February Film Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On February 18, the Korea Business Research Institute revealed their brand reputation rankings for film actors based on their findings from 72,745,586 pieces of data gathered from January 16 to February 17.

Goblin” star Gong Yoo takes first place for the second month in a row with a score of 10,728,767. He enjoyed a 39.24 percent increase from his January score.

Second place goes to Jo In Sung who recently returned with the movie “The King.” As for third place, Yoo Hae Jin got the spot with a brand reputation score of 4,625,614.

The full rankings can be seen below:
1. Gong Yoo
2. Jo In Sung
3. Yoo Hae Jin
4. Kim Soo Hyun
5. Jun Ji Hyun
6. Jung Woo Sung
7. Ha Jung Woo
8. Kang Dong Won
9. Lee Byung Hun
10. Hwang Jung Min
11. Yoo Ah In
12. Han Hyo Joo
13. Sol Kyung Gu
14. Kim Hye Soo
15. Lee Jung Jae
16. Son Ye Jin
17. Song Kang Ho
18. Han Ji Min
19. Cha Seung Won
20. Lee Beom Soo
21. Jeon Do Yeon
22. Choi Min Sik
23. Ryu Seung Ryong
24. Kim Yoon Suk
25. Yoo Ji Tae

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