[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 9

The look on his face is recognition and maybe some admission as well. He finally gets what this means. It’s the moment when his emotion finally caught up to his heart. The best part about Joong Won has been his hidden vulnerability. There is a tenderness there that only we get to see. Underneath that gruff exterior beats the heart of a man who forgot how to love and is now remembering. He never shows it in front of Gong Sil. It’s always those quiet moments when his feelings slip past from his subconscious to his current state of mind. When he is alone with his raw emotions and he doesn’t know what to do with them. He has been accumulating all this affection for Gong Sil and how does he finally decide to show it? To a spirit who is practically daring him to admit his feelings. He calls its bluff and proves just how much he cares for Gong Sil in one swoop. Now that’s what I call dashing.

Written before it aired:

There is something to be said for unspoken confessions. Who says you have to use words to confess how you feel cuz sometimes a look says way more than you want. Even though Joong Won might be the first to disagree, he is the perfect balance for Gong Sil. She is the type of person that reaches out and touches first to get a sense of what the other person is feeling. Joong Won just likes to stare at her in amazement and wonder- never openly and always furtively, but looking away is getting harder for him lately. You can literally watch him having trouble tearing his eyes away from her. He has to cuz he doesnt want his feelings to be caught by her, but now that inner struggle is becoming more palpable for the audience. That’s when our fun level is elevated to an all new high. Hints were dropped left and right last week in interviews that a kiss was coming up so expect to squeal collectively sometime tonight.


Part of me thinks that Joong Won just doesn’t want to give Hee Joo the satisfaction of knowing that he still cares. Not just for her, but even that betrayal of being one of the kidnappers still bothers him to this day. It’s been fifteen years so I bet he wants to move on, but Hee Joo had quite a grip on his heart – so strong that I think if she had survived that car crash, he would have found it in his heart to forgive her. That is why I think he feels unnerved by his growing affection for Gong Sil. Maybe he thought he didn’t have room for her in his heart, but is surprised to find there is plenty. One day soon, despite himself, he will have to admit that Gong Sil is making him believe in love again one hug at a time.

I must have watched that preview like ten times cuz I feel a little like what Gong Sil will feel when she realizes she missed out on this moment. He wasn’t kissing Gong Sil – she has a spirit inside of her. That’s why she rested her head on his shoulder after the kiss. Just like last time with Hee Joo, the ghost’s spirit left her body the instant he touched her. Really hope he was paying attention and realizes that cuz that’s the only thing that might account for the sad look in his eyes. He summoned all his courage to do this and she wasn’t herself. What would really make this scene daebak would be if he kissed her again once she becomes Gong Sil. Now that would be the best way to say “welcome back.”

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 9 

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Starts from Gong Sil getting up and Joong Won looks at her. She wanted to get him some water, but he says it’s ok I don’t need it. she says I kept watch and Cha Hee Joo is not by your side. he says she must have gone to the side of the person she wanted to protect. for 15 years – that I might find who the culprit is – she came sometimes to check. Gong Sil: why didn’t you tell others that Cha Hee Joo was the culprit? Joong Won: if she had lived I would have told. also I would have looked till the end till I found them. I would have just hated her but she died in front of my eyes. cuz I think she was used by someone and abandoned, I felt sorry for her. but if the culprit she was with is someone she had to protect, now I know I was totally deceived. I was hit 15 years ago but I still didn’t come to my senses. now I feel like I’ve been hit again and now I’ve come to my senses. Gong Sil: it must have been hard for you. you said I could worry about you and cheer you up. how hard it must have been for you unable to get it off your chest. cuz you had to cover up your pain it must have hurt more. cuz you were scared you still cant read text. that bad girl. I will be sure to insult her. when I see HJ again-I will be sure to do it for you. this bad girl. he smiles and says his 100 uk radar is useful in many ways. she says I’m not worth 100 uk now. I didn’t get to find out where your money is. that necklace would be with that culprit. Joong Won remembers asking his dad did you pay for my ransom for certain and how his dad said believe what you want to believe. Joong Won: that too – I might have been totally deceived

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Kang Woo reports in to Joong Won’s dad the Chairman and says I cant confirm the whereabouts for the necklace that disappeared and Cha Hee Joo said she wouldn’t say. Chairman says now it seems you don’t want to trust me. Kang Woo apologizes for not moving more covertly but the chairman says I was thinking of going to Korea anyway. if he sees this what he says will change. (the photo of Hee Joo in Europe) Kang Woo says I leave Kingdom now but the chairman says no stay there till I get there. Kang Woo says president Joo knows so I don’t think I can stay. the dad says no I started this. my son will just ignore it.

(I think the dad thinks the photo proves that Hee Joo is still alive)

Joong Won tells Kim the same thing – he will know that I will ignore it and just leave team leader Kang alone. when I react, my father makes me more mad and runs off. if I just ignore it enough he will come himself and say what he wants

Chairman said to Kang Woo- even with my son as with women I think the push and pull with love is important. in Spain, I have to light Maria’s birthday candles and then go. see you then Kang Woo

His girlfriend comes over and says she invited her friends to her birthday party. all of them are coming. he asks if the friends who went on the same trip (as HJ in the photo) will be coming too. she says yes. chairman: then there might be a friend who can remember this girl (HJ) and the girl says yes

Gong Sil tells Hee Joo’s photo – come out and appear again and explain properly cuz that person is having a hard time. he probably didn’t want to hear that (Hee Joo wanting to protect the culprit)

Kim says if your father finds the necklace whereabouts -what happens to Tae Yang? Joong Won says I have no use for her anymore. Kim says cuz Tae Yang was around it was always noisy but it will get quiet again

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Kang Woo runs into Gong Sil. He asks did you hear about me from president Joo. she says yes. he says I had to be sure you weren’t involved with Cha Hee Joo and looked into you. Gong Sil: so that’s why you kept asking what the relationship was between the president and me. I misunderstood that as jealousy. Kang Woo: I’m sorry. she says if it was like that- if you asked truthfully it would have been easier for me to tell you. I will tell you everything -could you go over there. she leads him away

Joong Won and Kim watch them walk away together. Kim thinks Kang Woo approached her to get info, but Tae Yang doesn’t seem to be angry. Joong Won says that Tae Yang is polite, but she would have been hurt inwardly.

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Kang Woo asks what do you want to find. Gong Sil: you cant see it with your eyes. if I bring it up the wrong way, that you might think the president and I am crazy- I am looking for something that’s not too much. She looks around and sees a cat ghost. She says I see what others cant see. I see ghosts. when others feel just the wind blowing, I can see and hear. Kang Woo: are you trying to punish me by telling me something scary right now cuz you are mad at me. Gong Sil: cuz you don’t like it so much I wasn’t going to tell you this. if I don’t tell you this – the relationship between the president and me -I cant explain it. for the sake of letting him speak to the dead Hee Joo, I was by the president’s side. Kang Woo repeats -you can see the dead person and talk to it? He looks uneasy. Gong Sil nods yes and says that grandma’s cat that she valued must have died. a pretty white cat is by her side now. he looks and says I cant see the cat. she says I can see that.

Kang Woo goes over and asks the grandma if she raised a cat and she said I did raise one but not too long ago it died – it was white like snow. he sees the photo and it’s exactly what Gong Sil described.

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Joong Won walks to her office and says I don’t have use for her so I should take it (the radar) down here. He goes in and hears her breathing hard. He thought she was crying but sees she is sleeping. I thought you were crying. you must not be upset inside. there is a noise as something drops and it makes her cranky cuz she wants to sleep so he says to what he thinks is a ghost- did something come over there? don’t wake her. she has to sleep for her to see the ghosts and listen to them. when she is asleep just leave her alone. he sits by her and tells the ghost this area is her bunker – get lost. he leans her head on his arm. he remembers how she said I just wanted to give you an air hole to breathe. he mutters she was useful. he puts a protective arm around her and smiles and says you like it huh? so she smiles and touches him more in her dream state.

She wakes up and Joong Won is gone. Gong Sil: I slept so well. the coffee ghost is there. she asks were you there?what’s up – you didn’t wake me. the ghost smiles at her.

Gong Sil got coffee for her ghost. Gong Ri asks does he make you do deliveries now.Gong Sil: ghosts like me too much. that woman before said I shine bright to dead people. Gong Ri says what’s so good about being popular with ghosts. Gong Sil says that ajumma told me to be careful. the scary woman said to be careful not to be swallowed up. Gong Ri: what does swallow up mean? Gong Sil: she said the dead person wants to use my body to come back.

Joong Won goes to his office and senses a presence so he says to the ghost- cuz I said something a while ago did you follow me here? I cant see you or hear you so it doesn’t matter. I’m not scared at all. Hee Joo’s ghost is there

Gong Sil :they borrow my body when they have something they must relay -should I lend it to them? Gong Ri hits her and calls her crazy. I normally wouldn’t say you are crazy, but that’s being crazy. Gong Sil agrees and says that’s true. also if I get it totally stolen I die. I don’t like that.

Some guy is at the morgue and puts a fresh rose on top of the corpse. He says to his wife – I came. I will let you hear what I practiced today. I don’t know if you will like it

The morgue guys talk and say it’s been a month. that man believes his wife can come back alive.

The husband says my show is coming up soon. I need you. come back. her ghost stands behind him and touches his shoulder.

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Jin Joo tells Sung Ran and Seuk Chul about the pianist Ryui Jang. Seuk Chul says this will give their Kingdom a more luxurious image. I got him (to play). Sung Ran: after his wife died they say he doesn’t move his fingers. did you meet Ryu Bang in person and confirm? Seuk Chul corrects her again: not Ryui Bang – Ryui Jang. he moves his fingers well. I saw for myself. Sung Ran says Joong Won is busy these days cuz of work for China so you take care of Ryui Bang well. while Joong Won is gone, I will remove Bang Sil from her room. Seuk Chul loses his patience and says not everything is Bang. she gives him a death glare so he says I love you.

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Joong Won: I tried to pick on what you are useful for. Gong Sil: so you want to take down the radar now? Joong Won: why did you think I would take it down? Gong Sil: you said if I don’t find your money you would send me on my way. Joong Won: I did. so what do you think your work was worth? Gong Sil: you said I would get the same pay as customer service. and counting what I used as my bunker, it will be minus (all those deductions for touching him). Joong Won: calculating with money – you learned something by being by my side. so did you check your bank account? cuz your pay came in. she checks and finds out how much she got (we don’t get to hear it though). Joong Won smiles and says I calculated the work you did. you got the deal for Wang, took care of the problem at the hotel, and even with the deductions for bunker costs – a lot was left over. She nods yes. He says there is still work he can calculate and when he cant that’s when she will be taken down (as his radar). she thanks him and says if I keep doing this -after I catch a few more ghosts I could buy a home. he asks if I said to be taken down, were you going to quietly get lost? Gong Sil: I don’t really get hurt from you always saying get lost. so I could have kept sticking to you, but this time if you told me to get lost…he finishes and says if I told you to get lost you would have stuck to me again. cuz I have to say it 3 times for you to get lost. Gong Sil: that’s right but if you really mean it and want me to leave your world, I will understand those words at once. Joong Won: during that time you disregarded me huh like a dog barking. he says in a pleasant tone and tells her to get lost. she thanks him and leaves.

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She goes out and tells Kim I hit the lottery today. did you know? Kim: the president got more good fortune thanks to you. Gong Sil: this is all thanks to you. she offers him help and he thanks her. Sung Ran comes in so Gong Sil greets her on her way out

Sung Ran asks Joong Won- why are you keeping pathetic Tae Yang next to your side while meeting Tae Yi Ryeong? Joong Won: Aunt you got it wrong. Tae Yi Ryeong is small sun (Tae Yang) and Tae Gong Sil is the big sun. Sung Ran: are you taking her side right now? Joong Won: if it bothers you – call anyone and set up a date and I will go out and eat with her. Sung Ran: then when you go on your business trip to China, meet doctor Park’s daughter who is studying there. she was going to be set up to marry you and at the ski resort she broke her leg and things didn’t work out – that young lady. you remember her right. he says I will meet her. then will you feel better? Sung Ran says yes. the big sun wont rise in china right? (meaning Gong Sil wont go with him). Joong Won: the weather forecast says while I’m on my business trip to china there will be a typhoon. she says they said it will rain here too.

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Kang Woo has dark circles. Gong Sil asks are you having a hard time. He says the dead cat was really white. thinking about that – I couldn’t sleep a wink. Gong Sil says sorry I really wasn’t going to tell you cuz I didn’t want to scare you. he asks are those things here too? are those things always around you? she explains they aren’t all scary looking. not all are dripping blood cuz they are ghosts. there eyes aren’t always hollow and chasing me around. he quickly says that’s enough. I get it. don’t say anymore. she says I wont talk about it anymore. if you are having a hard time disregard what I said and just think those things live in another world and act like you don’t know. he asks how president Joo believes her. Gong Sil: cuz the president is someone very special to me. he says if I act like I don’t know then I wont know what your world is like. Gong Sil: I cant tell you to believe but I just saw Hee Joo’s ghost, it has nothing to do with the culprits. Kang Woo: I will keep watching. I will just think you lied about the scary stuff and try to hang on. he trips on his way out and scares himself. Gong Sil: he is that scared so I cant tell him to just believe

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[06-29-39] 주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[06-32-17]

Kang Woo walks out and Yi Ryeong puts her hand on his arm so he pins her head against the wall. she asks why are you doing this again. Kang Woo: you are a person. he lets her go. she says I am not a person I am a goddess. hey salary man- you don’t look well. cuz a goddess wanted to date – you couldn’t sleep all night cuz your heart was fluttering huh? Kang Woo: goddesses are like ghosts huh? I really hate those things so go. Yi Ryeong: if you feel burdened/ pressure I will be a regular person and not a goddess. aren’t you going to spy on Tae Gong Sil today. he says I don’t need to. we found out about each other. she says it’s all over? too bad cuz it was fun. let’s go somewhere to eat to celebrate dating. Kang Woo: who is dating who? I said I didn’t want to. Yi Ryeong: even if you say you don’t want to in the end you will fall for me. when you look back later – today will be the first day. Kang Woo: is that so? then let’s say we dated and let’s break up. Tae Yi Ryeong shi- for one day – no. he looks at his watch. it was only for one minute and 30 seconds. thanks for making great memories. be happy. he puts his hand on her shoulder and walks off. she mutters it’s so hard to nab a salary man.

While on security check Kang Woo hears a piano sound and asks if Han heard it. Han says someone is touching the piano. Kang Woo says we better go there. They walk through the dead wife’s ghost. Han says didn’t you feel something just now? Kang Woo tells han to check the other way and says I will check inside the hall.

Kang Woo: I am going crazy (cuz he is scared)

Ryui is trying to crash the lid on his fingers but doesn’t have the guts. Kang Woo goes inside so he hides. Kang Woo asks what is over there. who is there? He tackles Ryui to the floor and Ryui says my hands. Han says this person is the pianist who will perform here.

Ryu says I went by there to confirm where I will be performing and the security guy ran in and made my hand like this. Sung Ran says I am really sorry. Seuk Chul says but according to what our security team leader said, he didn’t tackle you to be hurt that badly. Ryui says I have to perform with this hand but cant move it. I cant perform. Seuk Chul: I will go crazy

Han tells Gong Sil and Gong Ri – that Ryui Jang’s wife died and he has been in a slump. I think he is lying and putting the blame on our team leader. Gong Ri wonders how Kang Woo got caught in this. Han says on that night the atmosphere was strange – unlike other days team leader was totally scared.

Gong Sil goes to see Ryui and introduces herself and asks to speak but he says I have nothing to say and walks away. She tells his wife ghost – I see you. you are his wife aren’t you?

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Kim and Joong Won walk by a display of a necklace. Kim says it’s tae yang (the sun). Joong Won: what is? Kim points to the pendant and says this. if she had this like a talisman/an amulet Tae Yang would feel safer. Joong Won: an amulet? Kim: Tae Yang came to me and said this.

Gong Sil held out the pen and asked Kim – this is what the president always uses to sign with isn’t it? while he is on his business trip couldn’t I hold onto this? like an amulet I think I will feel a little safer having something of his.

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Joong Won says she acted like she was ok but she must have been worried about the time while I will be gone. Kim says instead of a pen, if you gave her one of that (the sun pendant), Tae Yang would be so happy. Tae Yang is the king. Joong Won just says let’s go

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[04-16-26]

Later on at home he is holding up that sun pendant. Joong Won wonders why did I buy this. this isn’t something I can calculate. the door bell rings

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Gong Sil is at his house. He asks why did you come here? Gong Sil: didn’t Kim tell you? Joong Won: what? Gong Sil: I asked Kim and he told me it would be with you and to go and say it well. Joong Won thinks she knows about the necklace and comments but Kim wouldn’t have seen me. I bought it alone. Gong Sil: you do have it right? she comes inside. Joong Won: I didn’t buy it for your sake. I wont give it to you. she asks what are you talking about. he says an amulet. Gong Sil: an amulet? cuz you were scared of ghosts too – did you buy those? I have a few of those at home so you should have asked me for them. he asks then why did you come. she says I wanted to settle the matter regarding Ryui Jang. I met his wife and she came with me now. Joong Won: why did you come here with her? Gong Sil: I have to make something with her and needed an oven so Kim told me to come and explain it well to you. since you opened the door I thought he already told you. Joong Won: was that it? she asks how much did you pay for the amulet. he says I don’t know. the oven is over there so use it all you want

She speaks to the ghost and Joong Won holds up the sun pendant and says I thought she came for this and was surprised so I let her into the kitchen. Gong Sil asks did you crack open all the walnuts. Joong Won: I am cracking them now. he feels bad for having to use such an expensive nut cracker

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Gong Sil says how sensitive Ryui jang is. before his show he had to do each thing on his list. his wife took care of all that. when he performed on the piano he didn’t like food that smelled so he only drank a strong cinnamon drink and ate the pie he liked. his wife – like his shadow – took care of her picky husband. if I take the pie to him – following his wife’s recipe, she said then the misunderstanding with Kang Woo will be cleared up. Joong Won comes over with the plate of walnuts and says jealously – all this was for Kang candy’s sake. Gong Sil: cuz I told him about ghosts Kang Woo got really shocked. Joong Won: you found out Kang candy was like a Mata Hari so do you want to help him? Gong Sil:I received an apology from him and since I told him something he really didn’t want to know I feel sorry. plus you will lose money if the show gets canceled. Joong Won: that’s why I cracked open walnuts. Gong Sil asks if the crust thickness is ok to the ghost but she is told to make it thinner. Joong Won: why is she so picky? Gong Sil bumps into him and the ghost is gone. so she snaps at him and says how could you touch me. I was talking to her and she is gone now. Joong Won is incredulous and asks are you venting your annoyance at me now? you kept touching me asking to get rid of ghosts and now you are angry at me for chasing it away. Gong Sil: I’m sorry. I was speaking to her and she disappeared so I was surprised. he is such a picky person so if the taste is different even a little, she said it wouldn’t work on him. I am sorry. he glares at her and hands her alcohol and says drink a glass and tell the ajumma to go inside you and make the pie herself. Gong Sil: I was told doing that is dangerous. if something goes wrong my body could be taken from me for good. he puts the alcohol back and says from here on don’t ever drink alcohol cuz if it’s that’s dangerous- don’t ever do it. Gong Sil nods yes. the ghost comes back so she resumes baking. she almost bumps into Joong Won again and asks him to be careful. he backs away and watches her.

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Kang Woo is sitting at the piano. Yi Ryeong goes over and says Kang Woo – salary man- I heard you caused some trouble. are you worried you might get fired? He tells her to just go. she sits next to him and says just get fired – it would be nice if you were my personal security. she takes his arm and leans on his shoulder. he removes her hand and says you don’t care how the other person feels and just say whatever you want without thinking. I really cant figure you out. Yi Ryeong: I thought you were just worried cuz you had no source of income anymore so I said that to cheer you -did it hurt your feelings? I just don’t get how a salaryman lives. he asks if you end up liking someone who lives in another world from you – how would you feel. she says for starters – I will make an effort not to like him. Kang Woo: what if that doesn’t work? she says I have to keep getting involved. Kang Woo: something really scary could pop out that you didn’t even think about. could you handle that? Yi Ryeong: I just have to like him. if I like him so much, they say your eyes roll back. if you like someone so much your eyes roll back, then will something scary come into your eyes. Kang Woo: that’s true. I just need to like her more. it was simple. not realizing she just played cupid for another woman, Yi Ryeong thinks he is talking about her and says I don’t like you that much yet that my eyes rolled back. Kang Woo: thank goodness. he gets up and leaves. Yi Ryeong: I came cuz I was worried and you just say what you want and leave? if I follow him here my eyes have rolled back – I am not to that extent. I am not.

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Kang Woo sees Gong Sil with Joong Won.

Gong Sil asks if I call him he will come right? Joong Won: if you call him at this hour he will be really mad. if this (pie) doesn’t work then the performance and everything is all over.

Kang Woo remembers how Gong Sil said the president is really special to me.

Gong Sil tells him – it will be okay. Joong Won looks worried though

Yi Ryeong comes over and says he was talking about big sun? I’m an idiot. I told him to like her more.

Ryui replaces the rose and says to his wife’s corpse. cuz you aren’t here – I cant perform. he gets a phone call.

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Gong Sil gives him the pie. Ryui asks what are you trying to do calling me at this hour. she looks over at Joong Won who motions her to talk. She explains the details about the pie -what’s inside and the lines. you have to eat this so you don’t make mistakes when you perform huh? he asks how she knows that. only my wife and I know that. Gong Sil: your wife told me. when you tried on purpose to hurt your fingers, your wife asked for help and Kang Woo helped you. he asks are you saying my wife saw me then? Gong Sil says your fingers aren’t hurt and work well huh? he bends his hand and then he grabs her hand and says can you see my wife? let me see her too. let me speak to her. Gong Sil shakes her head no. he says she is here but I cant see or feel her. just once – just once let me meet my wife. she left so suddenly so I didn’t get to say goodbye. Joong Won watches and so does the dead wife. Gong Sil pats him on the back as he cries on her lap. Joong Won gets jealous and motions for Gong Sil to separate from the man but she shakes her head no.

Ryui says to Kang Woo – you never hurt my hand. I’m sorry. Kang Woo: thank goodness you weren’t injured, but what is the reason for you to come and tell me like this. Ryui: the one who relayed what my wife said told me to be sure to apologize to you. Kang Woo: I thought your wife passed away. the guy grins and says my wife has always been by my side. I can be certain now. I can perform perfectly cuz my wife is next to me

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-36-00]

Gong Sil explains to Joong Won: if a person suddenly dies, there are a lot of times when the person who remains cant accept that death. I think RyuiJang was like that. Joong Won: you baked him a pie, made it so he can perform well so you don’t have to worry about him too. can you hug and hold just anyone like that? that man kept sticking to you. Gong Sil: he was crying so sadly so what could I do? Joong Won: if I didn’t break it up in the middle then you would have held him all night as he cried. you worry about others that much but don’t you worry about yourself. starting from tomorrow – for a week I will be gone from your world so aren’t you worried. the person who hugs you and hold onto you will be gone. aren’t you nervous? Gong Sil: these days ghosts aren’t like they used to be before. when they gathered I was only scared but now it’s ok to see them. Joong Won: oh is that right. then why did you try to take the pen I value so much. she is shocked he knows. Joong Won: give me my pen. she mutters I thought Kim wouldn’t tell. he looks for the sun pendant in his pocket as she digs into her bag and pretends she lost the pen and says take it out of my pay. she runs out just as he pulled out the sun pendant. he says just get lost with the pen

Ryui is standing outside her office when Gong Sil gets there. He says I was waiting for you. I am going to look at clothes I will be wearing during the show. my wife will select it. I cant see her myself and hear so you need to help. what are you doing. it’s so hectic preparing for the show. hurry and let’s go. for the last rehearsal my wife listened and gave me critiques so you tell me what she said next to me.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-40-35]

Kang Woo watches them and remembers how Ryui said: the one who relayed what my wife said told me to be sure to apologize to you. 

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-51-25]주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-50-58]

Kang Woo asked Joong Won if Tae Gong Sil can see Ryui’s dead wife. Joong Won: that’s right. thanks to her you were able to get out of a tough situation. Kang Woo: I saw you two coming together yesterday. you believe everything in that woman’s world and understand it? Joong Won: Tae Gong Sil has a radar unlike anyone and I am using that now. if it’s hard for you to accept just act like you don’t know. Kang Woo: when you say use her -are you saying to see Cha Hee Joo. Joong Won: yes. Kang Woo: then for the sake of letting that pianist to meet his dead wife, using Tae Gong Sil – it’s the same. so that is why you kept her by your side. it’s not that Tae Gong Sil is special, using her – it’s for the sake of seeing special other people. is that correct? Joong Won: yes. Kang Woo: then I will be leaving. Joong Won mutters 100uk radar -that calculation is correct. having to share it with the pianist -it feels really crappy.

Gong Sil picks out the outfit his wife would have chosen. Gong Sil: she said to wear it like this. he says it’s exactly my wife’s taste. he starts to undress so she says I am not your wife. I dont think I can help you change clothes in her place. He says that’s true – it would be nice to meet her in person without going through you. I will change and come back. Gong Sil tells the ghost – your husband is really picky.

Gong Ri brings the cinnamon tea she wanted so Gong Sil checks with the wife if the scent of cinnamon is ok if it’s this strong. he sure does take it strong. Gong Ri asks what is this. is someone here? Gong Sil: she is the wife of the pianist who will be performing here today. she asks the wife – I have to pour it in those cups. Gong Ri asks what are you doing. Gong Sil explains he can do well on his show if his wife is by his side. he is so picky I want to tell his wife to come into me and do it herself. Gong Ri hits her saying what are you talking about. if you do that – you said if she comes inside you once she might not leave. Gong Sil: as long as I don’t lose consciousness that wont happen. I’m sorry unni – I shouldn’t have said it. Ryui hears that and gets an idea. Gong Ri wants her to go but Gong Sil says there is something I have to do before his performance. She takes out the pen and suddenly realizes Joong Won is leaving on his business trip

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-14-13]

Kim says it’s time to go as Joong Won stares at the sun pendant. as he walks out he remembers Gong Sil saying there is a ghost who goes through the trashcan all the time. he goes over and knocks on the trashcan and says to the ghost -the one who is there. are you close with Tae Gong Sil. I am going to trash this here so tell your friend to pick it up or not. He hangs it on the chair.

Some girls are about to sit there and rest, but the trashcan ghost makes them decide to just go.

Gong Sil runs to his office but she says he already left.

Ryu drugs her tea. He says: with the medicine I took when I couldn’t sleep without you. it will call you. in a little bit I can see you wearing this (the red dress)

When Gong Sil goes back he asks where did you go. she explains there was someone I had to meet so I went for a while. He offers her the tea and says drink. Gong Sil: me? He says you can drink the tea in her place cant you. so Gong Sil drinks it and says the scent of cinnamon is really strong

Joong Won calls her from the airport, but she doesn’t pick up cuz she is passed out. Ryu wonders when his wife is coming since this woman is ready. the ghost goes inside Gong Sil’s body.

Kim says check in is done so let’s go in.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-24-09]

Sung Ran says confirm his hands are ok once more before the show. Seuk Chul says it is well. They go in to check his condition. he says I am fine cuz now she is here. Sung Ran asks who is this. Gong Sil turns around and Seuk Chul is so shocked he calls her by his wife’s mistake – Bang Sil. Ryu says she is my muse forever and the one who can help me do music. after the performance I cant say goodbye. we are going directly to France. he leads her away. Seuk Chul says she is Ryui’s muse? since when? Sung Ran wonders what is she?

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-27-54]

Kang Woo and Han see Gong Sil walking by dressed up. Han says isn’t she Tae Gong Sil- she looks like a different person dressed like that. Kang Woo: she does

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-31-16]

Seuk Chul calls Joong Won. Joong Won: what’s going on? Seuk Chul: did you break up with Tae Gong Sil? Joong Won: did you call to say that to someone who is going on a business trip? Seuk Chul: Tae Gong Sil is with Ryui Jang right now. Joong Won: is that so. she wasn’t able to turn him down and went. Seuk Chul: did you know too? is Tae Gong Sil really his muse? Joong Won: what? Seuk Chul: she seems like a totally different person. she is going with him to France – did you know? Joong Won: go where? Seuk Chul: she is going with Ryui Jang. right after the performance – they are leaving directly.

Ryu says I am so happy you came back. when we leave here, we can live like before. someone might find out and stop us so I will finish up the show by myself, you just go home and hide.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-38-10]

Kang Woo is outside and looks worried.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-35-52]주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-42-27]

Ryui: I will finish the show myself so you go. His wife says Ryui -you can do it alone without me. he says right now the situation is urgent so I can. she agrees and says a person can change according to the changing situation. I am no longer so now you have to change. he says you are here now. she says I only borrowed her body for a short time to make you come to your senses for the last time. she slaps him and says watching you turn into a fool without me made me happy a little. like a shadow every day I lived stuck to you. seeing you live perfectly fine without me, it would have made me feel bad. he says did you leave me cuz I made it hard for you to breathe – is that it? when your heart stopped suddenly – I couldn’t handle it thinking it was cuz of me. without finding another reason I couldn’t seen you off. she says while my heart was beating- I lived for your sake. but now that my heart has stopped please let me go. I prepared everything for you with my hands. but that last stage you went up alone. now you do all those things alone. you werent sensitive all that time, you were very lazy so fix that. he breaks down in tears.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-24-09]

During the performance Joong Won came back so Kang Woo and Han see him. Han says but Joogoon went to China.

Joong Won goes in the room and sees Gong Sil. she says you came. he knows it’s not Gong Sil and asks if she is the wife who came to his home and made him crack open walnuts. she asks did you come to see Tae Yang? Joong Won: I came so you leave now. she says If I just leave I cant tell you the secret. aren’t you curious how this woman sees you.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-32-32]

flashback to that night when Gong Sil watched him cracking walnuts. the wife asked do you like him. Gong Sil says is it obvious? that person has someone he likes a lot. she looks over at him again and says: so about me – it’s a secret.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-35-09]주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-37-22]

She says I can tell you the secret I saw, but he says I don’t want to know. she asks why? cuz if you know you wont be able to calculate (her worth). you already cant calculate so why keep her by your side? cuz I am curious about your secret I don’t want to leave her body. Joong Won: look well and get lost. He goes over and kisses her. Her spirit goes out. Gong Sil passes out on his shoulder as he hugs her with both hands on her back this time.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-38-38]

Kang Woo waits outside but decides to go in.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-39-54] 주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-41-02]

Joong Won sits next to her and watches her sleep holding her hand but lets go when he sees her waking. He leaves just as she sees a blurry view of him walking out.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-43-41]

Kang Woo comes in and asks are you ok. Gong Sil: I must have fallen asleep here. Kang Woo: didn’t president Joo come here and go. Gong Sil: the president? he went on the business trip. what is this. why am I wearing this. Kang Woo asks don’t you remember being with Ryui Jang. Gong Sil: something went wrong. what did I do? Kang Woo: are you really ok. go home with me. he helps her up

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-46-01]

At the airport Kim asks is Tae Yang ok. Joong Won: I am not ok. you tried hard to keep that woman by my side. Kim: did you know? Joong Won: why did you do it? Kim: cuz it looked good how you changed. Joong Won: if I keep that woman by my side, then I will keep changing. I don’t want to change

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-50-35]

Gong Sil says he will come today. a week is really long. he didn’t answer his phone too. the trashcan ghost speaks to her so she is surprised since he never did that before. He tells her about the sun pendant. she asks what is this. the president? really? she looks at it and says this is tae yang. so pretty

Han asks did you hear. Gong Sil asks what. Han: you don’t know yet. Joogoon came from china now. she runs off but Han says she needs to hear first cuz she will get shocked

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-28-14]주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-28-25]

Gong Sil asks Kim if president Joo is back. Kim: he will come in soon. Gong Sil: did you like it (the trip)? Kim is about to tell her something but Seuk Chul and Sung Ran come over. Sung Ran asks did you tell her yet. Kim: not yet. Sung Ran: Tae Gong Sil si- when you meet Joong Won congratulate him cuz our Joong Won – president Joo is getting married. they are coming over there. that young lady is who is going to marry our president Joo. Joong Won walks over with a girl. He walks past and stops near Gong Sil but didn’t look at her at all. All she saw was Joong Won and didn’t even look at the girl by his side.



Gong Sil says about Joong Won: that president – that terrible awful guy – I really hate him.

Kang Woo greets Joong Won’s dad at the airport and says are you saying Cha Hee Joo is alive? the dad says I think she is somewhere close now 

Sung Ran: who are you? did you call me?

Kang Woo puts his arm around Gong Sil and says I will count on you.

Gong Sil to Joong Won: before you tell me to get lost I will leave first. childish Joong Won says: wait a minute. get lost.

Joong Won to Gong Sil: enough to affect my wedding – do you think you are important ?

Gong Sil to Kang Woo: I cant be candy. Kang Woo: but you are being ignored/looked down on. Gong Sil: I cant (live) without the president. Kang Woo: doesn’t it hurt? Gong Sil: I like him. Kang Woo: don’t be by his side. Gong Sil:I think he will let me be by his side.

Joong Won: why didn’t you come to me? Gong Sil:I have to go

*aigoo – he found someone to marry within a week? there is running scared and running stupid. guess which one Joong Won is right now? both.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-32-18]

My take on that kiss – he wanted to show the ghost that he doesn’t care what she is curious about and didn’t want to play along with her games. All he wanted was to get her out of there so he said “look well and get lost” to mean “this is my answer. this is how I feel about this woman. This is how much I care about her so get lost.” His answer was so clear and confident, you could tell it took him by surprise as well when he put his arms around Gong Sil. Thanks to her he learned how to embrace a woman properly – with both hands and with all the love in his heart. He even held her hand the entire time till she woke up. That’s the kind of man he has become. Who can blame him for being shocked by how far he has come. It took that week away from Gong Sil for him to come to his senses, but I bet his heart was telling him something else as he got engaged. That wedding will never happen cuz it’s Joong Won’s feeble attempt at trying to gain back control of his life. Right now he is a man slipping with nothing to hold onto. Getting that fiancé is only going to slow him down, but it’s inevitable – he will keep sliding and having control over his emotions will be a thing of the past. That power went over to Gong Sil the second he fell in love with her.

주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-28-40] 주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-33-52] 주군의 태양.E09.130904.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-35-17]

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