More September Comebacks, Debuts, And New Releases To Get Ready For

As we head into autumn, the world of K-pop has lots in store for the rest of the month!

Check out what’s coming up in the second half of September below.

September 16

SEVENTEEN releases their third full album “An Ode” on September 16.

Rain and Soyou have teamed up to share a Pepsi X Starship project single that day.

New girl group ANS debuts on September 16 with the single “Boom Boom.”

September 17

Rookie girl group 3YE returns on September 17 with the digital single “OOMM (Out Of My Mind)”.

September 18

DreamCatcher drops their special mini album “Raid of Dream” on September 18. It is a collaboration with the mobile game King’s Raid.

Maroo Entertainment’s new boy group TEEN TEEN releases their first mini album “Very, On Top” that day. The members include “Produce X 101” trainees Lee Jin Woo, Lee Tae Seung, and Lee Woo Jin.

September 19

VIXX shares their new digital single “Parallel” on September 19.

LABOUM makes a comeback with the full album “Two of Us” that day.

SATURDAY shares the single “IKYK (I Know Y K)” on September 19.

Co-ed group K-Tigers Zero debuts that day with their first mini album.

September 22

KARD returns with their new single “Dumb Litty” on September 22, produced by BM.

September 23

TWICE makes a comeback on September 23 with the mini album “Feel Special.”

Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri releases a new digital single that day.

Jessi returns on September 23 with her first single since her move to PSY’s P NATION label.

September 25

AKMU returns with their full album “SAILING” on September 25.

September 30

ONEUS makes a comeback on September 30 with the mini album “Fly With Us.”

More to get excited about

Zico is planning a late-September release with no announced date yet.

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