Celebrities Love Eyeglasses: Who Looks Hottest?

While eyeglasses are often associated with the image of a stereotypical nerd, they have now become stylish and suave fashion items. Glasses are no longer worn simply by those with poor vision. They have now emerged as one of the best fashion items for everyone which accentuates your style and transforms your image. In fact, it’s been a long time since they have surpassed beyond their practical usage as types of corrective lens used to enhance our vision and have become a “must-have item” that gives an awesome final touch to a stylish fashion look.

Glasses can bring drastic changes to your image that range a wide spectrum based on the color, design, material of the glass, as well as how you mix-and-match it with different styled outfits. By wearing glasses, you can pull off a more intelligent, professional, and sharp, as well as stylish, chic, sexy, soft, charming, and naturally glowing look. And guess what, depending on how you wear them, glasses can make your face look smaller, eyes look bigger, and look younger in general! Plus what makes it even better is that it’s such an easy and convenient way to transform your style and image without any long lasting effects. So whenever you feel like displaying a different look, you can always just take them off or throw on a new pair. 

No wonder celebrities and fashion people love sporting glasses! They’re also great for covering your no-makeup face and also displaying a sharp image. It’s known that a large number of celebrities like to create an intelligent image by wearing horn-rimmed glasses on various occasions as long as it’s not a very special occasion like an awards ceremony where they have to look all dressy and glamorous. Female celebrities seem to sport glasses quite often when they go outside without any makeup or when they want to give a stylish touch to their casual fashion. And it’s a great way for them to transform into a new character for a certain role or change their image for certain occasions—and still look stylish. Mostly, these fashionistas are easily spotted wearing glasses without prescriptive lenses, purely as a fashion statement.

Among eye glasses, the horn-rimmed style, dominantly in black, has been particularly popular. While black and brown ones have been the most enjoyed classic style, diverse designs and varying shades of horn-rimmed glasses are available these days. Along with vivid and bold colored ones, patterned designed ones have become quite popular as well.

Basic black and brown color square frame glasses present a neat and classic image. For men, it gives an intelligent image when styling it with a formal, business style outfit, while it also presents an urban and sophisticated look when matching it with a casual outfit. For women, oversized black horn-rimmed glasses can present a boyish style when sporting it with casual outfits.

As the retro style came back into fashion, the Wellington style, featuring rounded edged frames, have been the newest trend lately. The Wellington style gives a softer, gentler, more tone-down image in general. When matching it with British casual style outfits, it features a modern boy look in the 1960s.

However, there are basic rules that you need to keep in mind when choosing which type of trendy glasses to wear. Usually if you have a round-shaped face, it’s better to wear square-framed glasses, while if you have an angular face with prominent cheek bones, you look better in thin horn-rimmed glasses or horn-rimmed glasses mix-matched with metallic material, rather than round or thick horn-rimmed glasses.

If you feel like your outfit and fashion style seems a bit too plain today, how about giving it some extra spice to with a pair of stylish glasses? 😉

Here is a wide collection of celebrities sporting all different type and styles of glasses for you to refer to when choosing yours. Which types of glasses do you like the best? And who do you think pulled it off the best? 😉

Classic Black Horn-rimmed Glasses  

They give you a classic, intelligent, professional, and dandy image! 😉

Wellington Style Glasses

These trendy glasses are hugely popular these days for making your eyes look bigger and presenting a vintage and retro style! But you might want to avoid them if you have a small forehead and round face because it could make your face look even rounder! 😉

Oversized Glasses

Colorful and Pattern Print Glasses 

Funky, bold, unique, colorful! 😉

Who… are you?  

These are celebs who show a drastic different look before and after wearing glasses.

Choi Daniel

Wow… what a transformation! He certainly looks softer, more considerate, and good-looking when wearing glasses.

Kim Tae Woo

Kim Jae Dong

2AM’s Chang Min

Sung Si Kyung

Yoo Jae Seuk

And just for fun… our famous “President Among Children” cartoon character…Pororo

Netizens found it funny how Pororo looks so different without glasses, commenting that it might have been the glasses that made him look like he has bigger eyes, just like Yoo Jae Seuk.

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