he asks if the dog was following the robber and hid here. Gong Sil: not sure. I think he was with the robber. but when the robber ran off the dog met my eyes and chased after me. Jong Won wonders if the dog tags belong to the dog. he reads the name PC and the dog barks. she says it’s correct. he is answering his name. she checks and says the same thing is hanging on its neck. Joong Won: seeing how he was carrying it around while robbing, it must be a dog he treasures.

The robber hides his face as news come out about him being an army deserter. he says what do I do PC

주군의 태양.E06.130822.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-15-33]주군의 태양.E06.130822.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-13-03]

Gong Sil says the dog wants to go somewhere with me. I have to follow it. but JW held her to stop her from leaving so the dog is gone. Gong Sil: when you hold onto me the dog disappears. I have to follow the dog. Joong Won: where do you think you will follow it? Tae Yi Ryeong is in the hospital cuz she got hurt by him. you don’t know what will happen to you so how could you go there. we reported it to the police so he will be caught. Gong Sil: PC didn’t follow him and chased after me so isn’t there a reason for that? if I find the robber it will be of help. Joong Won: I think you aren’t thinking straight cuz you want to look good in front of sweet Kang candy, but he is a criminal so where do you think you are going. it’s dangerous so you cant. don’t make that face. you cant. if I say it once just understand it. Gong Sil: I misunderstood you. I thought of course you would want me to hurry and chase after the dog and catch the robber. Joong Won: then were you going to catch the robber to look good for me? she takes his hand and says thank you for worrying about me cuz it’s dangerous. He pulls his hand away and says $100. there are no free things. I am going to deduct it from your pay. she hits him and says you said you would reduce some. he says then $50 and leaves.

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Kang woo watches the CCTV footage that Han is going through. Han says I checked again and there is no footage of a dog. The vice president was mistaken. He was bitten by the robber. Kang Woo asks for certain there is no dog? Han says no. Kang Woo was double checking after what he heard Gong Sil tell Joong Won.

주군의 태양.E06.130822.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-10-19]주군의 태양.E06.130822.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-13-04]주군의 태양.E06.130822.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-11-53]

Gong Sil hides the broken candy when Kang Woo calls out to her. He saw her hide something so he asks what was that. she asks what? I heard Yi Ryeong got hurt. Kang Woo: no she was just surprised. she wasn’t hurt. but what did you see? I saw you talking to president Joo a while ago. didn’t you say you saw a dog? no one saw it and it wasn’t caught on CCTV so what is it that you only saw. she starts to say to tell the truth but stops and remembers how he had said those people who go around saying they saw ghosts -they are the most pathetic and I hate it. He asks did you really see a dog? she lies and says I didn’t see it. how could I be the only one who sees something no one else saw. he asks why did you say you saw a dog to president Joo. she makes up a lie. president told me to find someone. so I said he was here. not a dog but that kid* so you must have misunderstood. he doesn’t buy it and says let’s just say I misunderstood. but just now what did you hide? is that a misunderstanding too? what are you going to say about that? she takes it out and says sorry this broke. you gave it to me so I am sorry. she walks away

*Korean word for dog is “kae” and that also means “he, she, or it”

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Kang Woo reports to Joong Won’s dad. He was hiding in Tae Gong Sil’s office, but he wasn’t after president Joo. yes I will keep watching

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Gong Sil is looking at her broken candy when Kang Woo goes over and sits next to her. he says sorry. she says no I am sorry. he says when you were talking about ghosts – sorry for yelling and getting mad. she says no I’m sorry cuz I didn’t know you hated it and talked about ghosts. Kang Woo: it’s not cuz I hate it – it’s cuz I am scared of it. Gong Sil: you are that scared of ghosts? Kang Woo: when I was in the army, I saw a lot of people who died terribly. I even got treated for the trauma. so it was hard to endure thinking those things were next to me. she says believe me there is nothing next to you at all. I’m certain of it. Kang Woo: I will believe that. don’t put any meaning about the candy breaking. normally you are suppose to bite the candy and eat it. since it’s broken eat it now. Gong Sil: should we do that. he takes it and says it’s broken in half so let’s split it and eat. she says it’s sweet

*I love that this guy’s dimples have dimples.

Next day Joong Won is walking in his yard and sees a dog. his fan turns into a leash. he asks are you PC? suddenly a girl group is singing in the yard. Joong Won hits himself and says I am seeing dancing ghosts. what is this – a dream?

Joong Won wakes up and says it was a dog dream. he looks at the leash and wonders is it cuz of this

주군의 태양.E06.130822.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-44-01]

Joong Won holds up the leash as Gong Sil says: I don’t want to worry about PC now. I do see things others can’t, but if I do well acting like I don’t see, I can live like I am normal. Joong Won: it doesn’t matter how you live but that dog came out in my dream. she asks couldn’t it have been any dog dream anyone could have dreamt? Joong Won tells his phone to play “nobody” and Gong Sil says look at him. PC is dancing – his tail is wagging too. it must like this song a lot. Joong Won says it’s correct – for sure that is the dog that came out in my dream. I don’t want to dream another dog dream with dancing. find the dog owner and give this (leash) back and send the dog. she says it wasnt long ago when you stopped me saying it was dangerous. I will act like I didn’t see. I wont see. she reaches out to him get rid of the dog but Joong Won backs away and says follow the dog. I will go with you. you are close with that dog.

주군의 태양.E06.130822.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-04-12]

Yi Ryeong gives Kang Woo musical tickets that a salary man could never afford – V-VIP to pay back what happened yesterday. Kang Woo: it’s for today. Yi Ryeong: it starts at 9 so meet at 8 and eat dinner and have a drink. Kang Woo: ok. he starts to walk away but she says we have to decide where to meet. Kang Woo: why should I decide that with you. Yi Ryeong: I said it’s to pay you back -not those tickets. going with you is the compensation. Kang Woo: if I turn you down to go together are you going to ask for them back? she isn’t so he says just the tickets are good. I will go with the person I want to go with. thanks. Yi Ryeong: ok go well.

주군의 태양.E06.130822.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-08-22]

Gong Sil talks to the dog and says let’s go PC. that’s why – why did you have to come out in the dream. Kang Woo asks what came out in the dream. she lies about a movie. I saw a movie and it came out in the dream. he asks do you like movies then do you like musicals too. I finish early today so let’s go together to watch it. she likes it. but I cant stay a long time in a dark place. I might scream or run out suddenly. Kang Woo: it’s not a horror musical. if you are scared you can hold onto me. he offers his arm so she says I will go. he tells her it starts at 9 so meet at 8 in front of the place.

Joong Won complains – the weather is hot and we cant ride in a car. why am I chasing after a dog I cant see. Gong Sil: you said you were scared it would come out again in your dream. should we just give up then. Joong Won: go. he heads one way but she points the other way and says that’s where PC went. so where are you going. Joong Won: can I see the dog? I cant see so I did it so why get annoyed? she says let’s hurry cuz I have an appointment at 8 and have to get ready. Joong won: you said you were seeing that musical with sweet kang candy. can you see it till the end? you don’t know what is sitting next to you. Gong Sil: even if I have to close my eyes I will sit next to him. so hurry and go. it’s over there. Joong Won says it’s too hot -I want to drink something before we go.

He orders a drink she doesn’t like and wont let her get what she wants. he doesn’t like when someone drinks something better than his. She tries to hold his arm to get him to look but he says to move her hand away cuz I don’t look at the menu (he doesn’t want to read it)

Gong Sil asks if Hee Joo came out in his dream. Like PC – if Hee Joo came out in your dream and talked it would be nice. Joong Won: not even once. Gong Sil: after that time I cant see Hee Joo next to you. a ghost comes when you talk about it. talk about Hee Joo and I will listen for you. Joong Won: I have nothing to say to you. Gong Sil: you dont trust me? that I might hear and just take the money and run off? Joong Won: yes I don’t trust you. when a person talks about themselves a weakness appears. I don’t want you to catch my weakness. Gong Sil: you dont trust me. the dog is leaving so should we follow it. . he says go. Gong Sil: you cant see but obey me and go with me- that’s believing. it’s over there. go.

Kim is on the phone about the leash and finds out it belongs to a dog in the army, could you find out right away about a dog named PC

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Gong Sil arrives with Joong Won and says it’s this place. he says when you find out who it is just talk about the dog and give this back (the leash). don’t try to catch him we aren’t the police. She is scared about meeting the robber. the dog barks and Gong Sil says the dog just raised his paw at me like this and shows him. it means it’s ok and don’t worry. Joong won says the dog is taking sides with its owner. she points out where the owner must be. Kim calls and says the leash that Joong Won has is from an army dog that died and the guy in charge of the dog is AWOL now. last night the person who came to Kingdom is the guy who ran away from the army

The robber is hiding in the store closet with gun. PC – I am going to follow you here. he looks at the photo of himself and his dog

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When the dog was alive the guy told him an army guy likes one girl group. he played Nobody as he trained it. when he got in trouble his dog tried to help him. after his punishment run the dog brought him water. he confides if it wasn’t for you I couldn’t hang on till I get discharged. the dog gives him his paw so the guy says does it mean it’s ok so don’t worry. there is no one else like you.

The vet tells the guy that the dog cant continue his army duties anymore and the decision has been made to put him down. the guy begs please save him and I will take care of him till I get discharged and I will take him. cant you do something please save him. the vet says the dog’s disease is too advanced and puts the dog down. the guy cries as the dog dies

Without his dog the guy was bullied more so he fought back and hit his superior. He ran off.

In the storage closet he cries over his dog and says – PC – it’s so scary

The dog looks like he is begging so Gong Sil translates – its friend has caused a dangerous situation so it must have come to ask me to stop him. Joong Won says Kim already alerted the army and reported to the police that he is here. if he has a gun we cant follow him anymore. come out.

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Gong Sil says before they come we have to try to convince him. Joong Won: cuz you always just see dead people you don’t get it but there is a gun – if you get involved the wrong way, you could die. she looks at the dog and says PC is crying. That person must be crying too. Joong Won walks away

In the closet the guy is about to shoot himself in the head.

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Joong Won leads her away but the dog wont leave the area. Joong Won turns and says Tae Gong Sil – even if you see acting like you don’t see, you said it was ok to ignore it. Gong Sil: I was going to do that but it’s not easy. Joong Won: you don’t have to see it. he holds out his hand and says hold it. you said you had an appointment at 8. you can go home now wash your hair, dress properly, put on makeup. like a normal woman you can go to the appointed place on time. to do that, you always asked to hold onto me. I will hold onto you so hold it. let’s go. he reaches out to take her hand but she moves it away and says I cant help it-I must just be a crazy woman. I will hurry and come back. She runs inside with the dog as Joong Won yells Tae Gong Sil -why don’t you listen to me.

The dog runs ahead and Gong Sil follows. something falls in the closet so the gun goes off. Joong Won hears the gunshot and goes in. Swat and police arrive

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The guy comes out of the closet and people run away from him cuz he has a gun. The staff tells Gong Sil not to go up cuz there is a guy with a gun. Joong Won goes in and just misses her in the crowd. He calls out for Gong Sil and runs up the stairs and faces the gun. the guy says don’t come close. Joong Won says I wasn’t going to get close. I know you don’t want to shoot me. If you were thinking of shooting then change it to not wanting to. you have to realize you don’t want to shoot. the guy cries and lowers his weapon. Joong Won says put down the gun now. it would be even better if you tossed it. the guy says I wasn’t planning on hurting anyone so go. he sits down and cries. Joong Won grips the leash in his hand and calls out to the guy by name. he says how about coming out with me. the guy says I am going to end it here so leave. Joong Won says you know PC right. the guy says how do you know PC. Joong Won throws down the leash and the guy picks it up and says it really is PC’s. Joong Won says PC is next to you now. the guy says what are you talking about. he is about to say the dog is dead but Joong Won says I know- it’s a dead dog but I see that dead dog. the guy says PC is next to me. Joong Won: that’s right – it’s a good looking smart (German) Shepard. is it your taste to like “Nobody.” the guy says I played it for him every day. we were a fan of wonder girls. Joong Won: that friend was always by your side. so that you don’t do anything dangerous, he wanted to protect you. the guy says cuz I was a fool -PC died, but he was protecting this pathetic me? Joong Won says that dog right now is raising his paw like this to your hand. the guy remembers it was the dog’s way of saying it’s ok. the guy cries and says PC – are you telling me it’s ok? Gong Sil cries watching the dog licking the guy’s hand. she sees the swat team run up. the guy drops his gun and they take him into custody. Joong Won looks over and sees Gong Sil. she is smiling at him but he is furious with her

The news report that the guy was taken in and everything was settled with no deaths. Kang Woo tells Kim they will report to the police since the guy hid out at Kingdom mall. Kim tells him about the guy. Kang Woo asks was the dog with him? Kim: I don’t know about that but thank goodness everyone is safe

As the guy goes into the squad car, he hears the song “Nobody” and he says thank you. he grips the leash.

Shop owner says sorry for alarming the two of you. she says we are ok. He asks why Joong Won came here himself cuz he was going to go see him at Kingdom. Joong Won says I came to buy a sofa. the man says you must have liked the setting we made last time. Joong Won says I am going to sit here till all the cameras outside are gone. the man says go ahead and do that. if the two of you are going to look at beds, they are over there. Joong Won gives him a surprised look and tells the man to just go. The man leaves. Gong Sil sits down next to him and says you did well. like you really saw (the dog). Joong Won: It’s cuz I watched you doing it a few times. she asks are you going to keep your promise to the army guy.

Before he was taken away, Joong Won told the guy – your life could go astray (cuz of what happened)- I am the president of Kingdom. when you get discharged and come back well, I will give you a job. Don’t forget PC.

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Joong Won points out the dog ghost was really smart -it not only dragged you over but dragged me over as well and found the guy a way to earn a living from here on. Gong Sil: did well not to act like I didn’t know. He hears that and his eyes go round. he leans in and warns her- next time when I say go get lost right away and when I say don’t go no matter what don’t go. Gong Sil: yes. Joong pushes her away with a finger saying it’s too narrow so move over there. she doesn’t listen and sits closer and says read this. he asks what is it. she explains it’s a disclaimer that the store doesn’t want to be held for any liability -so they want to confirm that we didn’t get hurt today and wont sue. it doesn’t matter to me but you are picky about this stuff so read it over and sign. Joong Won: after shocking a person, it’s a tissue saying they will wipe their mouth clean. read it. Gong Sil: I already read it. you just need to read it and sign. Joong Won: do you know how much my signature is? cant get a refund. each line you read it. Gong Sil: it’s not like you cant read it so read it yourself. he takes it and says I can just tell Kim to do it. she asks can you not read letters.

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Joong Won slowly looks over at her and admits: I don’t read it. I cant read the letters. it ended up happening that way. why? do you think you found out one weakness? is that it? she keeps giving him sympathy looks so he says after that incident back then, that’s what happened. while I was kidnapped, they made me keep reading a book. the crappy book they made me read there – it was a story where people kept dying. after reading each line who will die next. after that who else will die. if everyone dies and the book ends, I felt like I would be the last one to die. anyway I didn’t die and lived, but after that if I read, I feel like I will throw up. Reading text is scary. she asks what to do – how can we make it so you aren’t scared. Joong Won: what do you mean what to do – what is there that you can do to worry over it. Gong Sil: It would be nice to say if you are scared hold onto me. She holds out her arm and says just in case – you don’t know so want to hold it once. he says it’s ok and moves her hand aside. she says I will help read from now on. he says that’s ok too – Kim does it. she says so that is what you are always listening to- what he recorded. She takes it and says I will read it for you. she reads it loudly so he says I don’t read it’s not like I cant hear. then she reads it too animated so he asks are you reading a fairytale book in kindergarten. she tries again and he says it’s too fast. then she reads again and he says your voice is too low. he tells her the note she should read at, but she messes up and laughs. he says you cant sing huh?

the two boys see the doll and says no one took it so we can take it. the boy goes over and doll says hi-you are a friend now too. play with us

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Kang Woo waits for Gong Sil. he wonders if he came too early. manager asks why did you buy tickets again. Yi Ryeong says cuz I really wanted to see who he is seeing it with. she watches Kang Woo from afar and says to her manager to wait. She goes over as Kang Woo gets a call from Joong Won’s dad. Kang Woo: I am outside on personal business now. It has nothing to do with President Joo. I will continue to report and investigate anything to do with president Joo, I want to quit looking into Tae Gong Sil. It’s uncomfortable to lie and deceive her. please understand. Yi Ryeong goes over and asks are you investigating president Joo? what are you deceiving Tae Gong Sil about?

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Joong Won is on the phone with Kim and says come right away. Gong Sil fell asleep next to him. He picks up the disclaimer that he signed and remembers how she said “like when I hold you and cant see scary ghosts – if you hold me, it would be nice if you could see the letters well that you fear. just try holding my hand.” He looks over at her hand and reaches out and holds it. He looks at the letters on the disclaimer. Then he leans over to kiss her.



Joong Won assigns the spot of his arm where she can touch him -from his wrist to his elbow

Joong Won tells her to just have dates with the sweet Kang candy (Kang Woo)

someone says something goes in and out

 a boy says let’s be friends. take us with you

Gong Sil says there are strange kids.

 a woman says get out of my home and shoves Gong Sil.

Gong Sil: you don’t know how scared I was

Gong Sil reaches out for Joong Won while she is behind bars but he says just cuz you are scared I don’t want to be embroiled with you

Kang Woo finds out about Hee Joo

Joong Won says no more Tae Gong Sil – it’s the end

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I love this show. It has a way of making scenes we have seen countless times on dramas still be fresh and exhilarating. They infuse it with so much chemistry and charm, it’s hard not to fall for the magic of it all. I love that last scene when Joong Won confided in her about his fallibility. He didn’t even hold back anything and told her every bit of his trauma. It’s like he trusted her more as the words came out of his mouth. He felt safe enough to share and she was compassionate enough to listen to every word. She was the first person to instinctively want to do something and help him overcome it. I bet that’s when we saw that last piece of his defense crumble cuz now his emotions are everywhere.

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