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Kim Soo Hyun has been picked as the number one actor that would have suited the “Dark” Wol Ryung role in the recently completed MBC drama, “Gu Family Book.”

According to Hankook Ilbo, in a questionaire performed through an unnamed mobile search app, the question of which actor would look better with Lee Yeon Hee or Yoon Se Ah as “Dark” Wol Ryung was asked, and out of 500 answers, Kim Soo Hyun was number one with 36.2%.

Wol Ryung was the animal spirit “gumiho” character in the MBC drama “Gu Family Book,” played by actor Choi Jin Hyuk. He won over many fans and saw rising popularity with his striking performance in the role.



While in the beginning of the drama, Wol Ryung was a sweet and harmless character, due to a betrayal by his loved one, he turned into a thousand-year demon, becoming the deadly and feared “Dark” Wol Ryung.


Kim Soo Hyun samdong dream high

It seems Kim Soo Hyun was picked as suitable for the dark version of Wol Ryung due to his recent charismatic role in the hit movie “Secretly and Greatly” and the dark turn for his Sam Dong character in the KBS drama “Dream High.”

Click through the pages to see which actors placed second through fifth place for the role of “Dark” Wol Ryung.

Actor Kang Dong Won is in second place with 11%.

Kang Dong Won High Cut

Actor Lee Jun Ki is in third place with 9.6%.

Lee Jun Ki

 Actor Gong Yoo is in fourth place with 8.8%.

gong yoo movie week

Actor Yoo Ah In is last, in fifth place, with 8.2%.

What about you, Soompiers? Which actors do you think would have been well suited for the “Dark” Wol Ryung role in “Gu Family Book”?

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