Oops… Funny Embarrassing Photos of Sizzling Male Actors

Male actors tend to show only charismatic, suave, and sexy sides of themselves on screen. Well… here are some photos that show their more funny and down-to-earth (?) nature. Recently, hilarious and embarrassing photos of males were posted on an online community website under the title “Funny Photos of Handsome Male Stars.”

▲In the photo, dark face Kwon Sang Woo makes a funny facial expression while shooting a movie.

Kang Dong Won shows off his funny faces and curly “Black Bean Noodle” hair style! �de09

Won Bin attracted the attention of netizens with his suspicious hand position… is he picking his nose?!

▲ Fairly plump photo So Ji Sub taken during his military service revealed…

Hyun Bin?!?!

Jo In Sung dozing off at an Awards ceremony and making a funny pose dressed in underwear!

Jang Dong Gun… hilarous! �de09

▲ Too hot? Cha Tae Hyun furiously (?) blowing ramen to cool it down… �de09

▲ Lee Byung Hyun, what are you up to?!

▲ Awwwww… Gong Yoo and Won Bin having some fun while grocery shopping �de09

Ha Jung Woo & his funny facial expressions �de09

Park Hye Il dressed up in…

Netizens who have seen the photos have reacted, “Even looks like these are acceptable,” “Won Bin’s photo is the legend!,” “Even if photos like these get revealed, it’s not embarrassing for handsome people.” What are your thoughts about the photos? �de09

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