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Sometimes even holding on once is enough to never want to let go. Joong Won had a point about how it’s unfair for them to talk about ending it when they never really started. What he has yet to figure out is starting something can make it that much harder to end it too. Even with just the hand holding for the first time as two people who like each other, he had a problem letting go. How much easier does he think it will get once they have confirmed their feelings for each other all over again in the plain light of day. I always thought this relationship was balanced like a seesaw. Most of the time the weight of his feelings for her seemed stronger than Gong Sil’s so she was always in the air while he looked up at her and tonight was no different. If they were to part, during all that time, I think he will miss her more than him. Not cuz his love is stronger, but since he has voiced his feelings for her more often -it’s more acute. He is the only one who has said he loves her, but she never said it to him yet. It’s like with every thought of her, he falls in love all over again. Bet she can’t say the same thing.

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Written before it aired:

It all came down to his gut instinct and the flood of loneliness and emptiness that swept over him for Joong Won to come to his senses. Unless his feet were rooted in sheer stupidity, I just knew he wouldn’t let her go so easily. How much do you want to bet that while he was running to get her back, all these thoughts went through his head. For a very long time now, with each encounter and interaction, Joong Won has come to appreciate her quirkiness. He doesn’t see crazy anymore. All he sees now is warmth, generous spirit, giving heart, unique tendencies, and the only one he could ever love. With every glance, what has been registering on his face these days is sheer desperation at the thought of her slipping away from him and losing her. Maybe that’s what has been driving him to hold onto her so much  physically- always clinging and holding on. I don’t blame him. With all the love he has felt in his heart, he just doesn’t want to go back to the cold calculating man that he was. After coming so far, his arms would feel too empty, but most of all – his life would have no meaning. Joong Won offered to be her shelter not knowing all this time she had been sheltering him from the cold world he made for himself. Quite possibly that is the key to why the goat and wolf tried to stay together for so long. Each of them knew what loneliness was and never wanted to go back to that. Gong Sil wasn’t just the light in the dark – she was the warmth Joong Won craved from the cold. Now that he has finally opened his eyes and sees her for more than what she means to him, he can appreciate her better. That is why this improved decisive Joong Won earned the right to go after her and get her back.

Every time a drama comes to a close, they come up with moments of reflection to show flashback scenes of what happened over the course of the show. Not just to reminisce about how far the characters have come or how much they have changed, but for us to note how much we have come to love right along with them. They have shown us quite a few in the last two episodes, but I bet we are in for some more tonight. Even though my finale closing post is coming up tomorrow, I just wanted to say what Master’s Sun has meant to me over the past months. It may have been another drama on a long list of great ones, but this show was a little different. What set it apart wasn’t just the tinge of horror now and then. It was the strong foundation of humor, romance, and potential. In such a short time, it managed to live up to all our expectations and more. The best part of all – though it was always grounded in reality, it never once stopped us from dreaming.

 Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 16 

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Starts from their last scene when she says I am leaving. I think I need to be that bright sun just for dead people. I just wanted to be the bright sun who is popular with ghosts, but when I look at you I feel like the dark sun that makes dead people so I get so scared of myself and don’t like it. Joong Won: if I’m not around – it’s not to the extent that it’s “too bad,” it’s scary for you and someone you don’t like? Gong Sil: I don’t want to be that kind of sun rising next to you. just tell me to get lost now. Joong Won: all that time when I told you to get lost without any fear it’s cuz I knew you would rise again for sure next to me (come back to him), but I will try to do as you asked. get lost tae yang. she cries and bows and leaves.  he watches her walking away

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Joong Won sits alone inside and Kim goes over to him and says I heard Tae Yang is leaving for somewhere far away – weren’t you with her? where is she?

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Her sister asks Gong Sil to call often and asks how long she will be gone. Gong Sil says I will know once I get there how long I will be there. Gong Ri looks over at Jin and asks is he the one you are going with? Gong Sil nods yes. Jin bows to Gong Ri so she recognizes Jin as the man who was there during Gong Sil’s accident. Gong Sil tells her sister – so don’t worry and I will come back well. they hug and Gong Sil tells her to be well and goes in with Jin

Kim asks did Tae Yang leave you? Joong Won: I thought if I could just handle it, Tae Gong Sil would be ok. but she said she is scared and having a hard time. I thought about it and not once did I ever understand or be considerate of her position. Kim asks then are you sending her off cuz you are being understanding and considerate of her situation? Joong Won suddenly looks up after hearing that and says are you crazy? what do you mean send Tae Gong Sil off? what I didn’t do for 34 years, why would I do that at this important moment? even though I can understand a heart that wants to be apart from me, showing those nice manners of sending her off – I wont do it. He gets up and walks over to her. he calls her over and over but she doesn’t pick up. he walks by and misses seeing her go inside. he begs please pick up the phone

Inside the plane Jin asks if she settled it with that guy. she says how could I do that. I just forced myself to get away. I wish the plane would hurry and take off. it might be better when I am far away

Yi Ryeong checks her phone and calls Kang Woo rude (having dog manners- crappy manners) for not calling when she told him she is leaving today

Kim comes over and tells him she is on a plane to LA so Joong Won orders for reservations for the next flight out to follow behind her. Kim says as soon as your passport arrives at the office, it will be brought to you

Sung Ran hears that Joong Won is leaving to America. Seuk Chul says Kim called and the secretary took his passport and went to the airport. She wonders what’s up -why go suddenly to America. Seuk Chul pretends not to know

Yi Ryeong’s manger says if you audition and get the role you don’t have to come back to Korea and can just practice acting there. Yi Ryeong gets up to go to the bathroom and runs into Gong Sil on the plane. Yi Ryeong: why are you here? are you going to America too? are you going on a business trip with president Joo? Gong S: no I am going for my own business.  I heard you are leaving to film the movie. I read it in the news. Yi Ryeong says I am going for an audition. she looks over at Jin and asks is he with you? Gong Sil nods and says yes.  she tells Gong Sil where her seat is and says come over if you are bored. Gong Sil whispers to Jin that Yi Ryeong is her classmate from school

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Kim goes over to Joong Won and says I reserved a flight that leaves two hours later. Joong Won: is there nothing earlier? Kang Woo comes over and  asks are you going to let Tae Gong Sil leave and do nothing? she said if she takes care of Cha Hee Joo’s matter she would leave. but – just cuz she said she was leaving – did you not try to hold onto her and send her off? Joong Won: I wont send her away.  I will follow her and get her back. Kim points out even if you follow her to America there is a two hour gap. what if she disappears in that time. Kang Woo shows Joong Won the tracker to pinpoint her location and says take this with you. just in case – a while ago I slipped the tracker into her bag. she wont know so be sure to go and bring her back. Joong Won is thankful and tells him how great he is and to come back and work at kingdom and I will pay double your salary. turn this on for me. Just then Yi Ryeong calls Kang Woo to say -did you know Gong Sil is going to America? Kang Woo: how do you know that? Yi Ryeong: Gong Sil is on the same plane with me and said she is going to America with some guy. so Kang Woo tells Joong Won that info: Tae Gong Sil is on the same plane with Tae Yi Ryeong. they haven’t left yet.

Joong Won gets on the phone and asks her – listen well – starting from now I need you to do some great acting. Yi Ryeong tells her manager – do you think I act well? the acting I am about to do now don’t jump in no matter what.

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Yi Ryeong gets up and yells out in pain. Gong Sil asks are you hurting somewhere. Yi Ryeong says my stomach hurts – it must be appendicitis and holds onto Gong Sil. so Gong Sil calls out for help and says she has to go the hospital. Jin just watches the performance and laughs.

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Yi Ryeong holds onto Gong Sil and pleads – stay by my side Gong Sil. Kim and Joong Won watch in amusement at Yi Ryeong being taken away by the ambulance. Joong Won: I didn’t know a day would come when I would be moved by Tae Yi Ryeong’s acting.  Kim says you caught her but what are you going to do now. Joong Won:  starting from now – I have to be considerate and understanding. you help me by my side.  I cant do those things well so if you think I am doing it wrong -guide me and stop me from going elsewhere – like you did for 15 yrs by my side. Kim agrees and then pretends to be sad that despite pushing him for 15 years and not budging, Joong Won opened his heart so easily for her in such a short time. Joong Won: it wasn’t easy. you know I am not an easy person. He gives him a bear hug. Kim: ok.

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Gong Sil comments to Yi Ryeong who is sipping coffee. small tae yang – up to a few mins ago you were in so much pain you couldn’t breathe so you are too normal right now. Yi Ryeong says how she was just acting.  Gong Sil: just so you could practice acting you wouldn’t let me on that plane? Yi Ryeong: I didn’t really want to go audition, but president Joo asked me for a favor – to make it so that you get off the plane. Gong Sil: the president? Yi Ryeong: I didn’t want to do it too, you doing well with someone great like president Joo I don’t want to see it – it makes my tummy hurt. Gong Sil: so why did you do it then? Yi Ryeong: cuz you have to be safe and be happy. so that he (she means Kang Woo) doesn’t have to protect you anymore -for him to safely leave his position, you big tae yang have to do well with that person (Joong Won) so that is why I helped. Gong Sil: then you were wrong to jump in. I left for him to be safe and happy.  Yi Ryeong: you are saying that so you don’t look bad in front of me but that is not how it looked at all. you are saying now “cuz I love you I am leaving you now” pretending to be like candy. Gong Sil: candy?  Yi Ryeong: yes “cuz I lack – thinking of you (being considerate of you) I am stepping away. if you love me catch me.” then you pretend you cant win and get caught.  that’s what it is. if he caught you from getting on the plane then president Joo did as much as he could so stop running away so much and get caught now. if you drag it out it will be tiring. Gong Sil: for me to act like I cant win and get caught- there is a weakness. Yi Ryeong thinks it’s Kang Woo and Joong Won wanting to protect her and asks what is it? Gong Sil leans in and says: I see ghosts. there is one here too. the ghost must have died in this room. Yi Ryeong looks and says I don’t believe that stuff. Gong Sil: the ghost told me to tell you that it is your fan. I will be going. she walks out so Yi Ryeong yells where are you going. after saying stuff like that leaving me alone it’s scary. I really hate talk of ghosts.

Gong Sil goes outside and says aloud – even if I cling to him or get away from him – in others’ eyes I am still candy. She runs into that little boy who died. woo jin. she asks why he stayed behind and he points to a room

She goes in and sees his mom inside. he stands next to his mom looking sad. Gong Sil remembers how Joong Won stepped in and saved her and got hurt. she runs outside but the kid follows her. she says when I see you I remember something terrible so I don’t want to see you. she walks away from the kid

Joong Won walks by and Jin calls out to him. the sun who left – you caught her by force and made her rise next to you again. Joong Won: who are you. Jin says I am the one who is going to leave with Gong Sil. she would  have told you. so Joong Won remembers her saying how she met someone who can see and hear the same things as her. Joong Won: can you see ghosts like Tae Gong Sil? Jin: someone who is from the same world as Gong Sil – unlike you.

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Gong Sil sits outside and Kim comes over and asks how could you disappear like that without a word. did you run away to avoid Joogoon?  she says I wasn’t running away. I left to go and find something.  Kim: what? Gong Sil: the reason why I ended up like this. I wanted to go find that reason why I’m the only one who can see ghosts.

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Joong Won: if she goes to the places she was with you – will she be able to know that reason?  Jin says I don’t know that either. we have to go first to know. Joong Won: it’s not for certain but you were going to take her so far away? Jin: that is not what is important. for the first time Gong Sil will be facing her dilemma. until now she just hid, avoided, and was tormented. when you showed up then you were a great comfort. but now Gong Sil is thinking of stepping away from you. that is why I came to find Gong Sil. Joong Won: what is it that you can do for Tae Gong Sil? Jin: the 3 years worth of memories she had when she wandered as a soul/spirit -I will help her get those back. cuz that is when she started being able to see spirits. if she regains those memories from then, Gong Sil will change. Joong Won: how? Jin: she wont be scared anymore and her ability to see spirits -she might lose that ability.  Joong Won: are you saying she might not see ghosts anymore? Jin: yes. whether she accepts her ability or loses her ability -having you as her bunker – there will be no meaning to it anymore to Gong Sil.  Joong Won: does Gong Sil know that? Jin says yes that is why she is leaving with me.

Gong Sil says you thought I was leaving for the president’s sake like Yi Ryeong, but I was really only thinking of myself and was going to go. candy is more noble than me – she leaves for the sake of the other person. but I cant be that pure, bright, and beautiful. Kim: like Joogoon – you changed a lot too. you said you felt privileged that someone likes you. the tae yang that was shriveled/cowered over there has gone up high now and wants to shine. cant even stop you.  she wonders if Joong Won is misunderstanding like that too. do I really have to act like candy. Kim says not sure – I don’t know how Joogoon will be. cuz he is Joogoon

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-17-10] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-17-21] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-40-17]

Joong Won and Gong Sil run into each other in the hall. he says even if I pulled you away from him – since you rose in front of my eyes I think I can live. Gong Sil: why did you hold onto me? cuz I lacked so much compared to you, I was going to leave for your sake. Joong Won: how dare you act like candy. just cuz you do that, you think I will run to you and give you a back hug? Gong Sil: was it too obvious? Joong Won: Tae Yang who is impudent/shameless- were you acting differently? Gong Sil: I thought if I said it was for your sake, I thought maybe you would be a understanding and feel a little less upset. Joong Won: even if you are impudent, I like Tae Yang who is certain/clear. if you keep changing faces like the moon – it’s confusing and I don’t like it. Gong Sil: ok then I will say it impudently/shamelessly. I wanted to leave to save myself. it’s not like I didn’t think of you at all, but I came first. when I first hung onto you as a bunker, it was the most comfortable. cuz I could just hold onto you without thinking of anything. but then I started to like you. I think it started then. when I hated myself for being able to see ghosts. you said you would lower yourself as much as you could to my level, but I’m at the bottom and it was too pitiful. I cant live like this anymore. I want to find out why I ended up like this – if I can get rid of my ghost seeing ability I want to get rid of it. Joong Won: find it and then just come back to me. Gong Sil: I cant promise to come back. if I don’t change from how I am now I will never go back to your side. I told you – I didn’t want to rise as the dark sun next to you again. Joong Won: when I was stabbed with the screwdriver I shouldn’t have gone and found you. Gong Sil: thankfully your life didn’t end there so you were able to find the future to keep living. can you understand me? Joong Won: I am not a stray dog. I get it so stop. seeing how you are wandering around a hospital -the place you fear the most in the world- then you wouldn’t ever come back cuz you miss your bunker. wait for me to find a way to reconcile with you. Gong Sil:  I am leaving as planned. JW: then before you go to the airport you will meet with some cops. Gong Sil: why? Joong Won: cuz you are a sexual harasser. you poked my whole body all over, crawled into my bed without permission, and as punishment you paid money (the charges for holding his hand and hugging him) $100 and $1,000. Gong Sil: didn’t you say you would be understanding? Joong Won: even if I understand I wont be considerate. I will never let you leave nicely. he walks away.

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Joong Won sits alone holding his lips closed and remembers all the stuff he said to her “I will do whatever is comfortable for me now. from now on you handle everything alone.”  “when I think you are no longer afraid of ghosts and it’s ok for you to play alone, I will say stop playing and send you back home.” “that woman has no pride. cuz she has a clear reason not to let me go she doesn’t have the luxury of taking care of her pride.” “if the end is certain, I am not scared.” Joong Won: I always told her – you handle it. there is an end. it really turned out that way. then he praises himself for telling her how he really feels -his true feelings. then he remembers how he told her he loved her and wonders if that is enough. then he recalls saying – I must have gone to the worst moment that I imagined.” Joong Won:I forgot I said that. what I said to madam Go was the worst. “I’m dying it’s the end I have no charm-if it wasn’t for that situation, I told her something I would never have thrown out. I don’t want to get those words back and deal with it having things complicated.  She (Gong Sil) wouldn’t have heard those words. it ended there with madam Go and I paid her a lot of money so there is no way she told her. did I ever say anything nice. why doesn’t she argue how I could do those things to her.   

Seuk Chul is talking to Sung Ran about what happened with Hanna – how she was the culprit.  there was almost big trouble for president Joo. what would have happened if things went your way. so Sung Ran glares at him for rubbing it in and says how alarmed Joong Won must have been. Seuk Chul verifies that the culprit was caught thanks to Gong Sil and says Bang Shil did something major

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Sung Ran goes to see Joong Won asking are you ok. Joong Won: aunt- I am having a hard time now so do it later. Seuk Chul offers to take up the slack in work if he is having such a hard time-I will handle all the work for the meeting and paperwork for shanghai, but Joong Won says I have separate sides of my brain to handle that side problem and this side problem – I will take care of both sides so everyone just leave.

Back in his office, Seuk Chul says Joong Won’s shock is great and needs someone by his side to comfort him so Sung Ran says I am here but Seuk Chul argues this time he needs a warm hand. Sung Ran: who are you talking about? Seuk Chul: Bang Sil. I heard from secretary Ahn (Jin Joo)that Tae Gong Sil resolved the whole matter with the incident and offered to leave far away and then president Joo chased after her and got her back.

Han says I heard from secretary Ahn about you two and was really moved. you got on the plane and Joogoon chased after you. there was so much fuss. but normally when you want someone to show clearly how much they love, you have to get on the plane once and stuff. you know something. Gong Sil: it wasn’t like that. Gong Ri says since president Joo went that far to hold onto you – don’t go. Gong Sil: I am not leaving cuz of him. Gong Ri: you said he knows you see those things. if he still likes you despite that –  isn’t that all of it. Gong Sil: even from what you can see – does it look like I am running away from president Joo? Han says -Tae Gong Sil – going in and out- don’t overdo the push and pull of love. Gong Ri: why are you like that to Gong Sil. Jin Joo comes over and says the vice president wants to see her. She gets up and leaves. Han: if his wife just agrees this time then things will turn out the way the vice president wants. I worried I got on the wrong line siding with Joogoon and Tae Gong Sil, but it was the right one.  This is how Gong Ri finds out that Han has been on Seuk Chul’s side all this time and was the loose lip talker so she yells at him after he admits I am his eyes, ears, and mouth. all that time you bought me all that food so you could use your loose mouth and fished around for info.

Sung Ran says for the time being I wont mess with you so don’t say you are leaving and make it harder for Joong Won. since the two of you like each other so much you could die and wont be able to live- it feels like I am getting involved in the middle and making it more fervent for you so I wont do it anymore. cuz I believe my nephew wont go all the way and come to his senses. but Gong Sil says don’t do that. I am someone who cant be in a relationship where I like so much I could die and not live. she suddenly sees the kid ghost and says: you said there is something dark about me. that’s correct. I dragged the president in and he almost died. but it’s looking at me again. I shouldn’t do that ever again. but Sung Ran takes it the wrong way and asks are you resisting cuz I was too harsh all this time. are you wanting me to apologize for my wrongdoing for you to get over it. is that it? but Gong Sil says no that’s not it. you did that cuz you love the president a lot.  to the person I like you are someone precious to him. I am very grateful and like you. Sung Ran sits up and asks are you doing the push and pull of love with me too? Gong Sil shakes her head no and says I will let go and get lost properly now. she bows and looks at the kid ghost crying and leaves

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Gong Sil goes out and runs into Jin. he says it seems your thoughts have gotten very complicated. Gong Sil: yes people dont understand me so they think I’m running off. they think it’s funny I am leaving when someone like the president is holding onto me. Jin: then do you want to stay by that person’s side like this and be patient with each other and handle it and try to endure? I think that man is prepared to do that. but she shakes her head no and says I shouldn’t do that. It was really hard to make the decision to leave. even just thinking I can’t see him from here on-  it feels like this (my heart) is disappearing. Jin looks at the ghost and asks is this kid following you around? Gong Sil: his name is Woo Jin and keeps following me around cuz he is worried about his mom. Jin: aren’t you going to listen to what this kid has to say. she says I won’t listen. last time too I followed this kid and almost killed that person. I don’t want to do that again so I am following you. Jin says I will wait tm at the airport so you decide whether to come out or not. she looks at the kid and leaves

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Jin tells the kid -the start of Gong Sil’s complications/dilemma was you huh Woo Jin?  her last decision too will be made cuz of you.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-17-31] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-17-39] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-19-28] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-20-20]

Kang Woo goes to Yi Ryeong’s hospital room armed with soju and dried squid and waves it through the door first. He peeks inside but she is sleeping so he goes in and closes the door. He stands over her and says she is sleeping. you threatened me to hurry and bring your passport so are you really sleeping. he looks at the  Peter Jason script and says it’s a project from a really famous director. is it really ok for you to lose out.  he leans in to look at her sleeping and says she looks ok like this so she gets up and kisses him lightly on his lips. she hides under her covers grinning. Kang Woo: what is this. did you just terrorize me just now? it was sudden but I prepared myself for this sort of attack and came so I wont get mad. but are you really ok leaving it with just this much? since you are a black whiskered whale I thought it would be more so I came prepared for it. thanks for ending it with so little flavor. so she sits up and asks – are you really not going to get angry if it’s something more passionate? Kang Woo teases: yes I wouldn’t have gotten mad. it was your chance after giving up an international movie so too bad. he walks away but she jumps out of bed and holds onto him asking –  I will do it once properly and puckers up, but he pushes her off and says there are reporters outside so you shouldn’t come out. he pats her arm and leaves. she sits and says what a waste -I should have just jumped him.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-39-08] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-43-00] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-45-52]

Gong Sil goes home and Joong Won is sitting there waiting for her. She puts on a smile and goes over to him. Joong Won: while I was sorting through things –  I discovered a really unfair point. the more I think about it – it’s ridiculous. Gong Sil smiles down at him and asks what? Joong Won: you and I took turns talking about the end, but to tell the truth we haven’t even started. aside from ghosts, we never even ate a meal together or even held hands properly once. not even starting and talking about the end, isn’t that funny? Gong Sil: it is funny. I was almost sued for assault and poked you, jumped on you, and held onto you. but I never once held onto you cuz I liked you. so he holds out his hand and says hold it. put aside all that talk of going or not and just hold my hand and eat a meal once. so she takes his hand and says – it’s strange. other than cuz of ghosts, it feels like it’s the first time I held your hand. Joong Won: see? to just hold hands once and end it – it’s really unfair huh? Gong Sil: since I held it, let’s have one meal.  I will go change clothes and come back. he doesn’t want to let go and says hurry.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-20-04]주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-21-19]

They go to an Udong (thick noodle) place that is her favorite. Gong Sil: this place tastes the best. cuz I like udong I eat it five times a week. Joong Won: today is the first time I knew you liked udong. Gong Sil: do you like it too? he makes a face and shakes his head no. I don’t like these fat noodles in hot soup. I like plain noodles – cuz it’s cold and thin. Gong Sil: so you like plain noodles. Joong Won: but it doesn’t mean I like all plain noodles. I only like the one at the restaurant I frequent. but that owner – the grandma passed away so the taste changed and I stopped eating noodles. Gong Sil: if I knew sooner I could have gone to that noodle place once. if that grandma who passed away is still there, maybe I can find out why the taste changed. Joong Won: if you leave like this,  the chance to eat the noodles I stopped will disappear. that’s unfair too. Gong Sil: where is that noodle place. I will drop before I leave. Joong Won: you are throwing me away and leaving so don’t act like you are thinking of me. hurry and eat the fat noodles before it gets more fat. after you eat, when you remember udong- be tormented. He eats his first.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-25-07] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-26-59] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-32-24] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-34-21]

They go for a walk holding hands as she points out she came to this park often to exercise. I played tennis really well. He brags aside from tennis, I am good at swimming, golf, horseback riding and do everything well.  she says you must have exercised a lot since you couldn’t read books. I couldn’t go out much so I only read books. Joong Won: that must have been unfair. you got to suggest books you read and we could have lived – me teaching you sports I was good at. she agrees and says I wanted to learn how to swim and play golf. Joong Won: I have horses, a golf resort, a swimming pool, a tennis court, I have them all.  you could have had a lifetime membership. Gong Sil: you have horses too? I saw a horse ghost before. Joong Won: you cant ride that. you could have used mine.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-35-50]

She points out an empty bench and says how there is an ajumma ghost who breaks up dates there. when that dating couples sit there all the couples break up. a couple sits there so Gong Sil tries to go over to warn them but Joong Won holds her back. Gong Sil: but those two will break up.  Joong Won says let them break up. mine is about to break up too so  I cant watch others be happy. let’s go.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-40-30] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-41-50] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-42-09] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-42-37]

They watch an outdoor performance.  Joong Won has his arm around her and asks her not to leave so she holds onto his hand on her shoulder and cries.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-46-20]

Kim says Tae yang said she is leaving for herself so Joogoon cant force her not to go and hold onto her. Kang Woo: what I couldn’t do for Tae Gong Sil -I thought president Joo could do it. so I took a step back and just stood by and watched. but if what Tae Gong Sil fears the most is herself, then what president Joo can do is like me just stand by and watch and wait. Kim: Joogoon is someone who has never once accepted the other’s decision just the way it is. the decision that Tae Yang made -understanding it and being considerate of it –  whether he can accept it – I don’t know.    

Gong Ri drowns her sorrow by drinking alcohol and mutters how she ate meals with Han – not knowing he was the loose lips. but Han comes over and drinks what she poured. she says this is my alcohol – I didn’t pour it for you to spill info using that mouth. he pours and drinks so she says hey loose lips- why aren’t you saying anything-  say something- there is no other use for those lips, but he leans over and kisses her. Gong Ri: what did you just do with those loose lips? Han: from now on other than this my lips have no other way to explain. she says your explanation is short (meaning the kiss wasn’t long enough). so he asks should I explain longer. she decides for now – he should drink more cuz he cant be the only sober one. he drinks and says it’s sweet.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-59-57]

In his car, Joong Won says I like your gositel rooftop a lot. I know why you think that is the most comfortable. it’s perfect for sitting and drinking beer. I want to pack your fridge with beer and go there to drink one case every day.  how much beer should I buy to put in there? just one can to drink tonight or can I buy however much I want and pack it full. Gong Sil thinks it over and says for now one pack. Joong Won: 6? she says so I can hold your hand and drink one. if it’s 6 we can drink it all by tonight. if there is any left we can drink it next time. he says ok I will go and buy one pack. is there a particular one you like- I will just get it on my own.  when he gets out of the car Gong Sil says we will just drink one pack.  If I just leave like this it’s too unfair.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-13-47]

Joong Won gets a six pack and says 6 days. this much time we have.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-15-29]

Gong Sil looks in the mirror but the kid ghost knocks on the window and says please help my mom noona. she says no I don’t want to – I wont look. the kid is inside the car crying and begging noona please help me. she looks through the window at Joong Won and tells the kid –  I wont go. go away. I wont go.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-16-19]

Joong Won goes out and she is gone. he wonders where she went. he takes out his phone and calls her.

She left in a cab with the kid. her phone keeps ringing. Joong Won wonders why she isn’t picking up. the driver asks aren’t you going to answer your phone miss. she turns it off.

Joong Won remembers how Kang Woo said just in case I put a tracker in her bag. he finds the tracking device in his car and locates her

Gong Sil asks the driver to pull over here and gets out of the cab just in time to see the kid’s mom about to jump off the bridge.

Joong Won drives over as Gong Sil runs up the steps

The mom says to the sky – Woo jin ah I will go with you too.

Gong Sil pulls her away saying -you cant do it – don’t do this. Joong Won runs over and watches them. Gong Sil tells the mom no you cant do this – it’s dangerous. it’s ok

The mom is being sedated as Gong Sil stares at the mom in her bed as the kid looks at his mom.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-24-21] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-26-09] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-28-40]

Joong Won comes over to her side and Gong Sil says Woo jin is over there. he came to find me saying his mom is in danger and to help her. while following that kid you were almost killed, but I followed that kid again. even if I did this that ajumma might try that again.  Joong Won: that is that person’s life. how can you handle all of that. Gong Sil: cuz I keep seeing and hearing – it keeps confusing me. I hate that so much but this is who I am. she cries and says I cant handle myself so how can you handle me. he pulls her into his arms and comforts her.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-28-59] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-29-30] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-30-25] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-32-13] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-32-50]

They sit together holding hands. Joong Won: if you follow that person – will you not see what you don’t want to see. she says I don’t know. but I might find out how I ended up like this. he says then I will accept the decision you made. this is the end right here. he lets go of her hand and stands up. Tae Gong Sil – you and I held hands once and had one meal (that is our relationship) that is easy to part. I will forget you. Gong Sil: ok. if you hate me too much – it’s ok to insult me and say I bewitched you and call me a bitch but he says it’s ok – to a woman I held hands with once and had one meal together-why go so far as to insult. I will be going. he walks away and she starts sobbing.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-11-26] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-12-50]

Joong Won walks down the hall and stops. Joong Won: till the end, she wouldn’t say she loved me. he leans on the wall for support and cries into his hand and wipes his tears and keeps walking.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-35-24]주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-35-57]

Joong Won wakes up in the morning and says it’s been 375 days since tae yang got lost and I wasn’t destroyed.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-36-56]

He gets out of bed and wonders what to wear today. he gets dressed.

He goes to a meeting and talks about how he has to beat Giant mall and his upcoming trip to Shanghai. before he leaves he wants a huge difference in profits with Giant mall.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-40-50]

Sung Ran tells Seuk Chul – If Joowon leaves for Shanghai starting from next year, you will be in charge of his president position here. Seuk Chul is thrilled and says I am nervous. She says before he leaves for Shanghai – somehow I have to make him get married. these days while having meeting with Saejin he is meeting president Park often isn’t he? how is it? Seuk Chul: they talk passionately about money but no feelings. she suggests for him to help them out and make it so they can meet up after their meetings -you can do that right? but Seuk Chul says from what I can see he is waiting for someone. Sung Ran gets mad and says does it make sense that Joong Won is waiting for someone? there are women lined up everywhere. is Bang Sil some princess- why wait for her.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-45-49]주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-46-59]

Joong Won tells the trashcan ghost I am waiting for the sun (taeyang) to come up again. to give me hope that she will rise again, bang and spin the lid once. the trashcan lid gets hit so he looks over at it and says thank you. ajussi making it bang each time comforts me. he pats the seat next to him.

Kim coughs and confesses his mistake to Jin Joo-setting up Joong Won’s meeting from palace hotel to kingdom hotel to match his next schedule. Jin Joo says I am following him on that meeting – the president wont like the gap in time so Kim says it’s my mistake so I will tell him. how could I mix that up. was I bewitched by a ghost

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-19-14]주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-16-56]

Joong Won gets to his meeting place and says I arrived too early than the appointed time.  Kim wouldn’t have made this mistake -maybe he is feeling really sick. He calls Kim with concern asking – did you go to the hospital. you have to think of getting better from your cold. just rest for a few days. Gong Sil sits nearby and pours herself some wine. Joong Won says to Kim: I will catch your cold. don’t go anywhere and wait while I send someone to take care of you. did you eat? I will send over the porridge you like. no you cant have any ice cream. hang up

Some man goes over to Gong Sil and says I was watching you from a while ago. if it’s ok can I join you? but she says I am with someone. he says but you were alone all that time. she asks the waiter to change seats.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-10] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-21] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-49-21]

She moves over to the roof and Gong Sil looks at the view and says this is good cuz I changed. was Seoul this pretty. a man’s voice behind her asks “miss- will you have a drink with me.” she says “no thank you. please go.”  Joong Won: you look very similar to someone I know. Gong Sil: I said no thanks. Joong Won: will you really not look at me. she says I am with someone. he walks over and asks “who- a ghost?” she turns and looks at him. Joong Won:  I was correct- it is you Tae Gong Sil – the bad girl (bitch) who bewitched me and left.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-56-11]


no preview

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-48-58] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-52-49]

It’s pretty obvious from the look on her face that she doesn’t seem to know him -not even his voice. It took the word “ghost” to make her turn and look. What breaks my heart the most is the thought that she had to lose so much to gain all this assurance and confidence. In order to find herself and that pride she didn’t have, she might have lost her memories with him. Now that she can drink wine alone and is well dressed and confident, she can turn down advances without a second thought. The problem is – it was Joong Won – a man who has woken up daily counting down the days she has been gone. In order to function, he keeps giving himself pep talks to not lost hope and have faith she will come back to him one day. He didn’t deserve this brush off from her. I just hope there wasn’t a complete erase when she changed and lost her ability to see ghosts. Maybe she still can, but she is no longer so jumpy and scared. That this new aura of bravery is her shield against them. I could keep speculating till the cows come home, but we will never know till she speaks. I can’t wait to hear the next words out of her mouth tomorrow night. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the greatest finales ever.

주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-50-09] 주군의 태양.E16.131002.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-50-18]

* I bawled like crazy when he leaned against the wall – leaving her was harder on him than her leaving him. Thank goodness their separation was so brief on screen – I couldn’t take it if they were apart for half an episode.  

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