[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 13

Given the choice between not having him alive and not having him in her life – it was a no brainer about which one Gong Sil would choose. Her bravery in that moment was unparalleled. She would have given up anything in that instant just to bring him back alive. Joong Won got to say he loved her with words, but she gets to prove her love with her decision. She made it willingly and without hesitation. Joong Won stopped to make calculations along the way to falling in love, but she never did. To her there is nothing to calculate. What she feels in her heart equals anything that is in his best interest first. Even losing her own life is worth saving his. What kills me more about her sacrifice is that he doesn’t even know that yet. The second he learns the truth, how much do you want to bet this time he will be the one in tears.

I watched this entire episode with tears in my eyes. It never got a chance to stop – watching her cry made them fall more. I took sympathy crying to a whole other level.

Written before it aired:

Waiting to exhale never took so long, but it’s finally here. It took quite a few days for every fan of this show to breathe normally again after hyperventilating through last week’s cliffhanger. Being near death may have given Joong Won the courage to stop using semantics to voice his feelings for her and come right to the point and admit he loves her, but all she could see was him fading away. As Gong Sil’s acute pain reflected in her cries, I bet her heart was quietly letting the gravity of his words sink in. All this time, Gong Sil couldn’t believe someone like him could ever love her. She didn’t think she deserved it. She didn’t dare believe it was real. As most women would in her situation, she hoped he felt something too, but her insecurity kept her from seeing the truth. Her sister and all her friends never once doubted that Gong Sil was good enough for Joong Won, but there was a wall of protection built up over the years since her ability began that just could not be knocked down. I guess the love and adoration in his eyes lately weren’t enough to help crumble it, but all the telltale signs were there. The first indication was the moment he realized he doesn’t hate her hugging him anymore when she ran into his arms in the parking garage -that’s when he felt it was not as distasteful as he thought and didn’t pull away until she was ready to let go. Just the fact that Joong Won changed before her eyes should have been all the proof and confirmation she needed. Maybe now his ultimate sacrifice will make her believe in his love, but why did it take almost losing him to find her faith.

 Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 13 

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Starts from the operating room and the sound of someone flat lining. Joong Won’s body is still with the alarm going off that his heart stopped.

Joong Won tells Gong Sil he loves her and disappears. she sits and cries.

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Doctors try to resuscitate him over and over.

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Gong Sil sits in the hallway as Sung Ran runs over with Seuk Chul right behind. Sung Ran says to GS -They said this happened cuz he was with you. I feared something about you – I told you to stay away from him! doctors come over. Sung Ran asks what happened to our Joong Won. doctors: his heart stopped for a short while before surgery but thankfully his vitals are back and he is in surgery. Gong Sil: he isn’t dead? president is still alive? doctor: thankfully his heart didn’t stop. he will get through the surgery well safely. Gong Sil: he didn’t die. like that hotel ajumma – he just came out (of his body) for a short time. I have to go to him. that person thought he was dead. for him to come back safely, I have to….suddenly Sung Ran slaps her for daring to say Joong Won died and tells her not to hang around by his side ever again

Joong Won’s surgery resumes. 

Gong Sil sits and prays holding that necklace. Kim comes over to her. Gong Sil asks -what about the president? Kim: his surgery ended well. Gong Sil: did he wake up? Kim shakes his head no. the aunt is not in there right now so go in for a short time to see him. she thanks him and goes in

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She cries seeing him in bed. she remembers back when he said – “going so deeply into the world you see is dangerous.” then how he said “I already went as far as I could go” then how he said “after just looking at you, I must have been totally bewitched.” She cries standing there saying I am sorry. I am sorry.

Kang Woo comes over and asks Kim about the president. Kim shakes his head. Kang Woo: is Tae Gong Sil still here? Kim nods yes

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Gong Sil cant bring herself to hold his hand and just stares at Joong Won and Kang Woo watches from the doorway. she looks over at Kang Woo and he comes in. she says I saw the president. he thought he was dead and came to say goodbye. what do I do if he can’t come back? I can see them, but I cant call ghosts. she remembers what that scary woman said “darkness eventually swallows light and death eventually swallows life.” Gong Sil runs out saying I have to meet that person.

Gong Sil meets that scary woman. the woman says cuz he met the bright sun (Tae Yang) in death, that person’s soul will think that he is dead -that he is still alive and needs to go back -he wont be able to tell the difference. Gong Sil: cuz he saw me he wont come back? woman says he will probably prepare to disappear forever.

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Joong Won sits in a room reading Agatha Christie and sees Hee Joo’s ghost. She calls out his name and asks – you can read books now? Joong Won: cuz I am dead. she says you can see me now – we can be together now

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Gong Sil asks the woman to call to his soul – I have to tell him that he isn’t dead and is still alive and that he has to come back. the woman says I cant see souls/spirits like you, but I can reach souls. Gong Sil: you have to hurry and call him – if it’s too late he might not be able to come back. woman asks if I help you, then what will you do for me. I need your ability. are you able to give me your sacrifice? Gong Sil: what happens if I become the sacrificial offering. woman says you wont be able to live the way you want. why? do you need to calculate? you don’t have time. Gong Sil: I will become the sacrificial offering or anything. just make him come back. the woman says since you took up my offer, I will call your man now. to call him I need his belonging. something he will recognize. Gong Sil touches the sun pendant. the woman asks -does he know you are Tae Yang by that? Gong Sil nods yes. woman says that will be good then. Gong Sil takes it off and hands it to her. woman takes it and says like I said – cuz he met you – he will believe he is dead. so to break the spell and call him and return him -I have to erase all those moment you were so bright. Gong Sil: are you saying he wont remember the moment he came to find me? (she remembers how he said I love you) but the woman says I said all those moments. all the moments Tae Yang when he saw you being bright. every meaning like this necklace -it will be erased. Gong Sil: he wont remember anything about me at all? woman says it’s payment for the sake of sending him back. will that be ok? Gong Sil cries and says it doesn’t matter. the crazy Tae Yang was going to get lost from his life anyway. the woman says Joo Joong Won shi – where are you? She starts her spell and drops the necklace in the bowl. red paper gets burned and dropped inside.

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Joong Won closes the book and follows Hee Joo’s ghost to the door – to the light. but the wind blows and stops Joong Won from following. Hee Joo disappears. he looks at his hand at the pendant glowing. the woman’s voice says you aren’t dead – you have to go back. it’s that bright light that disappeared. the pendant vanishes in his hand. when the pendant disappeared so did his memories of Gong Sil.

Joong Won stirs in his recovery room.

Gong Sil runs down the hallway to Joong Won and the woman’s voice says don’t forget your deal – he will have gone back safely.

Hanna walks over to his bedside to strangle him but touches his cheek instead and calls out his name. wake up- I waited 15 yrs to meet you – wake up.

Gong Sun runs and prays please president- open your eyes safely

Joong Won opens his eyes. Hanna asks did you wake up? you woke up. your aunt is waiting outside. I will call her. she will be very happy. she calls and says the patient woke up.

Gong Sil comes over and Sung Ran says our Joong Won woke up. Gong Sil: thank goodness. Sung Ran: Tae Gong Sil shi- I will sincerely make this request – no more. she goes in to see Joong Won

Gong Sil tells Kim – thank goodness. Kim: wait until aunt leaves and you can see him for a short time. Gong Sil: no it’s ok. it’s only up to here – I wont go further. Kim: the president will want to see you first before anyone else. Gong Sil: that wont be- I wont be in his life anymore. she holds her pendant.

Sung Ran: I thought you were really going to die. Joong Won: what happened to me. Sung Ran: what do you mean what happened. I told you to get rid of her. you almost died following her. Joong Won: follow what? who are you talking about? Kim goes over and says thank goodness you woke up. Joong Won: why am I like this? did I get hit by a lightning?

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Kang Woo: what do you mean he wont remember you? Gong Sil: that’s what she said would happen. he got hurt next to a woman who can see ghosts. she said when he appeared as a ghost, all his memories would disappear.

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Joong Won remembers only up to the night of that storm before he met Gong Sil- right up to when he went to that home with Kim and made that deal for his golf resort. (he stood in the rain and said I will get hit by lightning) after daring to get hit by lightning – did I really get hit by lightning? my memory is only up to there. Kim says that night of thunder/lightning was a long time ago. Sung Ran: you really don’t remember anything at all? Joong Won says my whole body hurts. but it doesn’t feel real that I got stabbed in the back by a screwdriver – why did I end up like this. before Seuk Chul can mention Tae Gong Sil, Sung Ran stops him. She tells Joong Won: to be safe – recover your health first and let’s take care of this (his memory loss) later. Joong Won asks who is that woman (Hanna) so Sung Ran says I will introduce you to her later. rest for now. she requests for the doctor to take good care of Joong Won and makes everyone leave. Kim notices Hanna on his way out. doctor asks how he is. Joong Won says it hurts a lot. doctor says I will do more tests tomorrow. we will know after the tests, but you have memory loss. Joong Won looks at his empty hand and says something was shiny and disappeared.

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At home Gong Sil looks at her necklace and says I promised. she remembers telling Joong Won: when you really want me to leave your life, I will understand those words at once (to get lost). She sobs saying this must be that time.

Sung Ran says it’s good Joong Won cant remember. no one mention her to him no matter what. Seuk Chul and Kim reluctantly agree to do as she said.

Han tells Gong Ri -the rumors that JooGoon almost died being with Tae Gong Sil is all over. Gong Ri says the president and Gong Sil went to go find a missing kid and ran into the killer. the president rescued Gong Sil. Han asks how Gong Sil knew the dead kid was at the car center. Gong Ri: don’t try to know. Han: right now the vice president’s wife wont let anyone talk about Tae Gong Sil to Joogoon. Gong Ri says don’t talk about it then.

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Joong Won went home so Sung Ran asks why didn’t you stay at the hospital longer- why get discharged already. Joong Won says I can breathe and my home is more comfortable. Sung Ran: can you be ok alone? come stay at my home. I prepared food you like. so he says go bring it cuz I am really hungry now. she says wait a while and leaves to get it. Seuk Chul tells him to rest but Joong Won makes him stay behind with a look. Seuk Chul: why – do you have something to say to me? Joong Won: what happened to me? it seems like aunt is keeping something quiet. report to me what happened simply. Seuk Chul: I have nothing else to say. you came back well from that company. that car center – by accident she found out the culprit and you went together with the employee. Joong Won: some important point is left out. you know what that is don’t you? you want to say what that is so the tips of your mouth are going back and forth. while my aunt is gone hurry and let it out. Joong Won puts his feet up on the table on top of the books and asks what are these? SeukChul: I don’t know – why keep asking me. Joong Won picks up the book and says it’s a fairytale. why is this at my home? Joong Won flips through the pages and sees the letters clearly. Seuk Chul: I really don’t have anything to say. Joong Won reads and asks why am I like this? Seuk Chul: what would I know. I have nothing on my lips (to say). Joong Won: what is this? how can I read text? Seuk Chul: you can really read that? Joong Won: did I really get hit by lightning? what happened to me? he can read without any problem.

Gong Sil wears her pendant and says: now even when he sees this he wont know so I can wear this. my talisman. this is all I need. it’s ok with just this. Tae Gong Sil – you hung your bunker around your neck.

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She goes to the mall and sees Joong Won smiling and walking down the hall towards her. He goes past her without a second look. the trashcan lid spins like crazy and startles him. it makes him look back at Gong Sil. she doesn’t turn around and keeps going. he is about to follow but Sung Ran calls out to him and asks why did you suddenly come to the office I told you to rest at home. Joong Won: aunt you said there was a really long driver stuck to my back didn’t you? that must have been some magic treatment. I can read text – all of them. he reads the nearby poster as an example -he passed by it a hundred times but now he can read it. He doesn’t like it cuz it’s tacky and wants to change it. it’s the vice president’s style. let’s go.

Gong Sil packs up her belongings and says to the doll – Gong Sil ah – he can read text now. the trashcan ajussi said he clearly heard it. it’s good huh? thank goodness. let’s go – you too. she packs it up.

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Joong Won reads and says to Kim- now I can look at paperwork myself. now your duties will be reduced by half -no by ten mins. Kim: I think it will. you put effort to change. Joong Won: I did? Jin Joo brings flowers over so Joong Won asks what is this. she explains the flower basket was to congratulate him for his recovery from the giant mall president. Joong Won doesn’t get why this is happening. am I close with the Giant mall president to the extent we exchange flowers? Kim reminds him how Joong Won even played golf with him not too long ago. Joong Won cant believe it. Kim: now that it came out. the stuff you couldn’t ask about cuz it was private, decide what to do about it. Joong Won: what private stuff? Kim: the police want to award you for your great deed. Joong Won: to me? why? cuz I got stuck in the back with a driver and found the dead kid-cuz of that? Kim says not that -it’s cuz you convinced the AWOL soldier yourself to turn himself in so they are grateful. Joong Won repeats that and says I wouldn’t have done something like that. something went wrong. Joo Joong two or three did that and not Joo Joong Won (one). it’s so not funny I cant help but smile. it’s a joke that isn’t funny huh? Kim: it’s correct it was Joo Joong Won. since we are on the topic, the donation you promised to make to the Child Abuse Protection Center – you set the amount to pay. but Joong Won asks for some time. I said I would donate to child abuse protection center? not regarding Kingdom or the parking but child abuse protection? Kim: yes you said you would. Joong Won: I have to ask my aunt what medication she is feeding me. no I have to get my head checked again. since I did stuff I never did before didn’t you think it was strange. while I couldn’t remember did the sun rise the opposite way? Kim says next to you – Tae Yang rose. Joong Won leaves

주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-37-17] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-37-28] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-38-35]Kang Woo asks president Joo really cant remember you? Gong Sil: yes he cant. it’s uncanny huh. at first I thought that ajumma was a charlatan, but she has ability. Kang Woo: shouldn’t you tell him? president Joo is completely recovered and perfectly fine. it was unlucky that he got hurt, but it was an accident -it wasn’t your fault. Gong Sil: it was an accident -I know that but I fully came to my senses. he always said instead of the ghost he cant see, he was afraid of the person he can see. with what only I could see – it was mixed in with reality so I was scared and ended up meeting that person. cuz an air hole appeared, I stuck to that person and liked it, but that person who cant see anything, I dragged him too deeply into my world. I can see but I wasn’t careful and made that person who cant see be in too much danger. now I realized I need to come to my senses fully and live. a person has to lose something to come to his/her senses. Kang Woo: that’s not what we are talking about – I know you really liked him -that heart- what do you do with it? she touches her pendant and says it’s the person who sees. my heart that liked him – I have it so it hasn’t disappeared so I am ok now.

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Joong Won goes out of his office and thinks – I have to go straight that way but what is this habit of going this way that I’m used to. his foot takes a step towards her office so his steps lead him there. he goes to her office and says this was just the storage room.

주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-42-54] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-44-17] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-44-38]

 He goes in and asks who are you (to Gong Sil’s back)- when did this become an office. Kang Woo says this is a special customer service. you made this office. Joong Won says a special customer service? I made something that useless. he reads Kang Woo’s name tag and says you are the new security team leader aren’t you? the one the vice president scouted and watched all this time huh? Kang Woo: yes. but Joong Won cant remember Gong Sil. her back is to him. so Kang Woo goes over to Joong Won to block him from seeing her and says she was an employee here in charge of this office, but she is quitting starting from today so she came to clean the room. is there anything for you to order. Joong Won doesn’t see her face and leaves saying no. Gong Sil cries again

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Joong Won goes out and wonders did I entrust something in there. he looks back and then goes.

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Kang Woo tells her to leave her stuff here. I will take it to you. no go with me when I leave, but she says it’s ok – there is not much anyway. Kang Woo: how can your struggles clear up so suddenly. I cant let you leave here alone looking like you will cry. she says I have gong sil (the dooly doll)- she cheers me up a lot these days.

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Joong Won wonders- I can read text now but what is making me feel so stuffed up.

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Kim says before Joong Won’s accident he gave me this photo. did the chairman meet Joong Won cuz of this photo? Kang Woo:yes this photo was taken a year after Cha Hee Joo died. Kim: he told me to find out if Cha Hee Joo was a twin. why does he want to find this woman. after meeting Tae Yang it seemed like he was trying to forget Cha Hee Joo, so why is he looking for the twin older sister. Kang Won: there is something you don’t know but the dead Cha Hee Joo was a culprit in president Joo’s kidnapping. the chance the twin in the photo was her accomplice is high. Kim is stunned Hee Joo is the culprit and the twin an accomplice. He grabs his heart from shock so Kang Woo asks are you ok? you are very shocked. Kim: then Joogoon knew all that and hid it? Kang Woo: he knew from the start that Cha Hee Joo was a culprit. that she had a twin sister and that the woman had a possibility of being her accomplice he found out at this time through that photo. this woman could show up in front of him again so we have to find this woman.

Kim goes alone and sits and thinks – Hee Joo was the culprit and Hanna was her accomplice. he takes out a photo of both girls together.he says that wouldn’t happen. Hanna was such a bright nice girl.

Flashback to Kim congratulating Hanna for getting into college. she thanked him calling him uncle. Kim: your adoptive parents like it too huh? Hanna: of course. I am going to Korea this time. uncle you said I was a twin. I want to go and find my younger sister. Kim says after I met you, I tried finding her but couldn’t find her. Hanna said If I go in person I might be able to find her cuz twins can communicate through telepathy. I will find her for sure.

Then Hanna met with him again. she said – my younger sister is dead. why didn’t you find her and left her alone? I hate you. the dead kid’s name is Cha Hee Joo. while Hanna lived happily in England, she was so miserable and lived lonely. remember that name Cha Hee Joo. also for the rest of your life be sorry to that kid.

Kim says I have to find Hanna.

주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[06-25-13]주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[06-25-40]

Kang Woo gives Gong Sil an emergency bell that will connect her directly to the police. if you press it during an urgent moment, the police nearby will come right away. until the culprit who attacked president Joo is caught, you have to be careful. I will call often so be sure to answer. Gong Sil: I will be careful. I told you I fully came to my senses. Kang Woo: I will protect you now. Gong Sil: I am really grateful, but I don’t want to cling or hang onto anyone anymore. not clinging is protecting that person. 

주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[06-27-16] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[06-30-24] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[06-32-43]

Kang Woo goes outside her home and Yi Ryeong comes over and looks at him. he asks why did you come here. she says I didn’t come for you-I came to meet Tae Gong Sil cuz she isn’t coming to work anymore at kingdom. Kang Woo:to say what? if you came to taunt her about president Joo then go back. even if you don’t mess with her, she is having a hard time enough. Yi Ryeong asks does president Joo really not remember Gong Sil at all. his aunt requested I don’t tell him about Gong Sil so I thought “there is no way” and came. was it for real? OMG! she is about to go inside but Kang Woo pulls her away saying you look too happy so I cant send you. she says let go cuz when I am depressed I have to see kids I hate be miserable. Kang Woo:why do you hate her so much. Yi Ryeong: I already hated her but cuz you like her I don’t like her even more. don’t keep liking her. if you keep liking her I will chase her around and hate her. if you are upset about that happening to the girl you like – then don’t like Tae Gong Sil anymore. he says you really are an extinct black whiskered whale without any friends. Yi Ryeong: huh? there are no black whispered whales? Kang Woo:I looked into it and there are white whiskered whales but no black whiskered whales. YiRyeong: I thought I saw a whale with black whiskers. was it a seal? you remembered what I said and found out about it? Kang Woo: yes to understand someone like you I looked into it but there wasn’t any. Yi Ryeong: why? to raise me in your fishery? * Kang Woo: I told you I don’t do stuff like tend to a fishery. Yi Ryeong: you don’t have to tend to it. I am one of a kind/unique so even if you don’t feed or tend to me, I can eat and live by myself so that you don’t have to chase me out, I will get bigger. Kang Woo: then do I look like you to that person? Yi Ryeong: why? is me being like this distasteful? Kang Woo: no it’s cool. Yi Ryeong: it’s cool? Kang Woo: cuz you aren’t cowardly and acting confident- you are cool. Yi Ryeong: really? Kang Woo: yes seeing you I am getting a little more strength. up to a while ago I felt low, but I will become as cool as you. Yi Ryeong: what is that -are you saying how much I did to you – you will do that to Tae Gong Sil? Kang Woo: yes thank you. I learned something else from you again. he walks away.

* when they talk about Kang Woo taking care of his fishery, it’s a phrase that means he is the kind of guy who is nice to all women as potential catches – so tending to your fishery means the women (the fish) there are his catch

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In her car Yi Ryeong says to herself that all she ended up doing was give him more energy (to go after Gong Sil) he cant cling to Gong Sil like I do to him. Yi Ryeong imagines them (Gong Sil and Kang Woo) holding hands on her bed and Kang Woo saying – I am Dooly a being that doesn’t exist on earth. I am so different (an oddball) that even if you neglect me, I will grow rapidly by myself and become so big you wont be able to ignore me. they call out each other’s name and embrace falling on her bed. Yi Ryeong says I cant leave Dooly to embrace Gong Sil. what do I do. She gets an idea.

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While Joong Won stares at the books, Sung Ran calls out from the kitchen, I told you I would introduce her – she is the one you saw at the hospital – Hanna -she helped me out that day. Seuk Chul says president Joo doesn’t like when you bring over people to his home. Sung Ran glares at him. Joong Won goes over and asks -aunt these books were here – did I read them? Seuk Chul says since they were here it must be yours. after you woke when you saw these books – you realized you could read huh? try to remember that connection with that very special person but Sung Ran makes Seul Chul stop talking by stomping on his foot. Joong Won: a special person? I had someone like that? Hanna lies and says these books are mine. last time when I came here and was introduced to the housekeeper, I forgot and left them here. Sung Ran says yes that’s right, Hanna brought them. Hanna says they are fairytales but the story is good and the illustrations are pretty so I treasure these books. after waking up, you read my books for the first time? it feels good. Joong Won stares at her from puzzlement while Seuk Chul glares at her. Sung Ran says to Joong Won- when you opened your eyes the first one you saw was Hanna – it must be fate for the two of you.

At the bookstore, Gong Sil picks up the book and remembers how Joong Won bragged to her he is looking at books – a six part series. She says to herself – he said he can read now. thank goodness. she gets a call from Yi Ryeong to meet at the restaurant their friends gathered last time cuz she has something important to say. Yi Ryeong hangs up and thinks if the two of them meet there he will remember something. but I really don’t like helping her doing well with president Joo.

Yi Ryeong called Joong Won too to meet at the restaurant too so he asks what is so important to say to call someone out so late. she lied about info about Giant Mall so he says wait and I will be there right away. after he hangs up, he says Tae Yi Ryeong. Tae – something comes after that.

주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-29-15] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-29-52] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-31-44] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-32-29] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-32-49]

Gong Sil sits alone and waits reading the wolf/goat book. Joong Won notices the book she is reading and comes closer. she sees that waiter ghost and gets startled. Joong Won holds onto her shoulder and the ghost is gone. Joong Won: are you ok? she holds onto her pendant. he explains -don’t misunderstand- I just held onto you cuz you seemed like you would fall back. I stood behind you cuz of that book. it’s the same as the one I am reading now so my eyes went to it. this is odd to say but just now when I touched you – didn’t you sense electric shock really strongly? she doesn’t turn to face him and says no with tears welling up. he walks away wondering if it looked like he was coming onto her. she turns and says even if your memories disappeared – you are still my bunker.

(Joong Won still never saw Gong Sil’s face)

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From above, Joong Won watches her leave and says I clearly felt static electricity. what was that.

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He sits alone in his office remembering how he held onto her shoulder to steady her from her fright and says I think that happened before too.

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Kim says I have some personal work so I have to have some time off for a few days. Joong Won says it’s the first time in 15 years since you said you would take a break. Kim says now that you can read – you don’t need me to be by your side. you don’t need recordings anymore too. Joong Won says you aren’t recordings. Kim: at the start you told me to be your recordings. Joong Won: what a 19 yr old said – you still keep that in your heart? you have to continue to stay by my side always. Kim says while I am gone there will be a temp from the vice president’s office in my place. Joong Won tells him to rest comfortably and then come back. where are you going? Kim: to England to find and a niece I haven’t met in a long time. when I come back I have something I must tell you. Joong Won: it’s not to say you are going to leave me behind and run away right? I will say – you cant ever do that. Kim: yes. Joong Won: rest comfortably and come back. Kim bows and turns to leave but hesitates for a second and then walks out

*when he comes back Kim will tell Joong Won about his nieces. it’s going to break both of their hearts.

Gong Ri tells Gong Sil to cheer up cuz Han will introduce you to a job way better than the one at kingdom. Han says you shouldn’t be rotting away your life in that storage like special customer service room. He lists all of her accomplishments so both women are surprised he knows so much about Gong Sil. Han:your educational background is good cuz you came out of Korea university, you play tennis and sports well, did well in art and music, have talent for other languages, you are pretty, cute, tall, my head hurts so I cant list them all. all your specs are great. Gong Sil: how do you know so well about me? Gong Ri: that’s right – I never said those things. Han says that person on the vice president’s line with loose lips spread those rumors. it’s the first time Gong Sil heard about that so Gong Ri says there is someone who goes around talking about you. Han will find that person and I will throw a hissy fit. Han asks for the resume first and reads it. he says you have to fill in this part about your break – the reason for the accident and what happened afterwards so Gong Ri says forget it then if they are going to be so picky. Gong Sil agrees and says I cant write lies about it so it’s better not to turn it in. thanks for your attention. I will be going first. She leaves. Han says you can just write it briefly too. Gong Ri says there is a situation that Gong Sil cant talk about after the accident. it wont be good for you for introducing her if she goes some place picky and a problem arises. let’s just act like nothing happened. Han worries cuz he needs to find out info for Seuk Chul about Gong Sil

On her way out, Gong Sil runs into Hanna. Hanna compliments her on her pretty necklace.

During dinner, Hanna said to Sung Ran – your nephew’s girlfriend was Tae Gong Sil – not Tae Yi Ryeong. Tae Yang.

Hanna: is that the shape of the sun (Tae Yang)? Gong Sil: yes – thank you. She sees Hee Joo’s ghost staring at Hanna so Gong Sil calls out Cha Hee Joo shi. so Hanna turns and looks. the ghost is gone but Gong Sil says it was Cha Hee Joo for certain. Hanna says what did that woman see to call out the name Cha Hee Joo. Hee Joo’s ghost stand by Hanna

Seuk Chul walks behind Joong Won and touches where his stab wound is so Joong flinches in pain saying it hurts here. Seuk Chul: sorry. the person you met last time Hanna -I found out and she is a famous curator. at this fall event there is an exhibit for famous artifacts on display so I told her to come. Joong Won: you said that woman was from England didn’t you? Seuk Chul lists all the other places Hanna lived in – LA, NY and how wealthy her family is and how smart she is. Hanna comes in and Seuk Chul welcomes her. Joong Won looks at her sun pendant necklace just like Gong Sil. Hanna asks why. he says it’s nothing and invites her to sit.

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Kang Woo: are you saying Cha Hee Joo is still next to president Joo’s side? Gong Sil: yes I saw her clearly. I heard the president is looking into Cha Hee Joo again. do you know how it’s going? Kang Woo: are you still bothered a lot about president Joo’s matters still? Gong Sil:I can see Hee Joo so I want to settle this matter somehow for him. Kang Woo: the identity of the accomplice who helped out Hee Joo to kidnap president Joo has been caught. we might be able to catch that person. if we catch the culprit everything will be settled. president Joo doesn’t have any memories of you so he doesn’t know you can see spirits. from here on even if you say you saw Hee Joo, I wont be able to relay anything to him cuz he wont believe you. Gong Sil: that’s true.

Supposedly in England, Kim is having coffee with a man. the man says it’s been 15 years. I thought you wouldn’t come back to England. Kim: I came cuz there is someone I must find. do you remember my niece Hanna

Hanna tells Sung Ran -my father is British and my mother is Korean -to tell the truth I was adopted. even though I was adopted – who my birthparents were – why I wasn’t raised by my parents and adopted -I know it all. I met my uncle. my parents were poor. they passed away in an accident and there was no family to take me in so I was adopted

Kim talks about how he found Hanna who had been adopted in England, but I wasn’t able to find the other twin. Hanna grew up well, but the kid Hee Joo who was left behind in Korea, she wasn’t able to. I thought she grew up alone and died feeling hurt, but I don’t know what happened when the two of them met -Hee Joo and Hanna.

주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[08-37-47] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[08-41-01] 주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[08-45-38]

The two brothers are standing there holding toys they picked out as Joong Won stares at them. Jin joo explains these kids just gave his business cards and went out carrying the toys. Joong Won looks at the cards and says they are mine. he asks the kids – I gave money to the child abuse protection center so are you from there? kid says you gave us that ajussi at our gositel. that we could take anything in kingdom with that. Joong Won: I am not someone who would leave my cards with you. since he doesn’t remember doing that, he calls and orders for the toys to be taken back and make sure the kids cant come back in. the kid says I read Hangul for you and told you -you were a special person. that makes Joong stop in his tracks and turns to look at them repeating a special person? the younger brother nods yes. the older kid says Gong Sil noona said you were a special person. Joong Won: who am I a special person to? kid says Gong Sil noona. Tae Gong Sil noona who lives in our gositel -Tae yang. Joong Won: Tae Gong Sil who lives in a gositel.

Gong Sil goes out and asks who is there. Hee Joo’s ghost asks you love Joong Won don’t you- for his sake, lend me your body

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Han tells Kang Woo about Hanna – how that woman is the one the vice president’s wife is trying to push into a marriage with president Joo. I don’t know why but this time it doesn’t seem impossible. she lives in the same villa as president Joo. Kang Woo: she lives in the same place? Han: yes. since she lives in that spacious place alone she must be really rich. they watch Hanna walk by with Sung Ran.

Sung ran says let’s eat dinner and go – I will call Joong Won. Hanna agrees. Sung Ran: the way my nephew looks at you seems different from other women. what do you think? Hanna asks can I ask something that is bothering me and not beat around the bush. what was his relationship is with Tae Gong Sil. Sung Ran: to tell the truth she did get close with Joong Won. cuz of his scar from a dead kid, she stuck to our Joong Won. Hanna: Hee Joo shi? Tae Gong Sil knows the dead Hee Joo shi? Sung Ran: there is no way she could know her but she said she would call the dead Hee Joo to treat his scar or something. she is someone who talked nonsense. Hanna: that’s true – how can you call someone who is dead. it’s really nonsense talk. Sung Ran: let’s go

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Gong Sil asks are you asking me right now to give my body to you? Hee Joo nods yes. Gong Sil: couldn’t I relay the info for you in your place? Hee Joo shakes her head no. Gong Sil: then can you catch the culprit? Hee Joo nods yes.

주군의 태양.E13.130919.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[01-20-43]

Suddenly Hee Joo’s ghost vanishes when Joong Won touches Gong Sil’s shoulder and makes her face him saying “In the Night The Storm Blew” it’s the code the two recognize each other by in the book “you know me right? who are you? are you Tae Yang?”


No preview

Even when his mind didn’t remember her, his body did. His hands remembered touching her and feeling that static of shock before, his heart remembers having feelings for her, his steps remember the way to her office cuz he went there so often, he recognizes that sun necklace, and the name Tae Yang holds meaning still. It’s just a matter of time before his mind catches up to the rest of him. It can’t be a moment sooner cuz Gong Sil’s spirit is suffering without him in her life.

Why does this always happen to me? Every time readers dislike an episode, I end up loving it. It’s not cuz I am trying to come to its defense either, I just genuinely love every aspect of their portrayal of the pain of separation from both sides. Joong Won’s is cloudy with hazy recollections, but he knows something or someone is missing in his life. He feels an absence despite not knowing what he is missing. With every tear she shed, you can feel Gong’s loss. She didn’t just lose the man she loves, she lost everything he stood for – relentless unquestioning support, pillar of strength and protection, hope for a better future, and ever lasting love. She didn’t lose just one man – she lost that single person who willingly stepped into her world and didn’t run scared. He made her world his home and got ready to stay. That’s why it’s going to feel so empty without him in it. That is what she is going to feel every second of every day until she learns to feel numb again.

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