K-Pop Idols Mix and Mingle at the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships

The Chuseok special of the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships featured many of our favorite K-Pop groups and singers. Unfortunately, most fans won’t be able to watch the event until it airs during Chuseok. However, we have compiled a gallery full of pictures that idol participants posted themselves. There were a lot of group and company interactions as well as idols from different groups and companies mingling. Check out our gallery to see various stars at the event!

We’ve got some DSP love here with six members of Rainbow and KARA’s Youngji sitting together. Jaekyung and Youngji, in particular, look cute with their hair rollers holding up their bangs.

Rainbow Youngji

AOA’s Seolhyun and Jimin are posing and sending hearts to fans in an Instagram video.

AOA Seolhyun Jimin

BTS’ J-Hope, Jin, and Rap Monster enjoy a meal while thanking their fans.

BTS J-Hope Jin Rap Monster

EXID’s Solji looks like she has been practicing her archery~

EXID Solji

Some T-ara members holding fans promoting their latest song “So Crazy.”


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SPEED’s Jongkook and Yoohwan showing off their V signs. BIGSTAR’s FeelDog can be seen in the background!


A Pink’s Bomi and Hayoung take a selfie with some of their fans!

A Pink Bomi Hayoung

Star Empire Entertainment groups 9MUSES and ZE:A get friendly as well!


Who knew AOA’s Yuna and Secrets Jung Hana and Song Ji Eun were friends?

AOA Yuna Secret Jung Hana Song Ji Eun

The Idol Star Athletics Championships can also be a great place to meet your family (if they are also idols)! Rainbow’s Jaekyung takes cute selfies with her brother N.Flyings Jaehyun.

Rainbow Jaekyung NFlying Jaehyun

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BESTie’s Dahye and Uji take a snapshot during the event.

BESTie Dahye Uji

The championships are also a great opportunity to get friendly with non-idols like MCs! KARA’s Youngji shows off her friendships with Jeon Hyun Moo and Kim Young Chul.

KARA Youngji Jeon Hyun Moo Kim Young Chul

VIXX looks great in their gray outfits!


AOA’s Hyejeong celebrated her birthday at the event! She thanks her fans, members, and family with a short clip of her drinking some coconut water.

AOA Hyejeong

Fans cheer on their idols and idols in turn cheer on their fans. BTS’ Jungkook asks his fans to have strength with this selfie.


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“A Style for You” costars KARA’s Goo Hara, EXID’s Hani, and SISTAR’s Bora gather for a photo op.


Some fans in the stadium can be seen in A Pink’s Jung Eunji and Naeun selfie.

A Pink Eunji Naeun

Shinhwa’s Andy joins some Teen Top members in this photo.

Shinhwa Andy Teen Top

Dal Shabet’s Ah Young sneaks in a photo of Subin eating some bread.

Dal Shabet Ah Young Subin

Shannon with CLC’s Sorn and Yujin in the background!

CLC Sorn Shannon

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With a full day’s worth of events and waiting involved, it can be really tiring for idols, fans, staff members, and basically everyone. KARA’s Seungyeon appears to be taking a break in a locker room.

KARA Seungyeon

B1A4 (sans Sandeul) takes a group photo together.


Happy Face Entertainment’s sister groups Dal Shabet and MINX pose together as well.

Dal Shabet MINX

EXID poses with the ice cream product they are currently endorsing! Goo Goo Cone~

EXID Goo Goo Cone

GFRIEND, who is promoting their latest song “Me Gustas Tu,” uploaded a cute group photo.


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Rookie boy group UP10TION participate in their first Idol Star Athletics Championships!


SONAMOO, Secret’s Sunhwa, and more can be spotted in this pic.

SONAMOO Secret Sunhwa

Jungkook takes a photo with Boys Republic’s Suwoong.

Jungkook Suwoong

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul suffered some minor injuries, but urged fans not to worry. Likewise, GOT7′s Jr. and Jackson sustained some injuries. Since filming is currently going on (just one more day), we can expect more photos and information coming soon!

mamamoo moonbyul idol star athletics championships

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