[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 10

If I had been hooked up to a heart monitor tonight as I watched this episode, the numbers would have spiked like crazy at the end. Since there have been a dearth of quality romantic comedies lately, I forgot this feeling. This exhilaration and high that just makes you feel so satisfied and content. Maybe it’s just me, but I need these actors to do such a convincing job that I forget this is just a drama. It’s all about the execution. You have the words in the script but how you project that infused with meaning and conviction is what makes all the difference in the world. I must admit I got swept up by the words tonight – so many declarations and intimations of what they are really feeling made me giddy with happiness. The torch has been passed. What Gong Sil does with it is up in the air. Will she be brave enough to take up the challenge or succumb to the burden. We know what her heart wants to do, but will she be able to convince the rest of herself she can do this. If you ask me, it’s high time for her to live up to her name and shine. Just like the rest of this show, dazzle them with your brilliance just enough so that they can still look up and bask in the warmth.

*I love this episode so much it hurts – my all time favorite so far. My dimples ached from all the grinning.

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*I took so many screenshots of this scene cuz of the looks on their faces -his was saying “omg I cant say this with a straight face” and hers was “what is this man smoking”

Written before it aired:

There seems to be a revolving door of questions when it comes to this drama. The one I find myself asking is which came first -belief or love? Did belief lead to love or did love trigger belief? I tried to re-watch some earlier scenes with Joong Won and Gong Sil to see which actions were instigated by faith and which ones were motivated by attraction or emotion. So far it seems that Joong Won’s trust in her gave way to spending more time around her. Then inevitable attraction and affection set in until he no longer wholly belonged to himself. The part of his emotions that he shared with her connected them in a way he never thought possible. This closeness is what gradually made him become a better person and I’m pretty sure that is what’s rattled Joong Won so much. I don’t think it’s the idea of him changing that made him run scared, but the fact that it’s already happened. You can’t undo the influence Gong Sil had on his life and personality. What’s even better, something that will have him more nervous, is that she isn’t done yet. If he is distancing himself from her, he is going to realize a whole different kind of pain from missing her when she is just a few steps away. Part of me wishes she would be brave and strong enough to turn her back to him, but we all know it’s no longer about needing a bunker when it comes to Joong Won. She craves the love and attention that comes with that bunker. It’s an attachment she has felt comfortable with from day one so I doubt she could ever walk away from him. That’s why I find it so refreshing that she can be honest about her emotions while he opts to ignore them hoping foolishly they will go away. After what happened last night though, I doubt that denial has any ground to stand on. The second he put both arms around her, he knew why he had been afraid to do this. She felt right in his arms and that she belonged there. He didn’t want to let go since holding her has become as natural to him as breathing.

 Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

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During that whole take over her body incident yesterday, I realized something that might happen down the line. If you think about it, not having Joong Won in her life as her bunker will make seeing ghosts that much more painful. She will have to go back to her miserable life of not having any reprieve from them again. That is why I think Gong Sil is going to let Hee Joo take over her body so Hee Joo can communicate directly with Joong Won so he finally has some closure. I bet Hee Joo won’t want to leave and Gong Sil might even consider letting her take over for Joong Won’s sake, but thankfully Joong Won won’t let that happen. The woman he loves now is too important for him to take such risks. Let’s hope Gong Sil never gets that chance to play the role of selfless martyr.

Episode 10 

Starts from Sung Ran saying they are coming over there – that young lady is the one who will be marrying president Joo. Sug Ran and Seuk chul say nice to meet you Seo Yeon and so does the girl. Sung Ran says let’s go up. the girl keeps looking at Gong Sil and asks Joong Won: is that young lady an employee here. she keeps staring. Joong Won says don’t keep staring and hurry and go cuz I’m dying. He starts to walk off but tells the girl to go up first.

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-12-43] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-14-11] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-15-45]

Joong Won goes over to Gong Sil and asks if she had been ok the past week. you don’t look that bad off. It tasted like death to me. Gong Sil: are you really getting married? He remembers the ghost asking – arent you curious how this woman sees you? He says aloud-what secret – I can see it all. Gong Sil asks can you see something? Joong Won: as much as you can see ghosts, something scary to me. Gong Sil: cuz of me – to avoid me – are you getting married? he asks Tae Gong Sil – do you think you are important enough to affect my wedding. Gong Sil: no. Joong Won: then the right to question why I am doing it – and why I have to give an answer there isn’t any huh? she nods yes. he walks away

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His fiancé says your aunt went up first. let’s go. She tried to hold his arm as they go inside so Joong Won motions for her to stop and says I told you but I hate anyone touching my body -even if you trip and feel like you will fall – if you can help it don’t hold onto me. Han and Kang Woo watch that and Han remarks our Joogoon sure is rude to the woman he is going to marry -if he wont let her touch him then why get married?

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-20-57] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-25-38]

Gong Sil is holding the necklace and says he should have told me in advance. he didn’t answer his phone. Kang Woo hears that and goes over. she hides the necklace behind her. He asks didn’t you know the news that president Joo was getting married. GS: yes it was so sudden so I am taken back. Kang Woo: on that night Ryui Jang had the concert when president Joo didn’t go on his trip and came back. when you met him then did something happen? she asks he came back that night? then the person I saw then was the president? Kang Woo: so it’s correct he went to meet you. Gong Sil: that night I didn’t know what was going on – I wasn’t myself. when that wife was inside she must have met him. what did they talk about. she remembers what Joong Won said “what secret – I can see it all” so she says she must have told my secret. what to do – she must have told I like him.

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Kim says even if you needed the funds – is it ok to use the wedding like this? Joong Won: I can cuz I calculated that here (indicating his head) and the answer came out. Kim says Tae Yang seems to be really shocked and taken back. what are you going to do. Joong Won: no matter how much I calculate that woman the answer wont come out. it wasn’t here ( his head) and she was somewhere else. she will be shocked but she will face it (admit he is taken now). Kim says you should inform the chairman at least. also tell him you aren’t getting married. Joong Won: I don’t want to. I still cant read text. he stops himself and says “not being able to read – it’s not here (his head) it’s a problem here (his heart). I want to live just using the part that’s working well (his head). Kim: Since Tae Yang is someone who can see spirits, couldn’t she see your problem properly and take care of it. Joong Won: then one day when I am dead and become a ghost I will go find her.

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Gong Sil: he must be trying to get rid of me. I cant do without the president. Kang Woo: where you can hide – does it have to be that person? Gong Sil: he is the only person in the world. I hung onto him like crazy and I finally got permission to be by his side. Kang Woo: getting married and putting another woman next to him – it means don’t think of standing as the woman next to me. Gong Sil: now that he is getting married if he knows I like him -he will probably tell me to get lost. Kang Woo: you said you like him and are being looked down on- doesn’t it hurt. she says in your world I am candy and the president is a rich prince, but in my world I’m just a radar that sees ghost and the president is a bunker I can hide in- I cant be candy and he isn’t thinking of being the rich prince. since a radar has use I think he will let me be by his side. I have to go

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Gong Sil goes to see Joong Won. She congratulates him on his wedding. Joong Won: what? Gong Sil: I was so shocked a while ago I wasn’t able to tell you something important. congratulations on your wedding and you have to be happy. Joong Won: why are you like this? it’s scary. Gong Sil: since you are going to become someone’s suite room now, it will be a pressure for the bunker so don’t get rid of it and leave it in the basement -without crossing any lines that would be a burden couldn’t I use it a little bit (she holds out one finger to touch him with). Joong Won: suite (sweet) room? I don’t like sweet things. Gong Sil: then hurry and have a son. have a son with the same ability as you and entrust him to me and I will take care of him for free as his nanny. Joong Won: you come in suddenly and went too far – even so far as a son. 

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He stands and walks over to her and asks: cuz of the secret I talked about with the walnut ajumma, are you being like this? Gong Sil: did that wife tell you my secret? Joong Won: I didn’t hear it. secrets are what you try to hide so there is no reason to talk about it so I told her I wouldn’t listen to it and turned her down- you are grateful huh. Gong Sil: you did? it was nothing much. Joong Won: I said I wouldn’t hear it, but now that you are like this – it’s so obvious. I’m suspicious you are hiding something cuz you are so awkward. what did you say as soon as you came in? congratulations? be happy? that’s something even if you are lonely and sad, you said you wouldn’t do it- that pattern is the same as the famous kid (Candy). no this is easier. you try so hard to congratulate me, in my suite room basement, you even said you would be a nanny to my little bunker that will be born in the future. so you wont be humiliated, I will act like I didn’t see or hear anything. happy? He grins widely proud of himself. Gong Sil: you are misunderstanding something. that person I told the wife I liked was not you. it was someone else. you know who it is. I like sweets a lot. that wipes the grin off his face. Gong Sil: to tell the truth, during that time since you were a bunker, I stayed by your side not saying anything, but as a woman – a man like you who is awful and terribly rude, I really don’t like you. Joong Won: thanks for me not being your taste. Gong Sil: then before you tell me to get lost, I will go first. hearing that too made me feel bad. but he stops her and says wait a minute- get lost. When she is gone he says she should have used another excuse – why did it have to be Kang candy

Gong Sil goes out and shakes her head no at Kim to mean it didn’t go well.

Gong Sil is told by Jin Joo that Sung Ran wants to see her. Sung Ran says since Ryui jang introduced you as his muse, I thought maybe you knew something about art so I called you to have a look at this. open it and take it out. Gong Sil opens it and says it’s an urn (those expensive ones). Sung Ran says it was sent as an engagement gift to Joong Won from the fiancé’s family. As she rattles on about how priceless it is, Gong Sil looks and a ghost is inside. She almost breaks it so Seuk Chul says this is so expensive. Gong Sil says I am sorry I was just startled. Sung Ran takes that to mean it’s too expensive for Gong Sil to handle. what would you have done if you had broken it. just thinking about it it’s scary huh? you shouldn’t have messed with it you’re thinking huh (all that to infer Joong Won is like that – someone too high up for Gong Sil to mess with). Gong Sil: yes. stuff like that- you shouldn’t mess with it. it’s not good. Sung Ran: what? Seuk Chul: Tae Gong Sil shi – to refer to this as that stuff, it’s too precious and valuable. Gong Sil: you all keep saying it’s valuable but originally it would have just been a container for water. don’t say not anyone can touch it. it will make it conceited. Sung Ran feels insulted and says what? are you saying that to me now? Gong Sil: I was talking about this urn. Sung Ran: that’s right. don’t think of laying a hand on Joong Won’s wedding and breaking it up. I was trying to say it nicely by speaking in a roundabout way, but what did you say? arrogant? Gong Sil: I am sorry I was just talking about this urn. originally it should have been used as a container for water, but the person looking at it- their heart gets buried and something strange could come out of it. if this goes wrong there is nothing to do but break it. Sung Ran: cuz I said it nicely do you not understand? are you saying somehow you will break up Joong Won’s wedding? you are big trouble. Gong Sil: you cant see it so you dont get it but I went and congratulated him on his wedding and if something goes wrong with this urn there will be big trouble so you have to really be careful. She gets up to leave but says that has to be broken. it will bewitch you. As she leaves Seuk Chul cheers her on and says “fighting Bang Sil.” Sung Ran repeats there is something scary – gets bewitched? Bang Sil is talking about herself.

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Gong Ri is upset for Gong Sil and asks were you dragged to the vice president’s office and scolded. Gong Sil: it was a little scary. Gong Ri: did they toss an envelope of money at you? Gong Sil:no I saw a ghost. I gave them warning but they didn’t understand. Gong Ri cries and says people keep talking about you – that you were hanging onto the president and got dumped. Gong Sil: if I stick to him others just see me as candy huh? in this situation only ghosts understand how I feel.

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Joong Won stares at the gift. Sung Ran says since talk of marriage came up, you are going to get rid of her right? Joong Won: I don’t plan to do that. I brought up the talk of marriage to keep her safe. Sung Ran: so are you saying you will continue to keep her at your side? did she say she wouldn’t leave? Joong Won: I wont send her. since I cant not see her, for now I will keep her at a safe distance with the talk of marriage and keep seeing her. Sung Ran: until when? Joong Won: until I don’t want to see her anymore. The whole time Seuk Chul has been making the funniest faces and sides with everything Joong Won said silently. Joong Won looks at the urn and wonders was it cuz of this she was startled. Seuk Chul: cuz it was so expensive she was startled and almost broke it. Joong Won: it wasn’t cuz she didn’t know it was expensive. what is stuck to it. He slams it down. he says she is not a kid to give fear by bragging about money. from here on don’t do that (to Gong Sil). Seuk Chul says fighting to Joong Won as he leaves.

Yi Ryeong: big Tae Yang is dating the president of Kingdom? that’s funny. president Joo is getting married to Sejin group’s daughter. friends say how Mi Kyung who works at Kingdom hotel said she saw him do an event. Yi Ryeong: he probably just played with her. to be frank even if he played with her their level does not match. friend says why- what’s wrong with big Tae Yang. she is smart, pretty, good at sports, and has a good personality. to be frank, was she big sun for nothing? when I heard she was dating the president from Kingdom, I thought she was good enough to do that. so Yi Ryeong gets jealous and angry at them -you have to see Tae Gong Sil to come to your senses. want to meet her once? let’s set a date. you will be shocked.

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-09-56] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-12-55] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-14-12]

Gong Sil looks at the sun necklace and hides it when Joong Won stands by the door and asks- are you ok – what did you see in the urn. did something scary follow you. Gong Sil: it didn’t follow me. but please tell the others to be careful of it cuz it’s dangerous. my words didn’t get through to them. Joong Won: why didn’t you come to me? if you need me and come I said I wouldn’t avoid you. You said to keep the bunker there in the suite room basement so why aren’t you using it? He holds out his hand. Gong Sil: can I speak frankly. Joong Won: if you can – try to do it. Gong Sil: that the person I like might misunderstand. Joong Won: are you going to keep insisting that’s Kang candy. Gong Sil: are you going to keep misunderstanding it’s you? Joong Won: misunderstand? Gong Sil: in the manhwa movie I saw before, on some stormy night a wolf met a goat. for the sake of living, the wolf had to eat the goat, but he liked the goat so much he couldn’t eat it and almost died of starvation. for the sake of survival you have to see food as something to eat and cant see it as the goat you like. that was so foolish. I wont do something like that. Joong Won: so you are saying you are the wolf and I am the goat and you are thinking of survival? Gong Sil: yes so stop asking if the wolf likes the goat. Joong Won: fine let’s just say the wolf is like that but what about the goat? Gong Sil: in the story the goat likes the wolf too. Joong Won: so what happened? Gong Sil: cuz he liked him so much, he said “wolf – catch me and eat me.” Joong Won says that goat is crazy and leaves. She mutters would the wolf eat the goat when it likes it.

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Joong Won thinks about what the ghost wife said – I could tell you the secret I know and how he said I don’t want to know. she said why cuz if you know that it wont calculate? Joong Won mutters – back then, I should have listened to be certain. I don’t know.

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Kang Won says to Kim that Joong Won’s dad will delay his work and come back if his son really is getting married. what should I report about this wedding? Kim says to tell the truth this wedding is a fake. for both sides it’s business.

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The fiancé met with Joong Won. Joong Won: if I accept your offer, will the owner of Sejin group change? She explains she didn’t come here to study abroad. using the excuse of marriage, if she goes back to Korea, she can avoid her stepmother and get her father’s consent who is in the hospital. She is going to change Sejin company to Sejin Cement. He asks if it will take a week. She says if you help out, I will invest in kingdom’s stocks. he took the offer. Kim says after a week, the wedding will be called off. so tell the chairman he doesn’t have to change his plans. Kang Woo asks if Tae Gong Sil knows this truth. Kim says she doesn’t know. until Joogoon explains first, don’t tell her. Kang Woo says ok.

Sung Ran keeps touching the urn saying how much she likes it – it’s like a refined scholar so Seuk Chul warns her not to touch it freely. Just look at it. Seuk Chul took off his shoes and rubs his feet together to itch them so she asks what he is doing and reminds him how she doesn’t like bad manners and makes him go to the bathroom to itch them. She suddenly has buyer’s remorse and wonders how did I end up falling for a guy like that cuz he isn’t my taste. I like refined scholars. she looks in the vase and sees the guy she likes.

At night Sung Ran gets out of bed and walks out to the yard and there is that same good looking Joseon flower boy playing some flute type instrument to lure her over there. She asks who he is? he motions her over when she asks did you a refined scholar call me over. he reaches out his hand so she leans to touch it but he disappears. she wakes from her dream and yells at Seuk Chul for not correcting his bad sleeping habits cuz his arm was over her neck choking her. he says you said it was cute like a kid sleeping at one time. she tells him to sleep in another room. she mutters I was meeting a genteel scholar. Seuk Chul: who were you meeting?

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-01-11]주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-02-18]

Gong Sil asks Kang Woo to let her go in the vice president’s office. he says to go together but she says it’s better if you didn’t go. he asks is there a ghost there? she says I saw something there so I just want to go in and confirm so if you give me the key I will go and come back. but he says go together- if I don’t confirm properly I wont be able to pass by in front of the vice president’s office anymore. I will go and get the key. Kim watched them. Kang woo comes back and says let’s go. They leave together.

Kim asks are you going to stay. Joong Won says I have a lot of paperwork after the business trip so you go home first since your work is done. Kim: ok. he turns to leave but mentions Tae Yang is still here so should I leave with her- no Kang team leader will probably take her home. He leaves. Joong Won mutters he said it for me to hear but I didn’t hear it

Next scene is Joong Won going to her office and finding it empty. what is this. did she leave already?

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-10-52] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-14-06] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-20-58]

Kang Woo and Gong Sil walk into the dark office. why they don’t turn the light on I have no idea. She notices that his hand holding the flashlight is shaking so she says you can hold me if you are scared and offers her arm. he says then I will rely on you and puts his arm around her and holds her shoulder tightly. Kang Woo: I didn’t want to hang onto you like a kid – I’m accustomed to this. She says ok but put less force in your hand cuz he was grabbing her shoulder too hard so he says I will and loosens his grip. She looks and says the urn is gone and the ghost isn’t here. Kang Woo looks relieved and says it’s not here? he lets go of her. he sits and asks aren’t you scared. she says I am scared too-I’m just used to it more than you. Kang Woo: cuz you were so scared is that why you lived in hiding for so long? Gong Sil: I just lived cooped up at gositel, but after meeting the president I got a lot better. since I got an air hole my life changed. Kang Woo: president Joo gave you something I could never give you. she says but he is getting married soon. like now I cant continue to stay by his side. Kang Woo remembers how Kim said the wedding would be over in a week. He stands and tells her -how about testing if you can be ok without him? while he was gone on his business trip- you came to the office and endured it well. Gong Sil: while keeping the president right next to me, I don’t know if I can not hang onto him. Kang Woo: give yourself a week’s time and think about it well. if the result is you are ok without him, even if the situation changes don’t go to his side cuz it hurts.

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They walk out and Kang Woo asks her to wait and go home together. there is new place in front of home that has delicious ramen late at night. let’s eat and go. She says there is something at that place (a ghost) so he says tell me a place where there is nothing there. she says there is a kimbap place next to it that doesn’t have any but it doesn’t taste good. He quickly says the kimbap place is good. she gives him her arm to hold and Joong Won watched that

Yi Ryeong goes to meet Kang Woo and asks isn’t he here? Han says he is out on his rounds now. I see you often. Yi Ryeong: cuz you see me often do I seem like a neighborhood young lady to you too? Han flatters her calling her a goddess. she sees the Dooly doll and asks what is that. Han says it belongs to Kang Woo. she says it’s cute. Han asks for a picture together

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-39-50] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-41-50] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-48-52] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-50-07]

Kang Woo is scared as he walks down the dark hall and tells himself – if you keep doing this having a late night snack with her is not the problem. suddenly Yi Ryeong pops out and scares him. He hid behind his hands and then looks. what is this. she says Kang Woo ya you are so cute. cuz you were scared just now did you do this (covers her face with her hands like he did) do it again. He asks why she came here again. She explains there might be an article soon about you. Kang Woo: what? Yi Ryeong: we got our picture taken together on the subway. we are going to meet with a reporter I am close with tomorrow so if you go with me now and have a glass of beer, it will be settled as you being my bodyguard or if you run off again, I’m going to say you are my boyfriend -you will be number one in searches. Kang Woo: I am going to go now to eat kimbap with Tae Gong Sil so you can sit next to us and eat radishes cuz you are her friend. He starts to walk away but she calls him and runs in slow motion over to him. she stamps his shirt on the chest side by kissing it. sort of like marking your territory with no pee involved. she takes a look at her work and says it was stamped well. let’s go and show Gong Sil my lipstick color and this color is the same

Gong Sil gets the call from Kang Woo to cancel. She says let’s go eat kimbap some other time. I will go first. She sees the office door open and wonders if the president is still there. is he not here? She finds him outside in the dark and thought he was a ghost. Joong Won: if I was a ghost you would have liked it more. you don’t have to worry about others and you can live just looking at it on your own. Gong Sil: if you were a ghost – instead of me- you would have hung onto me. I am really popular with ghosts. when ghosts look – they see me as a really bright sun. Joong Won: I am not a ghost so why am I like this (meaning he has fallen for her and sees her radiance). Go inside.

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-08-25]주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-18-19]주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-28-45]

They go in and he says sit. he gets to the point and asks would you rather be candy? come out of the gositel, I will get you a home. You will need a car too-choose one. Do you want to study too. Then do it. I will let you. Gong Sil: Do you need to catch a big ghost? Joong Won: Tae Gong Sil -at this time a normal reaction would be – thank you. why are you like this. one out of the two. Gong Sil: I don’t need a big home cuz there are too many places for a ghost to hide. for a car – I have a license, but while I am driving that they might jump out, I don’t need one. as for study I am thinking about it. these days even if there was a ghost next to me I could still take tests. Joong Won: for real – only answers that cant be calculated come out. I want the relationship between you and me to be clear. pushing away a woman who is pathetic with no money, sticking to a man who has a lot of money and successful, people behind you saying that shouldn’t happen and tear you apart, if I buy you a home and car, whether you react with aegyo or protests -do what’s easier. My aunt was insulting you, and you just talked about ghosts in the urn – you’re too complicated – just keep it simple and be a Candy. Then, I can get rid of you for sure. I’m not scared as long as I can see the end. Gong Sil: so you are acting like this to easily get rid of me. Joong Won: by going into your world and becoming the one most important person – I cant tell you to get lost. so I can do this easily – be candy and play with me here (in his head). Gong Sil: if I become candy you can easily tell me anytime to get lost. I don’t want to do it. he gets mad and asks then what do I do. when I said I was getting married you asked me to dig you a safety bunker under my house, then when I said be candy you said you couldn’t accept all those things and get away from me easily. you want me to become the goat that asks you to catch and eat me and give you all of me – is that what you want? Gong Sil: I don’t expect those things. why are you having such a hard time. are you feeling burdened that I might like you? I don’t like you. like at the hotel when I caught the water ghost, I will just go and catch the urn ghost. she gets up and bows and turns to leave, but he holds her hand and says it’s not here so go home. let’s go. he holds her hand and takes her out and stops to say – look at this, after hearing all that from me- you don’t say “why are you like this – what are you doing.” you don’t do those things. Gong Sil holds him with both hands and says: to be honest -on the way over here I met a really scary ajumma. he says let’s go.

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-40-00]

He asks where did you see it. she says near the front – this was the first time she came here. he says then we should keep holding hands as we go. Gong Sil: yes if you are uncomfortable I can just hold your finger. Joong Won: while I was gone on my business trip – you didn’t see any other scary thing? Gong Sil: there was, but I held onto your pen tightly and endured. Joong Won: ball pen? ah the talisman. he looks at her neck to see if she is wearing the sun necklace. Gong Sil: I thought about it. just with your pen I was able to make it through the week. so as time goes by, before you tell me to get lost, I think I can leave first on my own. so don’t worry too much. there will be an end.

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-42-34]

Joong Won sits at home and says she didn’t pick up the necklace

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-42-58]

Gong Sil stares at the necklace and wonders did he feel so much burden/pressure cuz of me?

Joong Won has a meeting that’s important at work

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-48-28]

Gong Sil and Gong Ri sit and hear other workers like Jin Joo talking about how that woman (Gong Sil) got a suite room with the president at the hotel. and he also borrowed the pool. but she was rejected. he is marrying another woman. I knew that would happen. still I am envious. Gong Sil tells her sister – they are talking about me.

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-50-17]

Gong Sil watches Joong Won walk by in the mall as Kang Woo stares at her

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-51-56]

Sung Ran is having really pleasant dreams about her good looking joseon boy and compliments him for being deep and refined, but in reality the ghost is sitting on top of her looking homeless and scary

When Seuk Chul is eating Sung Ran finds faults with him again. he asks why these days she hates each and everything he does. she says he is petty and walks out on him

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-54-20]주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-55-50]

Kang Woo gives her the doll and says this is Gong Sil too. She says I knew about Dooly but there is Gong Sil too. He says you seem to be having a hard time these days so for Gong Sil to have strength, I brought Gong Sil. She thanks him and says it looks like Dooly. he says Dooly is her boyfriend so take good care of her

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-36-52]

Yi Ryeong is on the phone with the friends and says I will make reservations at the restaurant. She goes to Gong Sil’s office and says how cluttered it is. Gong Sil: you said all our high school friends were gathering. Yi Ryeong: they are all curious about you. don’t you feel up to going. Gong Sil: I will go. I should go to places like that. Yi Ryeong: when the location is set I will text you. but I am really curious about something – what is your relationship with president Joo? Gong Sil: just look at it the way it looks. Yi Ryeong: I heard you stuck to him and got dumped. that’s what people said. Gong Sil: if that’s how it looks then that’s what it must be. Yi Ryeong: it’s too bad. cuz they said stuff about his first love and the curse, his engagements broke up a few times. but this time I think he will get married. why did his curse have to lift now after you were rejected. She sees the doll and asks what is that? Gong Sil says its name is Gong Sil too. Yi Ryeong: is this a fake imitation of Dooly? Gong Sil: no her boyfriend is Dooley. Yi Ryeong remembers Kang Woo has Dooly and gets jealous. Gong Sil has to take it out of her hand before she squeezes the stuffing out of it.

Kang Woo is on the phone with chairman and says I will meet you at the airport when you arrive. chairman says see you then

Chairman tells the girlfriend – when I go this time I might stay for a long time. she asks if he is going to find this woman (Hee Joo). he says if she is alive I have to find her

Kim confides to Gong Sil – even though people say Joogoon has a curse cuz of the deceased Cha Hee Joo whenever talk of marriage came out he changed his mind. this time too people will talk a lot about how it will turn out. Gong Sil: to the president Cha Hee Joo is not a curse but a scar. Kim: if it’s a scar all he needs to do is want someone to come and treat it. not sure if it’s really a curse but he wont let anyone come close and chase them away. Gong Sil: that’s right he always says get lost. Kim: someone who hangs in there saying I will never change, no matter how much you chase them out the person who wont go away, if you put the two of them together who will win. Gong Sil: are you talking about the president and me? Kim: I am on your side no matter what. heard you are going to your gathering with old high school friends tomorrow – where is the location?

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-46-55]주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-51-20]

Kim comes in and says I reserved the location for the appointment with Sejin Group’s Park Sae Yeon tomorrow. the week is almost up so are you going to stop this wedding? you aren’t going to continue with it right? Joong Won: I know what you are thinking – all of it. I wont tell you. he turns his back to Kim and grins.

As the scary ghost sits over Sung Ran in her sleep, Seuk Chul spies on his wife and wonders why she is like this to him these days. he remembers how Gong Sil said the urn needs to be broken

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-59-16]

Seuk Chul takes the urn to Joong Won saying it’s your engagement present so leave it in this home. Joong Won asks is my aunt acting strange a lot? Seuk Chul: ever since the day she picked this up she looked down on me. whenever I try to do something she doesn’t like it. I even heard her saying she hates looking at me. she isn’t someone who would say that to me. like that young lady said – if some problem happens with this- she said this should be broken, but even if I don’t feel at ease this isn’t something that can be broken. Joong Won: Tae Gong Sil said to break this? Seuk Chul: she did. but you aren’t going to break off your wedding so how can I break this. you take responsibility for it. Joong Won: by breaking this, I will tell her to take responsibility

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-01-51] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-07-19]

Joong Won holds the urn up to Gong Sil and says I heard you said to break this. should I really break it? Gong Sil: is your aunt not doing well? he says she isn’t well at all. it’s serious and she cant even get up. so should I break this or not. Gong Sil: then you do need to break it. he says if this is broken the wedding has to be broken too so know that and say it. break it or not? Gong Sil: you cant break something like that. Joong Won hugs the urn and plays up the sympathy acting like a concerned nephew: my aunt is really really not doing well. She is almost dying. she is my only aunt. Gong Sil: then you need to break it. Joong Won: then you decide. like you said I will break it. if the wedding is broken off -you take responsibility for everything. Gong Sil: why do I have to take responsibility for everything? Joong Won: cuz of you she is dying so I am breaking it. I am breaking it. He shatters it and Sung Ran finally sees the scary ghost. she calls out for her husband and clings to him. she wonders what that was. he says there is nothing here.

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-16-38]주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-23-05]

GS confides in the doll -cuz of the ghost I said to break it. but people will misunderstand I threw a fuss for him to break off his wedding. but you weren’t doing it cuz of that. now I see how you look to others. what to do. Kang Woo shows up and knocks. he asks if there is anything here. she says I was speaking to Gong Sil. he says the week is up so how are you – do you think you can do without him (Joong Won). Gong Sil: I don’t know well if I can do without him, but when she is next to him I see how it looks. Kang Woo: when Gong Sil is next to Dooly they look the best together (meaning she belongs with him). you said today was your gathering with old friends. I heard from the kid you were really nervous. Gong Sil: that’s true. it’s been a really long time since I saw those friends. Kang Woo: when girls gather they brag about their boyfriends a lot huh? Gong Sil: they do. Kang Woo: then you should brag about your boyfriend too. she asks who? Dooly? Kang Woo nods yes and says if Dooly shows up there, all your friends will faint. she says which cartoon character she liked more than Dooly. Kang Woo: then it wont do. in order to prove it’s Dooly, I will tell him to be sure to go there.

Kang Woo goes out and Kim asks are you going to the airport to pick up the chairman today. Kang Woo: yes. Kim: do you also have an appointment with Tae Yang. Kang Woo says yes

Gong Ri tries to get Han to spread the word that Gong Sil and the president don’t have that kind of relationship. I don’t know who is going around spreading that kind of rumor. Han: that’s right -who speaks so easily – kids these days. Gong Ri says from what I heard I think it’s someone on the security team on the vice president’s side. Han doesn’t think there is anyone on his team who would do that. she says find out who it is so I can throw a fuss. if you find out you don’t have to pay for a cup of coffee. Jin Joo comes over and says after your lunch time is over come to the vice president’s office. Gong Ri asks why would they call you? go find out who is the talker.

Seuk Chul is eating noodles and he thinks Sung Ran is going to find faults with him again but she says there is so much strength in the way you slurp up the noodles- I fell for those sexy lips . he says you came back to your self. like that woman said breaking that urn was effective. she wonders why Joong Won broke that important engagement gift. seuk chul says maybe he wanted to break off the wedding. Sung Ran: dear. he says the chairman is coming today right? she says he wouldn’t be coming to help out on Joong Won’s wedding so is there some other matter

Kang Woo goes and greets the chairman. he says it’s been a long time Kang Woo. Kang Woo: let’s go.

The fiancé says thanks to you the work turned out well. If it’s ok with you, I want to keep going with the wedding so it’s too bad we have to stop here. but JW says there is no need for each of us to feel bad since it started cuz of business. and we got a lot out of it. how big it is we should each do the calculations.

Gong Sil goes to meet her friends at the same restaurant Joong Won is in. but as she greets them she sees a ghost waiter. she holds onto her sun necklace cuz she is scared. her friends ask if she is ok and she says yes I’m fine.

The former fiancé says since we have broken off the engagement I cant say let’s meet often. since it ended up like this am I one of the victims of your curse. you are famous. the kingdom’s Joogoon has a curse over his first love. you already have four broken off engagements huh? next time I hope you break that curse. after she leaves Joong Won tells Kim – that woman said she is the fourth curse. if you gather all the women who have been cursed and play Go Stop (he says some move in the game). Kim says it wont be fun for them. cuz all of them have been rejected by you. anyway if you have a heart that cant accept someone – it’s a curse. if things don’t change the curse wont be lifted.

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-47-14]

The chairman shows Kang Woo the photo of Hee Joo and says the reason why I put you next to Joong Won was cuz of this one photo. This is Maria’s and this photo was found by accident among her belonging. and the woman on this side -who do you think it is? Kang Woo looks at the photo and says Cha Hee Joo. where was this taken? was it England? Chairman: yes the woman you could say resembled her but looks exactly like her was in England. a year after Cha Hee Joo died. Kang Woo: then are you saying Cha Hee Joo is alive? Chairman: you said Joong Won met the dead Cha Hee Joo through that woman Tae Gong Sil, but in Europe I discovered Cha Hee Joo who is alive. Kang Woo asks if perhaps Cha Hee Joo had a twin. chairman: that is the most possible guess. but I found something strange. He shows him all the Christmas cards that were exchanged with the British friend in the photo for the past ten years. this woman lived here and there a lot overseas. Kang Woo looks at the years and location and says she lived in LA 3 years, NY 4 years, and Bukyeong three years. Chairman: after the kidnapping incident my son kept living overseas. He lists the same places she lived. Kang Won: then was she following president Joo around? Chairman: the last postcard that was sent had a message she would return to Korea. That was five years ago. after that Joong Won came and lived in Korea too. Kang Woo: do you think this woman is near president Joo? chairman says yes I think Cha Hee Joo is alive and kept following Joong Won around after that incident. Right now too – I think she is somewhere close to him.

A woman is jogging at night and Seuk Chul and Sung Ran greet her in front of their residence. Seuk Chul asks who is she- I haven’t seen her. Sung Ran says she moved here not too long ago. the girl gets on the elevator with Hee Joo’s ghost. (This girl is living in the same building as Joong Won and living close to him just like his dad said)

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-48-45]

Joong Won is leaving with Kim and sees Gong Sil with her friends. Kim acts innocent and says she said she had a gathering with friends and it must be here. your father went to the hotel just now. Kang will be coming here so do you want to meet him and hear what he has to say and go. Joong Won:I will meet father myself and talk so there is no need to call Kang here separately. Kim: I didn’t call him. he will be coming here to meet Tae Yang. he will join them. in front of her friends Tae Yang will look good today. cuz her boyfriend is so good looking.

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-51-09] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-51-52] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-53-55] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-54-09] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-56-01]

Gong Sil’s friends ask so you were in an accident- are you ok now? Gong Sil:I got a lot better. the friend says it’s too bad you didn’t graduate school. when is it that you have to finish by? Gong Sil: there is still some time left. the friend says talk about yourself. didn’t you say you were working at Kingdom? is that president really your boyfriend? Yi Ryeong tells Gong Sil tell them what you told me in detail. how you approached him and how you got dumped. Gong Sil: that’s right. I met a guy who is successful and really rich. they ask how. Gong Sil: on a night when it rained a lot I got a ride from a really nice car. and that person was the president of Kingdom. I had to meet him again so I went looking for him. I had to catch him so I got a part time job and went in and chased him. cuz I was lonely and sad, he started to take care of me. whenever I had difficult things happen he helped me and stayed with me. he even did an event for me by borrowing out the entire hotel pool. now that you heard what I said – how do I look to you guys?

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-18-24] 주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-39-27]

The friends say I am totally envious. it must have been really nice. Yi Ryeong asks so? the ending is important. Gong Sil says he is getting married with the chaebol daughter soon. but still I wont break away from him and will stick to him. I can never break off from him. even if I look pathetic and brazen it cant be helped. cuz to me he is the one special person in this world. she starts to cry as Joong Won comes over and stands behind her. he pets her hair and says that’s me. Tae Gong Sil. cuz of you I came after breaking off my wedding so you take responsibility. let’s go. Gong Sil asks what are you doing here. he mutters since I did this – now I’m finally getting the grumbling I’ve been expecting. then will being cute (aegyo-y) fix that? He puts his arm around her and says to her friends “my baby’s heart was hurt a lot – to comfort her I will pay for her friends meal. have fun, enjoy yourself, and go. my baby – should you go with oppa.” he leads her out by the hand saying let’s go. Yi Ryeong asks what are they doing

Joong Won says cuz you left out the talk about radar and bunker people are talking easily about you and me. Gong Sil: stop it. I get it. now I see this is all I’m worth in your world. She walks away crying. Kang Woo shows up and asks what is going on. did something happen. she cant speak cuz she is too overcome with emotions and fights back tears. Joong Won goes over and says I was about to take her away and leaves with Gong Sil. Yi Ryeong comes out so Kang Woo asks what’s going on. why is Tae Gong Sil like that. why did president Joo come? Yi Ryeong says cuz of her he broke off his wedding and came to tell her to take responsibility and came to get her. what about you? why did you come here? did you come cuz of her too? Kang Woo says yes. Yi Ryeong: do you really like Tae Gong Sil? Kang Woo: yes so with this – you aren’t going to keep asking me to be your boyfriend right? he walks away

주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-40-28]주군의 태양.E10.130903.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-44-29]

Gong Sil: I told you I would give it all to you to use. I just need this much of an air hole. were you afraid I would ask for something else? Joong Won: yes I am afraid. can you really protect me without having any other heart (without having any other feelings)? after seeing me as your bunker and protecting me -when you think you can live (on your own)-can you get lost on your own. Gong Sil: I said I would. I am like that now too. Joong Won: can I believe that? Gong Sil: even if I was stepped on like this by you- if something scary pops out I could run to you right away and hold on. I am like that. it’s not like you don’t know that. JW: ok fine I will trust you. now I will do what I want comfortably -from here on – you handle everything on your own. Gong Sil: thank you. I can handle anything. Joong Won: is that so? then starting with this – you handle it. Tae Yang I think I love you. what are you going to do now?


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