[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 12

To a certain extent, in the back of your subconscious, you wait for the other shoe to drop during the happiest moments. For these two, that thought hasn’t even occurred to them. Life has dealt them some heavy blows in the past so I bet they thought they earned this right to be happy together. They weren’t all wrong. Even though they inadvertently became each other’s safety nets, ready to catch when the other falls, what they didn’t count on was life testing them once more. Fate decided to play a really bad joke and took away a net to see how brave they could be without it. Maybe I’m in denial here about what I saw tonight, but I am fervently hoping it was an illusion – something to test Gong Sil’s faith and ours. For all the fans of this drama, all I can tell you is to focus on what we had so far and cling to the belief that there just has to be a clever twist to all of this. I chose to remain hopeful as I watched the first half again. When Joong Won silently went back in her home to be her bunker before she even dared to ask him, I knew he not only came a long way emotionally, but that he was thoroughly invested in this relationship. Gone is the man who stood still like a statue each time she clung to him out of fear. Not only does he know how to hold onto her too, he reaches out to her every chance he gets. Gong Sil is still afraid to do it out of giving him more to fear, but every time Joong Won pets her hair, I feel like he is getting one step closer to becoming the person he was before that incident. He is bravely learning to love again. Forget the words of denial that still come out of his mouth from time to time, more and more his actions are contradicting them. It was always difficult to pinpoint who was the bigger hero in this story, but I think the credit goes to both of them. Gong Sil for overcoming her obstacles one day at a time and Joong Won for having the courage to push aside his trauma to fight his way through it. I have no idea how tonight’s ending will play out until the next episode, but there is one hope I am holding onto with all my might – that no matter what happens – we get more of these quiet heroic moments.

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Written before it aired:

Has a reflection ever said so much with just a look without a single word spoken? I bet Joong Won didn’t like the man he was staring at. The expression on his face was a mixture of guilt, remorse, and longing. This was the guy who didn’t hold on to her when he should have and sent her off crying alone. He broke her heart and didn’t take that extra step to go comfort her right away. He definitely wasn’t the one who has been trying to read again -a feat only Gong Sil could make happen. In every aspect, Gong Sil was the driving force that has been making him change for the better. He doesn’t just see dollar signs anymore and sees people through the eyes of compassion. As soon as he touched those books, it’s like he was reminded of what Gong Sil has done for him. She made him let go of his trauma a bit to give himself the chance to escape the prison he kept himself in all these years. She opened his eyes and made him realize that by not reading again, he was letting his abductors win and continue to traumatize him. The key to opening those invisible bars was inside him all along, but he just needed the motivation to grab it and free himself. I bet he impulsively ran after her cuz he didn’t like being the person who hurt her. He had to amend his wrong even that late at night. I kept wondering if he meant all along to kiss her, but being the smart guy that he is, I think he saw that opening when Gong Sil pretended to be possessed by a ghost. He knew he could outsmart her and use that same line he said to the walnut ghost lady. This might be an odd thing to say about a kiss, but in that moment, I think for the first time Joong Won felt triumphant. This was way better than when he felt relief from getting everything off his chest and telling her how much he missed her while he was away. For the sole reason that this was Joong Won acting on his own with no restrictions and limitations – following his heart to the fullest and savoring his little moment of victory.

 Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 12 

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Starts from the kiss. He hugs her and pets her hair slowly. Joong Won: if the ghost is gone and only Tae Gong Sil is left – listen well. seeing how you couldn’t do it openly and used the excuse of being a ghost, I still believe that you don’t want me to get lost for real. we started this cuz you said you could handle it. if you raise your hand saying it’s hard on you it will end like this, so what will you do now. He makes her face him. she says something came inside and left for a short while. thanks for chasing it away. Joong Won: thank goodness you came back safely. she asks why did you come here. Joong Won: “I decided – next” you said it was your home. did you decide your home as the location for our first date? it sure is bolder than I thought. He smirks and walks off

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He goes inside so she asks where are you going. I said I was going to my home I wasn’t inviting you. Joong Won: when you barged into my home I don’t remember inviting you. we (are so close that we) shared the same bed at the first visit so what invitation. he looks around and asking where should I sit. she says don’t sit and just go. Joong Won: is this all of it? there really is no place for a ghost to hide. he sees her underwear so she quickly puts it away. he sits on her bed asking is it ok to sit here? Gong Sil: I heard everything you said. I want to be safe too so go. Joong Won: I didn’t come in for me to be in danger. (referring to this situation where they could sleep together) should I have prepared and come in? I’m not ready yet. Gong Sil: you are the one who made it dangerous a while ago-you did that a while ago (kiss her). Joong Won: a while ago that was to chase away an urgent ghost that came in. that’s all. Gong Sil: is that so? to chase away a ghost – a finger or toe or lips are all the same. even if you grazed my cheek it would have been the same. I don’t have the pride to turn you down nor do I have a heart that is upset. when I am scared to death where would those things be. Joong Won: I am like that too- my heart keeps going to you so it’s upsetting and not being able to control that hurts my pride. so I am scared to death too. I’m scared but I came so don’t chase me out. I’m inside so saying this is weird but invite me in. I saw you last time in your office when you gathered ghosts and served them coffee, give me a cup too. Gong Sil: Ok I will give you something really bitter that you like so that it’s not sweet at all. Joong Won: thanks for knowing my taste. she goes to make it. he tells the stuffed animal “I was invited – there is no space so get lost.” he knocks it off the bed.

Sung Ran is meeting with Kim. Sung Ran: she doesn’t love him so much she could die -without any pride why is she sticking next to our Joong Won’s side? Kim explains people are talking that the dead Hee Joo is a curse for Joogoon. Tae Yang said it was a scar. I see her as someone who can treat that. Sung Ran: with what can she treat Joong Won’s scars? Kim: to treat the scar you have to get close, but Joogoon wont let anyone by his side. if he chases them away they come again. if he gets them away they stick to him again, not just anyone can do that. Sung Ran: are you saying she worked so hard to capture Joong Won’s heart. a scar? from what I can see she caught Joong Won’s weakness. Kim: she did capture his heart. to make an exit for him to run away he is making calculations for it. Sung Ran: then he is thinking of coming out? Kim: he trusted there is an exit and went inside but little by little he will taste death (meaning he will have a harder time cuz he will be in love)

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Joong Won looks around and asks before you met me you lived hiding in this tiny place (the size of the palm of your hand). Gong Sil: yes this was where my heart was the most at ease. He opens her fridge and sees beer cans. you cant drink alcohol though. she says those are Kang Woo’s not mine. his jealousy radar goes off and Joong Won asks: why is Kang team leader’s beers coming out of your fridge in your room? Gong Sil: we often have one out on the deck out front – so that’s it comfortable to get we leave it there. Joong Won: you often have beer with Kang team leader out front on the deck. at that time what do you do? Gong Sil: since I cant drink alcohol I drink cider. Joong Won: there is no room in your small fridge so you probably cant hold onto Kang team leader’s beers too. He pulls them out but she says I have plenty of room to hold onto Kang Woo’s beers so put them back. he shakes up the beer cans and puts it back. he says I deposited a lot of money into your account so instead of a small gositel move to a better place. Gong Sil: I told you -this place puts my heart at ease the most. He goes over and sits asking Kang team leader gets paid a lot so why is he living in a gositel. Gong Sil: he is looking into getting an apartment. Joong Won is happy and says he is? she gets a text from Kang Woo and runs off telling him to eat the fruit and stay here. he asks where are you going leaving behind your guest. she says there is coffee and fruit so just eat that and stay. He mutters the name clearly was two words -is it Kang Woo? He looks at her text and it’s long so he doesn’t read it. what am I doing now.

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Joong Won enlists the help of the kids and asks the older one to read the last text message. he offers a toy for the brother to buy at kingdom’s kids mall with his business card. take this there and get whatever you want. the kid thanks him and asks you are a grownup but don’t you know hangul? Joong Won says I can read English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, but cuz of a situation I don’t read hangul. read it. the boy says ok and reads the text message aloud “Tae Gong Sil si – I have a favor to ask – they said it will rain tonight – please take down the blanket hanging out to dry on the roof. don’t do the recycling alone. I love you.” Joong Won gives the kid an alarmed look and asks what? the kid read one word wrong and corrects himself “do it with me.” Joong Won: you scared me. He mutters is Tae gong Sil even taking down Kang candy’s blanket that he covers himself with? should I just buy up this entire building? the kid asks are you the president ajussi? Joong Won: why? did Tae Gong Sil say anything about the president? the kid says yes. Gong Sil noona said the president was the most special person in the world. Joong Won is pleased to hear that. since you guys are young you are probably honest and sincere. just to get a toy you wouldn’t sweet talk. he gives the kids more business cards – instead of just toys you can use it to buy anything you want. the kid just looks at him so Joong Won keeps putting down his cards. * I can already see what kind of dad Joong Won will be.

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Yi Ryeong says if reporters see you come to meet me like this it will cause complications. Kang Woo asks if she did this on purpose. Yi Ryeong: I told you before – cuz of the photo take on the subway reporters might write articles. don’t worry tomorrow another article will come out. Kang Woo: what other article? other than number one on search engines, will it come out on entertainment shows too? Yi Ryeong: scandals with me might do that. but don’t worry cuz you wont come out. Kang Woo: what? Yi Ryeong: tomorrow there will be a scandal about me and president Joo. in order to block the one with you it couldn’t be helped. why? cuz I am involved with president Joo are you worried about Tae Gong Sil? Kang Woo: how are you? you don’t have anything going on with president Joo so even if those articles go out – are you ok? you are a celebrity. she yells don’t worry for me. you rejected me. don’t look at me like that. it’s better if you glared. Kang Woo: what can I do for you? I don’t want to impose on you. she says it’s ok it’s not the first time having a scandal – I will take care of it so go. he says call if you need anything and leaves

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Gong Sil finds Joong Won sitting outside. she sits next to him and asks you didn’t leave yet. Joong Won: I was formally invited so I need to hear the home owner say go well before I can get up (and leave). Gong Sil: go well. Joong Won: you put away the blanket well and the recycling sorting you were going to do together -did you leave him some? Gong Sil: you read it? Joong Won: yes I read it. Gong Sil: but you cant read. Joong Won: I wasn’t reading. even though I don’t read it with my own eyes, if I want to read -there are many ways to read. Gong Sil: that’s true – whatever you want it works out. if you want to know you know – if you don’t want to know you can just ignore it. must be nice. Joong Won: you said you could handle all that. Gong Sil: I thought about a way for you to be safe. that story about the wolf and goat. for the goat – even though there is a wolf next to him who could catch him and eat him, do you know how he was able to feel safe? it was cuz he knew how much the wolf liked him. because the wolf liked the goat so much, he believed/trusted that he would never catch him and eat him and protect him so that is why he was able to feel safe. so you be safe too – like the wolf, I will protect you. believe it. Joong Won’s gaze lingers at her for a long time. Gong Sil: go now cuz it will rain tonight -hurry and leave before it rains hard. she goes inside.

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She looks out the window and says I really hate days when it rains. I’m so scared so what to do. She didn’t know it but Joong Won was standing next to her. she sees him and gets startled. Gong Sil: why didn’t you go and came back again? Joong Won: you said you were the most scared of water ghosts. on days it rains – what else would come out but water ghosts. on a day like this -don’t you need me more? Gong Sil: on days it rains I am more scared. she mutters to herself – but I told him in such a cool way to leave so how could I ask him to stay again. I’m going crazy. He heard and says since you said you would protect me and to trust you so I will believe you and go a little later. 

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He propels her over to her bed and makes her sit. Joong Won: sleep. he sits down too and sees the look on her face. Joong Won: for real – just hold hands and sleep. you cant have other thoughts. I trust you. it’s so hot. he takes off his jacket. what are you doing? he puts her feet on he bed, holds her hand, and tells her to sleep. he makes her lie down.

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During the storm, he watches her sleep and remembers what Gong Sil said earlier pretending to be a ghost “cuz of you chasing them away – she cant do anything at all and she said she is hurting a lot. she is hurting a lot you bad guy.” Joong Won: I will act like Tae Gong Sil hurting was relayed to me. cuz I don’t plan to openly hug a girl who is hurting. using ghosts as an excuse to hug isn’t bad. he lightly pets her hair and falls asleep sitting holding her hand.

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She wakes and almost touches his hair as he sleeps by her bedside. she remembers how he said “my heart keeps going to you so it’s upsetting and not being able to stop that hurts my pride. so I am scared to death too.” Gong Sil: cuz he is scared he cant read text – I cant make him scared too.

She wakes up in the morning and he is gone. She looks down at her empty hand.

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The scandal breaks about who is dating Yi Ryeong. Kang Woo faces off with Joong Won and tells him – you admit it’s you. even though you broke off four engagements it doesn’t bother you. it would look better for Tae Yi Ryeong too if it’s you. Joong Won: I don’t want to. your face is already all over the internet. since your face has already been exposed (sold) you can just do it a little more and it wont matter. you admit it (that you are dating Yi Ryeong). Kang Woo: I don’t want to either. Kim comes over and says if both of you say it’s not you – it will cause complications for Tae Yi Ryeong. Kang Woo: they might say she is dating two guys at the same time. Joong Won: she is my kingdom model so I cant let her image go down more. fine then. let’s both not deny we aren’t dating her. how is that? Kang Woo goes for that. Joong Won asks Kim – if Tae Gong Sil saw that article. Kim says yes. I dropped by her office a while ago. she saw the article. Kang Woo: what did she say? Kim: she isn’t paying any attention to it. Joong Won: where and what is she doing now? Kim: she said there is a ghost that’s lost near kingdom and went to go look for it.

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There is a mother on the street passing out fliers for her lost kid and asking people to be sure to look at it. Gong Sil tells her sister that ajumma lost her child. Gong Ri says how the mom’s face doesn’t look like a living person. how upset she must be. Gong Sil: that poor woman. the kid she lost is next to her. the kid is dead and staring at his mother. Gong Sil cries looking at the ghost kid. Gong Ri asks did you see something. Gong Sil: the kid already died. Gong Ri is shocked. that mom thinks her child is alive and is looking for him. Gong Sil asks should I go over and tell her. Gong Ri says how can you tell that mom her child died. if she hears that she will collapse – don’t do it. the mom feels faint so some man passing by helps the mom pass out fliers. Gong Sil: if I don’t tell that mom for the rest of her life she will go around looking for her child. She watches the ghost kid running away so Gong Sil goes after him

*the ghost kid is the one who played young Su Ha in I hear your voice

The kid is hiding behind some stairs. Gong Sil says you are Woo Jin right? hi. you like these chips don’t you? she offers him snacks and tells him to come out and speak to her. Jinjoo and other staff watch her and wonder what Gong Sil is doing. they see Yi Ryeong coming and Jin Joo says I know the truth about her scandal – both guys don’t like her -they like her (Gong Sil). I have to be careful of scandals. Gong Sil finally got the kid to come out

Yi Ryeong meets with Joong Won, Kim, and Kang Woo. Yi Ryeong: I already told the reporters. that her relationship with Joong Won was just having meals and coffee with Kang Woo. aren’t you grateful? don’t mess with me or I will say turn it around and say it’s you. since her model contract is almost over she wont have need to come to Kingdom and is about to leave but Joong Won decides to renew her contract cuz he doesn’t want to end the model contract over a scandal where all they did was have meals. Kim: then during the fall autographing event Kang team leader will stand in as her bodyguard. Kang Woo:cuz that is my job. Yi Ryeong: if my contract is renewed then I guess I will have be coming to kingdom. Joong Won tells Kim to tell accounting to deduct/lower her model fee 

As Yi Ryeong leaves she runs into Gong Sil. Yi Ryeong asks- big sun (Tae Yang) did you see my article. Gong Sil: yes I saw it. Yi Ryeong: you aren’t affected by it at all huh? Gong Sil: are you okay? Yi Ryeong: I don’t like salaryman or guys with a curse. are you sticking to president Joo cuz you want to get the curse as his fifth? Gong Sil: it’s correct I am sticking to him but I have no plans to get away from him so I wont get the curse. YiRyeong: if you don’t get it then president Joo will. can you avoid curses just cuz you avoid it? she walks away. Gong Sil mumbles I cant avoid a curse from a dead person cuz I can see dead people. she asks the kid – isnt that true? let’s go.

The man who helped the mom is the kid’s killer. He is upset cuz the mom is still looking for the dead kid. he holds the bloody clothes from the kid and decides to burn it separately. he touches the trunk and says I have to hurry and get rid of what’s in here.

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Gong Sil explains to Joong Won,Kim, and Kang Woo that there is a dead boy sitting here. the kid’s mother still thinks he is alive and she keeps looking for him. she holds up the flier. it says here he disappeared so he must have went through something really scary. even though I ask he is so afraid he doesn’t answer. Kim: so are you saying we have to help a kid we cant see. she nods yes. Joong Won acts experienced and says when you first go through this you will be shocked. I even followed a dog I couldn’t see. Kang Woo: what can we do for him? Joong Won: I heard you were scared of this stuff – if it’s a problem you can leave. Kang Woo: I decided not to avoid stuff I am scared of. also the kid and his mother – it’s too pitiful. Tae Gong Sil si – what can I do? Gong Sil: thank you. if you read this (the flier) it says the kid likes being sung to. Kang Woo: then we just need to sing to him? Gong Sil: he is wearing a Tshirt with a bear on it. he must really like bears. Kang Woo: then 3 little bears will be good. I will sing for him. Kim says it will be embarrassing for you to do it alone so how about if we share singing each part? you said the kid’s name was Woo Jin right? Gong Sil nods yes. Kim says to the kid – Woo Jin the ajussis here will sing to you so listen well. He cues Kang Woo. Kang Woo starts singing then Kim then Joong Won. Gong Sil tries not to laugh. she says the kid is laughing and do it one more time. Joong Won really gets into it and keeps singing moving his body even when the song ended so Kim says to stop.

Han reports to Seuk Chul about Gong Sil’s past. from the moment she was in that accident, her life was turned upside down. at 24 when she suddenly got into that accident, she kept staying at hospitals for 3 years, she woke up suddenly at 27. then she kept living as a loser and not too long ago she came into kingdom. (her age is 31). Seuk Chul asks what was that accident. Han says I didn’t find that out yet. Seuk Chul reminds him how much Han spent yesterday eating and drinking with Gong Ri cuz Han gave him the receipt to pay for it. while eating what did you get out of her? Han: I am meeting her again today and will be sure to find out what accident Tae Gong Sil was in.

Han goes to see Gong Ri and she thanks him for the meal the other day and serves him free coffee. she offers to pay for tonight but he says it’s ok. he brings up how they didn’t get to finish talking about Gong Sil’s accident cuz she got too drunk on soju. I am really curious about it. she says sorry and promises not to talk about such depressing stuff again. She gets him more coffee and smiles at him like she likes him

The kid takes Gong Sil to the spot where the accident occurred. Gong Sil: why didn’t anyone see you dying? was it hidden? the killer comes over and asks are you looking for something. the kid ghost gets scared and disappears. she says was there a car accident around here. he says no there wasn’t. she says it’s strange. He sees the flier she is holding and asks are you looking for that kid. Gong Sil: yes. she thanks him for his help and looks for the kid and leaves. he wonders did that woman see something.

In the middle of the day that guy had run over the kid and put the kid’s body in his car and drove off. the man says no one was there. that woman doesn’t even recognize me.

Gong Sil goes and sees the kid ghost next to his mom passing out fliers again. the mom is asking people please look at this – he is my baby. Gong Sil cries watching her.

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-05-50] 주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-09-50]

Gong Sil tells Joong Won – the kid is dead and his mom doesn’t know so should I tell the mom. Joong Won: if she doesn’t know it will be tormenting/anguishing, but it becomes a reason to live. if she knows she will want to die and follow him. Gong Sil: for the rest of her life having that dead child by her side, she will have to live in anguish. it’s so pitiful. Joong Won: the kid’s mom cant see the dead kid. if you say you can see the dead kid – to that person you will become a frightening person. when you find out where the kid is – don’t get involved and report it to the police. Gong Sil: I should do that. did you do that at first too? when I told you I could see the dead Cha Hee Joo. was I frightful too? he says I just didn’t like that she was next to me for such a long time. He goes and sits at his chair and looks upset

Sung Ran is waiting to meet Gong Sil at her office. Sung Ran: are you staying by his side to treat Joong Won’s scar? there is no need to do that. Joong Won lived very well. Gong Sil: but he cant read text. Sung Ran: you really are determined. okay fine. what can you do for him? can you call the dead Hee Joo? Gong Sil: if I call her – will it treat his scar? Sung Ran: when I speak to you nicely Bang Sil – I cant converse with you. I will speak simply and say leave Joong Won alone. during that time he buried it well and lived well. Soon he will forget all of it. having you stick to him and make him think about Hee Joo more is tormenting him more get away from him. Gong Sil: aunt when I bring up talk of Hee Joo – is that frightful for him? Sung Ran: now you get what I am saying. yes it’s terrible so get away from him.

Joong Won is reading the book and complains why are there so many letters. he gets a drink and sees beer. I wonder if Kang team leader drank beer today too.

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-25-21]

Joong Won is holding a six pack of beer at her house. she asks why did you come? Joong Won: to keep my beer here.

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-35-52] 주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-36-00] 주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-39-15] 주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-40-11]

He pushes his way in and goes to the fridge. she asks why leave it here. he says there is no room in mine. Gong Sil:does that make sense? your fridge is the size of my home. why is there no room? Joong Won: there isn’t. do you want to go and see? then get your cider and let’s go to my home. Gong Sil: that’s ok. there is no room in my tiny fridge to put that so take it with you. Joong Won: there will be room if you make it. he takes out Kang Woo’s beer and puts his inside. see? since I did that now there is room. he says one beer is missing -during that time did he drink one? Gong Sil: how did you know that? he drank one just now. Kang Woo’s police friend said he would investigate whether there was an accident at the place I went to today and drank one. Joong Won: why did you tell Kang team leader that- you should have told me awhile ago. Gong Sil: you said it was terrible/frightening. you could do that. I will handle it. Joong Won: you dont have to handle the problem about Hee Joo. Gong Sil: in the past through me you saw Hee Joo -what did she say then? was it something terrible? Joong Won remembers how she said – I didn’t deceive you. I wish you would come back to how you used to be. I love you. He says aloud – yes she said something terrible -that she didn’t deceive me- for me to come back to the way I used to be, and that she loved me. Gong Sil: if she spoke like that maybe something went wrong. Kang Woo ssaid he discovered something strange about Hee Joo -did you ask him about that? Joong Won: I didn’t want to know so I left it alone. Gong Sil: are you scared of that too? Joong Won: yes – do you want to handle that? now that I look at it – if you are going to stick next to me, it will be the biggest thing you have to handle. when you and I are together – if Hee Joo shows up, you will be able to see her. when you see the ghost that loves me, you will probably feel like crap. even if you see her don’t ever tell me. if you act like you dont know and touch me she will be gone. you will feel like you chased her off, so you will feel even more crappy. still -rather than you, her, and me being together, that will be better. can you handle it? you cant huh? what you cant handle – don’t mess with it. he starts to walk off but she grabs his arm and says I will mess with it cuz that’s what I do best. don’t just leave it alone and find out (about Hee Joo) not being able to read text for 15 yrs – what is that. don’t you need to read text? avoiding cuz you are scared-that’s embarrassing. he says let me go -i’m leaving. she holds onto him so he says it’s embarrassing so let go.

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-51-32]

Joong Won goes home and says it’s embarrassing I didn’t read one book yet. since I started – I will read this till the end. how much the wolf endured – how brazen that goat is. he keeps reading

Kang Woo says into the phone to the chairman – president Joo still didn’t ask me about Cha Hee Joo. yes I am waiting.

Han asks if Kang Woo saw the article about Yi Ryeong – that she was hospitalized. Kang Woo: I saw it. Han remarks he is cold.

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Kang Woo walks out and wonders if she is really sick and sees Yi Ryeong doing fine so he smiles. she says Kang Woo-you are too much. you must have seen the article about me being hospitalized. couldn’t you buy me soju and dried squid and come to the hospital. he asks didn’t you say that was stringing you along? she retorts -over soju and dried squid – do I look like a fish you a salaryman could fish around for. they get into a whole discussion about what level of bigger fish she is and how he cant handle her even if she is a low fish like a minnow. when he walks off, she yells – did anyone say I would go down to a minnow level for you – are you crazy?

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[08-02-53]

Kang Woo goes back to the office and looks at his dooly doll. he sees on the security camera that Yi Ryeong was crying.

Kim comes over tells Kang Woo that Joong Won wants him to report about Cha Hee Joo

*Joong Won is obeying Gong Sil again. first he met with his dad to prevent his dad from seeking out Gong Sil and now he is finding out about Hee Joo because Gong Sil advised him to.

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[08-06-23]주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[08-11-43]

Joong Won puts down the envelope and says my father gave me this and left and told me to hear the explanation from you so try explaining it. Kang Woo retorts with sarcasm: you sure did call me quickly. Joong Won: what my father ordered you to do is up to this right? so are you going to leave now? Kang Woo: I wont leave. Joong Won: are you going to keep watch till the end? heard you got an apartment. what is the reason for staying behind at the gositel? Kang Woo: until the chairman finishes up about Cha Hee Joo – until there is no more use for Tae Gong Sil -I will wait. Joong Won: explain what’s inside here. Kang Woo shows the photo and says how the chairman discovered it by accident. Joong Won looks and says Cha Hee Joo. Kang Woo: the chairman thinks Cha Hee Joo is alive and that she is still around you somewhere. Joong Won: Hee Joo is dead. who is this woman who looks exactly like her? Kang Woo: the girl in the photo is an avid fan of Agatha Christie. the nickname Wargrave on the postcards that were sent was a character name from the novel. Joong Won: Wargrave is a name I cant forget. “And then there were none.” it’s the name of the culprit in the novel I read last. Hee Joo was an orphan so did she have a twin? also is she the culprit she wanted to protect?

The Hee Joo look alike goes to visit Hee Joo’s memorial and smiles. She was there the day of the accident. She was the driver of the car that blew up. She had the necklace. she is holding it now at the memorial.

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[08-28-20]

Joong Won goes to visit the memorial too – he asks which side is it – dead or not. he remembers how Hee Joo said I am sorry Joo Joong Won. Joong Won: the person you want to protect I have to find.

When Kim and Joong Won leave the girl watches them. Kim notices her. she gets in her car and watches them drive away. the girl says Joo Joong Won – did you come here to meet Cha Hee Joo -I’m grateful

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[08-37-07]

Gong Sil says to the kid ghost – I have to know where you are to tell your mother. Joong Won knocks and asks if the kid who disappeared is still there. Gong Sil: yes but he wont talk. Joong Won: being dragged into your world-I listened to what you saw and heard -but honestly I cant see or hear anything. I just listen to your words and only look at you. after just looking at you with no sense, I think I’ve been totally bewitched. Gong Sil: that’s true – it’s all cuz of me. Joong Won: yes it’s all cuz of you. finding out about Hee Joo again -all of that – it’s cuz of you. Tae Gong Sil – I came back from seeing/visiting Hee Joo. Gong Sil: you did well. Joong Won: these days I am reading a book too. Gong Sil: you can read the text? Joong Won: I cant read it – there is no progress. but anyway I keep looking at it. she asks which book. Joong Won: there is a book that the level is really high. it’s a 6 part series that’s hard to read. she says it must be a great book – be sure to read it till the end. Joong Won: ok after I read it to the end -at that time – my level will go up so it wont be embarrassing. I have to go to a meeting. tell the kid’s mother with me. Gong Sil: thank you for doing it with me. he smiles at her and leaves.

Joong Won tells Kim- I will go to the meeting alone. Please go to the orphanage where Hee Joo grew up and find out if she had a twin. I will tell you the details after I come back from the meeting. Joong Won leaves and Kim wonders: he must have known. is that why he went to Hee Joo’s memorial. Then this child – is it Hanna?

Sung Ran and the look alike goes to Joong Won’s home and Sung Ran introduces her to Joong Won’s maid saying how she is the best cuz she matches her nephew’s clean streak personality. Sung Ran looks at the stacks of books and asks what it is. the maid says it’s the president’s and he said not to touch it. Sung Ran says it looks like a fairytale. the girl looks down and asks cant he still not read books? Sung Ran asks how do you know about my nephews desultory reading (his reading problem). the girl says last time while drinking wine, I think the vice president mentioned it. Sung Ran: you can keep secrets right Hanna? Hanna says yes. Sung Ran picks up the book wondering if he liked the illustration so he is looking at it. what is this – on a stormy night. Hanna: he is reading a fun book. Sung Ran: do you know this book? Hanna: it’s a famous children’s book writer. it’s about how the wolf and goat liked each other and came together. sung Ran: how can the wolf and goat come together? Hanna: they weren’t supposed to get along but they did. the one who liked more dies. the one who liked more was the wolf

Gong Sil says to the kid – the person noona likes, he was hurting for a long time. I wish your mom didn’t have to do that. let’s tell her where you are Woo Jin. the kid says some place dark. she says go with me. they leave together

Joong Won is leaving

Kim goes to see Gong Sil but she is gone

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The kid runs into the garage of the man who is the killer and goes straight to the trunk where his corpse is. she asks where are you going. is it around here? the man asks who are you. it’s that young lady. why did you come here. did you come to find something. she says yes I came to find something. he says it’s a car center so without a car what did you come to find? She is about to leave but he says wait a second. it’s good you came cuz I have something to ask you. don’t leave and wait. the man walks out. The kid points to the trunk where his body is. the man is outside putting on gloves. She runs over to the kid and calls Joong Won. he is about to get in his car. she says I followed Woo Jin. Joong Won: Woo Jin? the dead kid. she says I think I discovered that kid (his corpse) this place is… the killer closes the doors so she hides. Joong Won asks where are you now? the man calls out are you there miss. Joong Won calls out her name over and over so she hangs up. she sends him a text. the killer says since you came alone you didn’t tell anyone yet. she texted “I discovered where Woo Jin is. he is at Kimpo car center. I think the owner killed Woo Jin. Woo Jin is inside that person’s car trunk.” The man finds her and shoves her around.

Joong Won tries calling but she doesn’t answer. She sent that long text to him. He tells himself you must read this. you can read it. you will read it. where are you Tae Gong Sil. he looks at the text message and reads the name of the car center.

Gong Sil is bleeding from her head wound and tied up in the car. the man says not too long ago it rained too much – you are the killer/culprit and cuz of the guilt you felt for killing the kid, you are committing suicide by jumping. she says you didn’t see Woo Jin did you? after you put Woo Jin away you cried. why didn’t you go straight away to the hospital then. he asks how do you know that – did you see it? Gong Sil: Woo Jin told me. he calls her a crazy woman. Gong Sil: when people die you think that’s the end huh? but even now he is watching you. that moment you killed that kid – he is looking at you exactly in that moment. even right now he is looking at you – right in front of you. the guy gets scared imagining the dead kid looking at him. he tells her to shut up she takes that chance to spray his eyes and get away.

Joong Won drives off to rescue her

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-05-30] 주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-05-40] 주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-06-10] 주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-07-11]

She tries to open the door but cant get out. the guy says no one saw. he gets out a sharp tool to stab with. she moves away from him. the guy says come over here. Joong Won calls out to her from outside. the guy is about to stab her but Joong Won hugs her and protects her. the guy stabbed Joong Won in the back and runs away. Joong Won looks at her and says I told you to be careful. you got hurt. Gong Sil: I’m ok. did you call the police. he says yes. you are ok -thank goodness. he collapses on her shoulder so she asks what’s wrong. she feels his back and the wound. she looks at her bloody hand and sobs. police and paramedics run in and grab Joong Won.

 The ambulance takes Joong Won away and he is rushed into surgery. Gong Sil stands outside the surgery room in shock.

Sung Ran reads the ending of the wolf/goat story and says “in the end they couldn’t live together -even though they keep liking each other they die. what kind of story is this.” she is crying

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[02-49-48]

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-44-19] 주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-45-36] 주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-45-45]

Gong Sil sits alone in the empty hallway holding the sun necklace and hears footsteps coming closer. Joong Won’s ghost walks over and looks at her. Joong Won: it’s for real – you are radiant like the sun (Tae Yang). Gong Sil: no you cant be. Joong Won: did I die? this is so unfair but since my woman can see me – I can say this and go. He touches her face and says “Tae Gong Sil – I love you.” His figure fades into the bright light and disappears. She sits and cries her heart out. All we hear are the echoes of her sobs.


No preview

I wonder if Gong Sil will think of this as a blessing or a curse that she got to see Joong Won say his last words to her. All these years as she lived with this ability, I don’t think there was even one moment when she considered it a positive thing. But getting this chance to hear Joong Won say I love you before he disappeared – she might feel grateful. Not right this second though – right now the pain will be too much to process anything else other than sorrow. But maybe years from now when she looks back on this moment, she will feel an ounce of gratitude towards her ability. She got what most people never get – to see their loved ones once more before they leave your side for good.

주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-40]주군의 태양.E12.130912.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-08]

You almost don’t have to watch this scene to feel the pain and loss Gong Sil is going through in this moment. We have been with her every step of the way on her journey to finding love. Just when she is at her happiest in life, this happened to her. The rug wasn’t just pulled out from under her, it was literally set on fire. Nothing is going to devastate Gong Sil more than losing Joong Won. It’s not the fact that she would be losing her bunker that is going to haunt her, it’s the truth that he died saving her. She went off on her own to help the kid and put herself in that danger. She called Joong Won for help and put him in harm’s way. From here on, with every breath she takes, she will never forget that he saved her life, but she will also never forgive herself for putting him in that perilous situation. If she loses Joong Won for good, I don’t know how she will ever find the strength or will to go on.

The shock of the ending was too much to take in at first, but as the tears subsided, I comforted myself with the notion that kdramas by definition are not allowed to do this. They cant ever kill off a main lead with four episodes left. Everyone has guessed that maybe Joong Won is in a coma or that he died on the surgery table for a few seconds and came to say his goodbye and left to go back into his body once the doctors brought him back. I guess if he flatlined and he was revived, it would make sense cuz that’s sort of what happened to Gong Sil when she got this ghost seeing ability. She also died, but came back and next thing she knew she could see ghosts. I have no idea what the Hong sisters are planning, but I really hope they did not put us through all this heartache only to bring back Joong Won with the same ability as Gong Sil. No matter how you look at it, they wrote themselves into a really big hole. Getting out of this won’t be easy. All the explanations they came up with for all the previous ghost stories I took with a grain of salt, but Joong Won matters more to me so his story has to be handled with kid gloves. The poor guy suffered enough with his first love betraying him – the last thing he needs is more complications and trauma of nearly dying. Seriously, if by some miracle he does survive and comes back, what kind of rationale will they be able to come up with that is plausible enough to swallow for the next four episodes? It will have to be a doozy.

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