[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 7

This show continues to give me chills and goose bumps just from over swooning. You have to give the man credit – he sure does know exactly what to say to make a woman’s heart stop beating and start racing like crazy.

Written before it aired:

I must have replayed that last scene like a million times to see if there really was a change in Joong Won’s ability to read or if his eager heart just wanted to believe it and made it happen. It did seem like after he held her hand and then looked at the letters, they didn’t distort as usual. Just maybe Gong Sil was correct about him being able to read better if he holds onto her. If that’s true, I bet it can be attributed to how she affects him. Her existence alone brings him solace and peace of mind so it calms his very nature so that the letters don’t blur. Part of me wanted to believe his affection for her is making this happen and the rest just wanted her to wake up and witness this change in him. It seems like just the other day when Joong Won was trying to avoid Gong Sil’s touch, but now he is flinching for a whole other reason. I think his growing feelings and same instinctive reaction to reach out to touch her on his own accord has him flummoxed. In order to keep his distance, he is going to set up boundaries. Little does he know that he will end up crossing over them more than she does. Joong Won will learn soon enough there are no demarcations when it comes to matters of the heart because having them defeats the purpose of being in love.


This drama is gaining more momentum in degrees of awesomeness with each episode. I can’t wait to see how high they get up to as their progress increases with each passing week. I love secretary Kim cuz of the adoring looks he gives to Joong Won and Gong Sil when he sees them together. It’s sort of like watching a father be so proud as he witnesses his son’s emotional growth. Even his own aunt can’t see it, but Joong Won is changing before their very eyes. I guess only someone with keen observation and genuine care for Joong Won can note that. Makes me wonder if Kim played sick on purpose just so he could put Gong Sil and Joong Won together even more. He is sort of like their fairy godfather and matchmaker rolled into one and these two really need him around. As long as Gong Sil goes off to test the dating pool with Kang Woo while Joong Won continues to deny feeling jealousy, Joong Won is going to need Kim to jump start him into action.

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won
 Tae Gong Shil
Kang Woo
 Tae Yi Ryeong
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do
(Secretary Kim)
 Joo Sung Ran
Do Seuk Chul

Episode 7 

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Starts from Joong Won holding her hand and reading the disclaimer again. he looks over at her and leans in. He stops himself and composes himself. He lets go of her hand and puts down the disclaimer on her lap and slaps her hand saying wake up – the car will be here. she stretches and says sleeping next to you, I slept so well. he says she drooled here while sleeping so she should buy it (the sofa). she uses her body to clean it and says I only need to wipe it. He makes a face. She leans on him snuggling saying she slept well and wishes she could keep sleeping for a little while longer. he looks at his watch and says you said you had an appointment. or you can do it (sleep longer) so her eyes go wide remembering her appointment with Kang Woo. Joong Won is free to get up so he walks out ahead of her.

Gong Sil gives the shop owner the disclaimer and he gives her a box

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Gong Sil goes out and hands Joong Won a set of fans she was given and copies of the disclaimer each of them signed. the store gives those fans out to each of their customers to remember them by. let’s each take one. he asks why should I split that with you. I don’t want to be paired with you. she fans herself and says it’s really cool. she fans him too so he says move it away. She isn’t leaving so he asks why are you standing here and not getting lost? she asks aren’t you going to give me a ride. he says cuz of you – I am so tired today and I almost got shot by being involved with you. Gong Sil: I’m sorry. he decides it’s dangerous to follow her so deep into what she sees. I cant go any further. between you and me I have to make a clear line. He draws a line between them with his hand. she asks if that means he wants to put up that line and for her to get lost. Joong Won: let’s just cross when we need each other. he lets her touch him only from his wrist to elbow from here on. this is Tae Gong Sil’s limit/boundary. if you need a bunker you don’t need to make me talk and just touch. when you see Cha Hee Joo the one I need, only then talk to me. she says how she liked talking to him about this and that cuz it made her comfortable. he says I don’t like it and warns her to keep that line well. He sort of feels bad and offers up Tae Gong Sil’s line (for free). but don’t touch anywhere else. no eyes no ears no mouth on the arm. so don’t tell me unnecessarily what you saw and heard-don’t count on doing that. Gong Sil touches his arm saying cuz you aren’t scared of ghosts, that’s why I talked and stuff. Joong Won: that’s right I am not afraid of ghosts – I am afraid of you.

Kim pulls up and asks if Tae Yang isn’t going with them. Joong Won says she has an appointment so go.

Gong Sil walks saying cuz of me he was almost shot so of course he would think it’s dangerous. Yi Reong calls out to her. Gong Sil says it’s Yi Ryeong. hi. Yi Ryeong asks did you come to watch the musical. GS says yes. you too? Yi Ryeong: I’m on my way after seeing something really fun. Gong Sil: then go well. I thought you were going to act like you didn’t see me when we met but cuz you acted like you know me – it’s really good to see you. go well small Tae Yang (sun). Yi Ryeong: do well big Tae Yang (sun). after Gong Sil leaves, Yi Reong says big sun still doesn’t get things.

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Yi Ryeong remembers Kang Woo saying I have an order from director Joo to watch the people around president Joo. Tae Gong Sil is one of them. Yi Ryeong: so to investigate her you were acting like you were close to her huh? I’m doing it for the sake of president Joo’s safety. from here on don’t get involved and get in the way. Yi Ryeong: I wont get in the way. you are going to watch the musical with Gong Sil right? spy on her well.

Yi Ryeong watches Gong Sil trying to fix her hair and mutters she thinks she is on a date- poor big sun

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Gong Sil calls out to Kang Woo and asks are you mad cuz I am late? it seems to have started just now so should we hurry and go in? he says let’s not watch this. Gong Sil: why? Kang Woo: they say it’s no fun. Gong Sil: they said it was fun. he smiles and shakes his head. they said it’s no fun. it’s not for real and they are acting so I don’t want to watch it now. let’s do something else. She nods yes and says to tell the truth I didn’t like being in the dark. what should we do then. he says let’s do whatever you want to do. I wont ask anything at all and just follow you

Kim asked if Joong Won signed the disclaimer. did you confirm the content? Joong Won says yes. Tae Gong Sil read it to me. Kim: did you tell her about the reading issue? Joong Won: yes. Kim smiles cuz he is pleased that Joong Won felt comfortable enough with her to share that. Joong Won: from here on I wont be pulled in by Tae Gong Sil anymore. after almost being shot, I gave her boundaries. Kim says you must have been alarmed a lot. will you be okay with just taking that sedative? Joong Won pours his drink and says this is enough. also Tae Gong Sil has a copy of that too so if you think there will be a problem call her right away. Kim says I will do it tomorrow. you said she was on a date right now at the musical center so how could I be without sense and call her. that musical will probably be invited by Kingdom. it seems to be a lot of fun. Joong Won grins and says she wont be able to sit properly and watch it -something will pop out and she will say it’s scary and run out or be chased out. one or the other. Kim: no if there was a problem she would have called you. since it’s quiet, the date is going well. Joong Won doesn’t like hearing that and looks down at his phone. Kim notes that and says Tae Yang is too much. Joo Goon is alarmed and taking a sedative like this and she is on a date. He coughs and says if she was thinking of you she wouldn’t have gone on that date. Rest. he turns to leave but coughs some more. so Joong Won asks do you not feel well? Kim says cuz I am getting older I get summer colds. Joong Won tells him to go to the hospital right away. you cant be sick. Kim says I cant be sick till I find a temp for me. Joong Won mutters the medicine is bitter.

JW lies in bed saying I took a sedative so I have to sleep. someone took a bitter sedative and cant sleep and someone is safely sweet.

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Kang Woo: you said there wasn’t a particular place you wanted to go so we came here – is it ok? Gong Sil: it’s Han river. a long time ago I came with my older sister to eat fried chicken and was almost dragged inside (the river) so it’s the first time coming since then. Kang Woo: where? did you almost fall into the water? Gong Sil: yes. she is scared of the water and doesn’t want to get close to it so Kang Woo suggests going over there for the water show. Gong Sil: yes let’s do that.

She goes over to the sidewalk and sees a ghost running towards her. Kang Woo: aren’t you going? she asks to go the other way. he says the bridge is over there. on that side there are bikes. do you want to ride bikes. she says yes. 

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During the bike ride, he asks if it’s refreshing. she says yes but she is busy shooing away the ghost runner. the ghost keeps asking for one favor but she says no and to go away. she asks Kang Woo to go faster.

Kang Woo says it’s fun riding bikes since it’s been a while since he rode. Should we come again next time to ride? she yells out “I said I don’t want to so why do you keep doing that,” but it was directed at the ghost. Kang Woo thought she was talking to him so he says never mind if you don’t want to. She lies and says that’s not what I meant. I really don’t like being hot. it’s too hot. Kang Woo: do you want a drink? she says yes. they sell drinks over there so could you buy me some. so Kang Woo says to wait and goes to get it. she asks the ghost – will it do if you just run one race?

Gong Sil flags down a couple and says I am so sorry but help me out just one time. She asks them to hold up the finish line and just stand there so the ghost runner can have his moment of glory. the ghost finally leaves and Gong Sil thanks the couple. the man asks if she is ok. the woman mutters to him – they said there was a crazy woman by the river and it’s that woman. the guy tells her to be careful

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Gong Sil goes over to Kang Woo. he says you should have waited – why come. Gong Sil: cuz I was sorry. he gives her drinks and says should we drink this and go watch the water show. let’s go. he walks away. Gong Sil: I really hate water ghosts. please don’t come out

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Gong Sil is at home and looks around saying the water ghost was really scary. it didn’t follow me right. she takes out her phone and remembers how Joong Won said I am not afraid of ghosts I am afraid of you. she looks at the fans and says he will get scared if he gets involved with me and ghosts. she gets a call from Joong Won. Gong Sil: hello? president. I was about to call cuz I was scared a ghost might have followed me. I was debating whether or not to call. Joong Won: whatever. I called cuz I have a point to make. I was thinking of inviting people in the fall event to the musical you saw today. she says I didn’t get to see that today. he grins and asks you didn’t see it? Gong Sil: yes I went to the river to get some air but I had a hard time pretending to be normal cuz of running ghost chasing after me. I also went to see the bridge show and there was a water ghost that went in and out. when I saw that, you don’t know how afraid I was. cuz maybe that ghost chased after me I was about to call you, but you called like this. thank you so much. Joong Won cant contain his grinning and says I didn’t call for you to be grateful. also I told you not to tell me stuff like that. if you didn’t get to see the musical then it’s fine. get lost. hang up. he hangs up and gets sleepy muttering she will need those sedatives. Gong Sil says after talking to the bunker I feel less scared. she pets her stuffed animal and says there is a Tae Gong Sil line but it’s too narrow.

The two brothers are alone and the older one calls his mom asking if she will be late today too cuz Sung Joon is feeling sick. he hangs up and asks where his brother is hurting. are you really not going to eat? the kid shakes his head no so the brother goes out to buy him the bread he likes while Sung Joon continues to play rock paper scissors with the ghosts kids.

There is a knock and the older brother wakes up Gong Sil. He says Sung Joon is weird. she goes to check on him and asks if he is sick. the hyung goes out to get his mom while Gong Sil checks on Sung Joon. she wonders why he is so cold. do you have indigestion? she goes out to get him medicine.

The ghost kids asks even if you are sick your mom doesn’t come home huh. just be friends with us

Gong Sil is looking for indigestion medicine and hears the mom run upstairs. The mom goes to Sung Joon asking is my baby sick- mom is sorry. let’s go to the hospital. Sung Joon cries.

The ghost kids sit on the stairs and say “that kid wont work. his mom hugged him. he cant be our friend.” Gong Sil goes over and asks the ghosts – it was you kids huh. did you bother Sung Joon? they yell “hide” and run back upstairs. She goes after them and wonders where they went cuz they came in here. where are you kids- you are going to bother Sung Joon again here huh? come out. she checks the doll and asks were you kids hiding here.

Next morning, Gong Sil takes the doll to Joong Won and says I discovered this. He asks what is this. she says “weird kids are here, but…” Joong Won stops her and motions to her space on his arm. she says it’s not cuz I am scared of this. He tells her to go cuz she doesn’t get to discuss within her boundary. get lost. he goes into his office.

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She leaves the doll in his office so he asks what are you doing. why leave that here. Gong Sil: this seems dangerous so I wanted to leave it here. he asks why leave a dangerous thing here. you want me to be in danger? she says you aren’t scared of this stuff at all. there are 3 spirits hiding here. Joong Won: Tae Gong Sil – I am someone who was almost shot yesterday. at a time like this you should have come after you bought me vitamins and said “president did you sleep well last night? before you slept you should have taken a sleeping pill.” even if you didn’t you shouldn’t be bringing in 3 ghosts. She smiles and asks can I do that? can I worry about you. I thought you didn’t like me worrying and comforting you so I couldn’t say those things. can I do that? Joong Won: go ahead and do it. since my ears are open I will probably hear. she pretends to poke him and says did you sleep well president. you were alarmed a lot yesterday weren’t you. He smiles and nods yes. she offers him medicine she takes to feel better when she sees ghosts. you have one. he takes it and asks if it’s prescription medication but she says it’s over the counter and sold at pharmacies. from here on I will share it with you. He asks if that means she wants him to continue being alarmed with her from here on. Gong Sil: after being alarmed alone all the time since you are next to my side, I think I can eat less of this medication. also this dangerous doll – please take care of it since you are the safest person in Kingdom. Joong Won: you say it’s dangerous? if it’s scary and dangerous, security should watch over it. shouldn’t you entrust that to Kang candy. she shakes her head no and says I couldn’t do that to Kang Woo shi. He really hates this stuff. what to do if he is alarmed. He doesn’t like that answer and tells her “if he is alarmed then feed him this (he puts her medicine in her hands), take that (the doll), and get lost. She leaves the bottle behind but takes the doll away.

Kim asks if she got a limit (motioning from the wrist to the elbow). Gong Sil: yes but it’s too narrow. Kim: it will get wider. He gives her what she requested last time. photographs of the jewelry used for the ransom. She says this is what the president is looking for – it does look like it’s worth 9 million dollars. then she sees a photo and Kim says it’s Cha Hee Joo. Gong Sil: she was prettier when she was alive. she is pretty.

Joong Won crouches and looks at the pill bottle. what is this – she left it here. if Tae Gong Sil is sweet then why am I bitter. he takes the medicine and says it’s bitter – it’s really bitter

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-28-30] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-29-25] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-32-50]

Gong Sil talks to the doll as she puts the photo of Hee Joo away. I have some noona I have to find other than you guys. don’t be bothersome and hurry and come out. you guys are bad kids who torment nice kids huh? Tell me why you do bad things. aren’t you going to talk? She shakes the doll and says come out just as Kang Woo comes in. he asks what are you doing with the doll. were you talking to the doll just now. I know it all – I saw you before a few times. Gong Sil: you saw it all? Kang Woo: you were even talking to the trashcan sometimes and talking with the picture on the wall. she asks you saw all that. he says I had a friend who did that too – he spoke to his pencil too. do you know where he is now. she guesses his friend is in an asylum but his friend is doing well at NASA making stuff he likes. you must like using your imagination too. Gong Sil: yes imagining things. he gives her coffee to drink and she talks to it saying -coffee you sure look black. hi. Kang Woo: speak to it well and if you don’t like it black then add cream. She thanks him and he leaves.

Over lunch, Gong Sil tells her sister – the ajussi I met in the hospital said he met an alien from there. Gong Ri says don’t even bring up to Kang Woo that you dropped in and out of the police and the hospital. Gong Sil: how can I when talk about ghosts will bother him. even if I cant about that, shouldn’t I tell him about the other things? cuz someone liked me I was so grateful and liked it. but it’s really hard deceiving him like this. Gong Ri: you said these days you can live better-do those things still show up? Gong Sil: those arent things that don’t pop up. suddenly Han asks what and startles Gong Sil. so she got scared and threw her lid at his face and ran off. Gong Ril yells at him and says what are you. He asks why Gong Sil is always like that. Gong Ri says I told you not to startle my Gong Sil like a ghost. he asks am I a ghost? He has a nosebleed so she quickly wipes it away. He asks is this a nosebleed and she lies it’s not. he says I got it from Gong Sil hitting me -it feels like this is a nosebleed and thinks this was an assault -there is big trouble, but her sister continues to lie and wipes his nose again and says you have a runny nose and makes him blow his nose. she hides the bloody evidence behind her back and throws it away saying that I cant watch her being dragged off to the police again cuz of an assault.

Joong Won watches Gong Sil looking scared. She says how startled she was. Kim asks why are you going to her? Joong Won: even from what you can see is it obvious I should go over there and ask what’s going on? Kim: when Tae Yang was like that you always went to her. Joong Won: cuz I always go to her and cross over (that line) I wont go anymore. He goes inside

Kim coughs again during his report about this winter so Joong Won says if you aren’t well then go to the hospital again. Kim says no there are paperwork and articles I must show you today. He coughs more so Joong Won asks with concern: are you ok. Kim asks can I call someone just for today to take my place. Joong Won asks who

Gong Sil says I have experience working as a secretary but back then next to the president there was a ghost with an axe through his head so I ended up quitting. she tells him the name of the company when he asks and he knows about it cuz that president was arrested last year for murder. Gong Sil: he did? Joong Won: you see ghosts but don’t you watch the news and read the paper? Gong Sil: everything that comes out in the news and paper has to be real. but seeing ghosts that doesn’t seem real. there is an article in the paper that said some artwork won some awards, but that artwork was stolen by the friend who killed the artist. who that artist is ..she is about to whisper the name but he tells her not to talk. you just know it and move your head away. I just want to think there is some great artist who deserved a big award in our country. whether it’s true or not you read the paper you are holding. Gong Sil: I don’t know if it’s true or not but there is a summer children’s event for them at Kingdom. Joong Won says that’s true. it’s nice. keep reading.

Jin Joo reports to Seuk Chul that Tae Gong Sil is taking Kim’s place as secretary for today. Seuk Chul says in the end that woman will become president Joo’s weakness. Jin Joo says if his aunt is opposed then wont his father oppose too? Seuk Chul: who president Joo hates the most will be his father. I don’t know if it’s true or not but there was a rumor that girl died cuz of president Joo’s father.

The aunt Sung Ran tells Yi Ryeong – back then there was talk cuz my brother didn’t pay enough of the ransom so that kid Hee joo died. though it’s nonsense. Yi ryeong: of course that’s what it is. would a father not pay the ransom when his son might die? Sung Ran: Joong Won has to think that. my brother going around overseas, I thought it was cuz he is looking for the valuables he lost back then and clearing up the misunderstanding. though I don’t know if that’s true or not.

Director Joo’s (Joong Won’s dad) girlfriend asks why do you keep having your son watched? He says cuz I think my son saw the criminals during that incident, but he keeps saying he didn’t see anything at all. whether that is true or not I don’t know. she asks are you afraid the criminals will do something to your son.

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-42-11]

While watching Joong Won and Gong Sil walking together on the CCTV camera, Han tells Kang Woo that she is filling in for Kim while he is sick and she is stuck right next to him (Joong Won.) I was right about them having that kind of relationship. Kang Woo: don’t go around freely saying stuff that you don’t know is the truth or not. Han: there is a mystery circle you cant know about more than dark circles Tae Yang so hurry and come out.

Joong Won tells her to listen well and take good notes during the presentation. she offers to read over the contents of the meeting one more time after it’s over. but he says it’s okay. I already put it all in my head. If I’m not going to read, I have to focus and fill it all in. Gong Sil: after following you around all day, you are really busy. Joong Won: you call me president, but you hardly get that I’m the president here huh? Gong Sil: it was cuz you only stared through the telescope in your office so I thought you had nothing to do. You have a lot to do so what are you staring at all the time. Joong Won: you only talked about the world you see, but now you are curious about the world I see? come and see.

They go to a meeting. He orders for the meeting to start. The lights are turned off.

During the meeting Gong Sil notices that Joong Won pretends to read the screen. but then she sees a really scary ghost in the room and gets scared. Joong Won stands up and walks over to Gong Sil. She is hunched over cuz the ghost is next to her so Joong Won puts his hand on her shoulder and tells the speaker to continue. He pretends to be pacing. Seuk Chul notices all that

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-07-24] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-07-46]

Afterwards, back at his office, Gong Sil thanks him for earlier. Joong Won: cuz we said we would do what each other needs. My head hurts from memorizing all the notes. Gong Sil: I will organize what happened at the meeting and give it to Kim when he comes. She is about to leave, but asks to look through the telescope once. He goes over and stands behind her and says if you look over this side it’s who I’m at war with. If you look over there it’s what’s coming into Kingdom. this side is what’s leaving. She says I can see it all. he looks through it too and says this world is kingdom. I’m busy making this place more perfect. Since he is so close she moves away. He asks what’s wrong – did you see something again. she lies and says I just thought of that long haired ghost I saw before at the meeting- I almost screamed but thanks to you I finished that meeting well. Joong Won: you finished it well and quietly -cuz the radar went up and your bunker came. like you are oblivious to me as the president there is one other thing you disregard. Gong Sil: I don’t disregard you. Joong Won: no you are doing it. you continue to ignore that your bunker is a man. cuz if you think of your bunker as a man then you cant stick to me asking to hold my hand. you must think of me as the same level as concrete. anyway it was not quiet back in that meeting and my world that you keep coming into continues to be noisy. Gong Sil: in order to live first and running to you, from your position that it’s chaotic -I didn’t think of it. Joong Won: when I set you up (as my radar), from the start I was prepared for that. I will take care of it. it’s time for the kid’s event. let’s go. when he steps out of hearing she repeats to herself – just think of him as concrete.

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-18-14] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-18-35] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-18-51]

Gong Sil calls out to him and says sorry for treating you like concrete. she touches the wall and says you are the best marble. Joong Won: are you saying that as a compliment right now? Gong Sil: I think of you as precious. Joong Won: marble. he goes over and slaps the marble wall and leans in close and says I’m not just any marble. I am the most expensive marble in the world. something you could never have if you were just a regular woman. I am giving it to you thanks to your special radar. just one bone amount. (he motions from wrist to elbow). when he walks away she whispers he keeps putting a limit (that boundary).

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-17-02]주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-23-11]

Kang Woo watches Joong Won and Gong Sil walk by in the mall. Yi Ryeong comes over and says you are working huh? spying on them. Kang Woo says I am not spying. I am being jealous right now. cuz I’m watching the girl I am interested in leaving with another man so it’s jealousy. Yi Ryeong: you said you lied that you liked her. Kang Woo: I didn’t say I still felt that way now. but why do you keep showing up in front of me. are you spying on me? or…he doesn’t finish so she dares “or what? does it seem like I am chasing after you cuz I like you? why are you like this. I am a top star. top celebrity. all you are is just a salaryman. Kang Woo: if you are a top star, shouldn’t it be difficult to see you often? cuz I see you often you seem like a neighborhood miss. Yi Ryeong: where is that neighborhood? if I’m that neighborhood miss then is that neighborhood ajussi Won Bin and that neighborhood’s grandmother (some name I don’t know). He leans in close and says top star Tae Yi Ryeong shi – more than seeing you up close, you look prettier on tv so don’t keep showing up. Yi Ryeong: does that mean I don’t look that great in person. Kang Woo: is that how it turns out? he walks away. She says he is making me confused. is he saying I’m pretty or not or if he is spying on Gong Sil or being jealous. her head hurts from spinning.

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-43-04]

Joong Won and Gong Sil watch the children and he is smiling so she says you must like children. He asks do you know many wallets open cuz of one kid? mom, dad, grandma, grandpa. maternal and paternal grandparents so total of six at most. then add uncles and aunts to that so the amount spent adds up to a lot. Gong Sil: at my gositel, there is just one mom’s wallet opening, so there are kids playing with a throw away doll. Joong Won: if it bothers you then open your wallet up and buy them a toy. Gong Sil: I rather go somewhere else and buy it. she walks away so he wonders if she just insulted him. she thinks about the doll that was thrown away.

A kid told his mom his bag is gone- I must have lost it so she says go and find it. he finds the children ghosts. the ghost kid lures him to Gong Sil’s office to the doll. the kid asks who are you and the doll says hi – let’s be friends – take us with you. you are the same as us. the kid takes the doll

Gong Sil sees the kid with the doll and points it out to Joong Won – the kid with the yellow tshirt carrying that doll is the one I brought. she runs after the kid and worries cuz of the ghosts kids hiding inside will bother the kid.

The mom says walk fast cuz you have to be punished at home for losing your bag

Gong Sil looks at CCTV footage of the mom and kid. Kang Woo says that mom is a member here so I found out her home address, but is that doll that important. he hands it over to Gong Sil. She says yes I must go and find it. Kang Woo: it’s almost the end of my shift so go with me to find it. Gong Sil: it’s urgent I have to find it right away. Kang Woo: weren’t you working next to president Joo today in Kim’s place? can you just leave to go find a doll? she says president understands what I have to do -I will be going. Kang Woo mutters president Joo is understanding of her going to find a doll during work her hours?

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-09-42]

Gong Sil tells Joong Won cuz of that doll, a kid who lives in my gositel got really sick. Joong Won: are you certain it was cuz of the doll? Gong Sil: I am certain and the kid who took it will be really sick. She smiles at him to get her way.

She calls the mom and says this is Kingdom. did your child pick up a doll today and take it with him. the mom says: a doll? why? Gong Sil:: there is a problem with that doll so can I go and pick it up. the mom says he didn’t bring something like that. the kid lost a bag so find that and bring it. the mom hangs up. Gong Sil: he took it so why is she lying that he didn’t take it. maybe that kid is hiding that doll. Joong Won tells her to stop it. if there wont be a problem for Kingdom then end it here. Gong Sil: I brought the address so couldn’t you go with me? He says don’t think of dragging me along cuz I said I would only give you this much (his arm length).

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-18-28]

The mom grabs an umbrella and goes to his door. Inside the kid is scared of his mom and talks to the doll. what if mom is mad. what do I do? she goes in and asks do you know what you did wrong? he cries and says mom I was wrong. she beats him with an umbrella. the boy cries and covers his head. the doll watches all that and cries.

Gong Sil sits in her office worried. Kang Woo asks did you not find the doll? you said that kid lost his bag didn’t you? this came into the lost and found. maybe it’s his. He holds up the bag the kid lost and she looks at it and says it’s correct. His name is Chang Min. Kang Woo says to go together after work. Can I buy you a prettier doll? see you later. She thanks him.

Gong Sil says when I tell her I found the bag she will give me back the doll probably. She looks through the kid’s drawings and looks worried

Sung Ran is telling Joong Won about some artist that is good and is thinking of buying some artwork and asks if he wants to buy some too. He asks who it is and Sung Ran tells him. He suddenly remembers how Gong Sil already told him that the artwork was stolen by the artist’s friend who stole it from the artist. Joong Won wonders – is it that person? Sung Ran thinks it’s better to buy it now before the price goes up more. Joong Won: If I didn’t know I wouldn’t hesitate in this good investment. Sung Ran:why aren’t you going to? Joong Won: I will think it over more.

Joong Won goes to her office and says even if that artist’s name is Baek I am going to buy it. it’s just bugging me so I am just confirming. Tae Gong Sil. He goes in and wonders where she went. She left behind the bag so he wonders what is this – is it that kid’s?

Gong Sil goes to the kid’s home and watches the mom leave to take out the trash. Gong Sil sneaks over

Joong Won flips through the drawings and sees that the kid drew himself crying

Gong Sil goes inside the home. Joong Won sees that the kid was beaten with an umbrella by his mom. Gong Sil picks up the doll and asks come out. I know you aren’t bad kids. come out. the ghost kids appear. she asks where is Chang Min. the kids point to the closet.

Joong Won sees a drawing of the kid crying alone.

Gong Sil finds the beaten kid inside. she says let’s go to the hospital. are you ok? can you walk. the mom comes in and asks what are you. Gong Sil says I have to take the kid to the hospital. the mom drags him away saying why is it your business. leave him and go. Gong Sil: did you do this to him. the mom says he did something wrong so I gave him punishment. Gong Sil: you made the kid be in this state and call it punishment? are you really his mom. the mom says get out of my house. Gong Sil grabs the kid and says he has to go to the hospital. the mom yells it’s none of your business and shoves her. Gong Sil shoves the mom aside and takes the kid saying he has to go to the hospital. the mom yells where are you going

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-38-14]주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-39-02]

When Gong Sil goes outside carrying the kid Joong Won is there and looks at the kid’s injuries. He takes the kid from her without a word. she says we have to go directly to the hospital. he says I know and carries the kid away. Gong Sil brought along the doll.

The kid is hospitalized and the nurse looks at all his cuts and bruises as Gong Sil and Joong Won watch. They look over at the doll.

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-42-15] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-47-26] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-47-45]

On the rooftop, Gong Sil holds the doll and says to Joong Won when it was the kids last moments, it wasn’t grownups – it was this doll by their side. one kid froze outside saying mom I was wrong. Gong Sil: no one helped and no one hugged them. no one was sad for them. other girl died alone and other starved to death alone. Gong Sil: so kids who had the same sadness became friends through the doll. Gong Sil cries and says I’m sorry no one hugged you. the 3 ghost kids appear looking normal and smile at her. they wave and disappear. she watches their spirit fly up.

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-51-38]

Kang Woo walks by and finds out the cartoon Dooly has a girlfriend named Gong Sil who is pink and buys it. he buys both saying they look good together.

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-53-26]

He goes to Gong Sil’s office and asks the doll – where did Gong Sil go. since Tae Gong Sil isn’t here you stay here and Dooly will be at the security office. He changes his mind and decides to put the doll in the drawer and picks up the envelope Kim gave Gong Sil. He puts it back without looking through it and puts Gong Sil inside.

Gong Sil wonders if the kid will be okay now that they burned the doll. Joong Won says from his head to his toes he is being checked. cops come over and ask if they are the ones who brought in Chang Min. Gong Sil is charged with intrusion, assault, and kidnapping a minor by the abusive mom. you have to go with us for now. Joong Won pushes her forward.

Sung Ran goes to see Joong Won with Yi Ryeong and runs into Kim. Sung Ran says I heard you were sick and went home but are you okay? Kim: yes. Sung ran: Joong Won is inside right? I came to ask him to eat with us. Kim says that will be a problem now. Sung Ran: what’s wrong. is there a problem -did something happen to Joong Won

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-06-37]

They are sitting side by side in a cell with a wall between them. He is on the men’s side and she is on the women’s side. She calls out and asks are you there? are you okay? he tells her to be quiet cuz he is thinking how far he has come following her and is thinking from here on how much further he has to go. she says don’t worry too much. I’ve been here a few times and it’s no big deal. the beef stew they order for you here is really delicious. if you are hungry, should I ask them but he says Tae Yang I am not hungry so please be quiet

Kim goes and speaks to the abusive mom and says Kingdom’s child psychologist reported her for child abuse. she asks who. he holds up his ID badge and says me. Kim: also Kingdom’s lawyer concluded our president and employee didn’t commit an assault during the rescue of the abused child so she asks who is Kingdom’s lawyer? he holds up his badge again and says me. he says while you are being investigated by the police, your son will be entrusted to them. she yells I can do whatever I want with my kid so what business is it of yours. when you raise a kid you could hit him. Kim slaps her forehead pretending a mosquito was sucking her blood. the mom says that hurt. Kim: you know what pain is? the police take her away

Kim tells the doctor all the charges for the kid’s treatment and care -Kingdom will pay for it. please take good care of him.

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-14-55]

Kang Woo hears that president Joo is at the police station. why would he be? Yi Ryeong says I don’t know either. why would president Joo be at a place like that. I thought it would help your work so I told you. want to go with me? Kang Woo takes off so she calls out go together

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-18-08]

Kim takes Joong Won out of the cell and says I will remain behind with Kingdom’s lawyer and take care of matters. let’s go. Gong Sil says what about me. aren’t you taking me with you. I thought you would be mad so I couldn’t say but next to me is an ajumma. she is scared of that ghost so she holds out her hand so he moves closer and lets her hold him for a second and walks out

Kim says I have work to do and must stay behind. he hands over the car keys and says go ahead first. As Kim goes in Gong Sil comes out and they smile at each other.

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-54-55]

Gong Sil goes over and says sorry. I’m really sorry. Joong Won says there is nothing to be sorry about. you did well Tae Gong Sil. Gong Sil: thank you for saying I did well. he sees a red bruise on her head and says you got hurt. she explains it got scratched from fighting with that ajumma a while ago. he is upset that she got hurt and takes her face and looks at it more carefully. Joong Won: that kid’s mom really needs to be punished. she made her own child end up in that state and made someone else’s kid in this state too. Tae Yang – let’s go to the hospital. they get in the car

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-56-27]

Kang Woo went over and saw them leaving together and gets jealous

Yi Ryeong says president Joo was at the police stations cuz of Tae Gong Sil

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-00-43]

Kang Woo goes back to her office to take out the Dooly girlfriend doll and sees the photos of the necklace and Hee Joo. Kang Woo says Cha Hee Joo. He remembers how Gong Sil said he (president Joo) trusts me now and gave me important work. he picks up the Dooly doll

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-14-45] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-20-06] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-26-36]

Gong Sil is walking out with Joong Won and says I dont come to the hospital most of the time. even if I was in pain I just endured it. since I came with you it’s so nice. He mutters sarcastically thanks to her he got to see the jail cell so it was nice but why does it make me heat up. so she gives him a fan to use. but he hesitates cuz it was the couple one they got at the furniture store. she says how he didn’t like being involved in that and takes it back but he uses the fan and she uses hers. Gong Sil: it’s cooling huh? she covers her face suddenly so he thinks she saw a ghost so he looks around and grabs her hand. then he looks at her with concern. she reminds him this isn’t the “Tae Gong Sil line” (her assigned holding spot cuz she is only allowed to hold him between his wrist and elbow). He sighs and says my body is already considerate- just use it. Gong Sil: I didn’t do it cuz of a ghost -I was dizzy from hitting my head so hard a while ago. you don’t have to hold onto me. she gives him his hand back. Joong Won: since you are woozy, if you see a ghost you will be woozy even more so just in case- use it (his hand). cuz you did well today it’s your reward. he holds up his hand and says this is expensive. Gong Sil: a while ago you when we were in the jail cell you acted like I couldn’t touch your body again. so if you tell me I’m allowed to use you and tell me I did well, it’s weird. She turns to walk away but he holds onto her shoulder to stop her and makes her face him. 

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-39-12] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-39-38] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-50-47]주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-31-34]

Joong Won: when a crazy Tae Yang (sun) rose in my world the first time, I was going to chase you away somehow. when I came to my senses and looked I was being dragged into your world. I wasn’t going to go any closer and put up boundaries, but I realized at the police jail cell today. I already came as far as I could go. (He stepped closer as he said that.) you said you wanted to come to my side didn’t you? congratulations you succeeded. Kim will have come by now so let’s go. He puts his hand on her shoulder and starts to walk away but she says starting from before – something strange caught in my radar. (meaning his heart) but he doesn’t get it and says that’s why use it and holds out his hand. but she reaches out and touches his cheek. Gong Sil: even when I touch you like this – you don’t feel anything huh. Joong Won: do you really think I’m a bunker made of marble. He drops the fan and moves her hand to his heart and holds it there saying “that wouldn’t happen.” (meaning he has feelings too)



Joong Won asks didn’t you say you saw a water ghost before?

Gong Sil sees the water ghost and says there is one – an ajumma is over there. Joong Won says hold on

Gong Sil takes off saying even if I hold your hand it doesn’t matter so JW yells Tae Gong Sil – where are you going?

Joong Won: you touch too much (all you want).

Gong Sil: were you not able to say it?

Hee Joo told young Joong Won in a warning tone: if you dont act more serious towards me then…” (as in if he doesn’t take their relationship more seriously)

Kang woo told Joong won something so Joong Won asks: where did you hear that

Gong Sil asks: did you prepare it for my sake? it makes my heart flutter

Kang Woo confronts Joong Won

Kang Woo: you aren’t feeling pain cuz of me (as in it hurts Kang woo to see her with Joong won but he doesn’t seem to feel hurt seeing her with Kang Woo)

GS: I’m happy too

Kang Woo: I can feel less sorry right?

Gong Sil: I have to be careful cuz I like you/him so much

주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-05-25] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-53-50] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-57-45] 주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-59-16]주군의 태양.E07.130828.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-05-16]

I have to admit, I cried when I re-watched that last scene again. I felt so happy for her, but at the same time, I felt so bad for both of them. Their relationship is not going to be easy at all. They are going to face opposition from pretty much every member of his family. Seeing ghosts will be the least of her problems later on when she has to defend herself against his family. Joong Won has done such a great job protecting her from ghosts, but how well can he do sheltering her from his own family. My fingers are crossed for him to step up and outdo himself again so she never has to shed a single tear.

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